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Ann Premazon

My Email List Saved My Ass

My Business Web Basics launch was a great success! What an awesome adventure. The launch went really, really well and we have a bunch of great new customers that are now enjoying the course. I want to tell you a little story. Anyone who has launched a product or any type of service online, knows…

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Business Web Basics LIVE!

I just wanted to put up a note and let everyone know that I appreciate the support and that my course, Business Web Basics, has launched. The wait is over. Go to: There you can read the letter I was up all night writing and see everything you’ll be getting with the course and…

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Social Media – Utilizing YouTube

So I spent some time in DC (Washington DC) a couple of weeks ago with some of the best internet marketers on the planet. Notice I didn’t say America because there were people from England, Australia, and even the Rock of Gibraltar. The point is, I heard so many awesome speakers and so many viewpoints…

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Ann Premazon Post 1

Welcome I’m getting ready to start posting to this site regularly, but I’ve been a little busy. I took on a project that has turned into one of the largest opportunities for me to succeed in business. If anybody here wants to know what I do for business, go visit my other sites. They are…

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