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SEO and Social Media Consulting

One on one consulting for SEO, Social Media, or other web related marketing efforts can help you step over the next plateau in your business goals.

Premazon Inc. has been active with web strategies and web marketing for both brick and mortar companies and internet based businesses since 1998. Marketing has shifted during this time period and Premazon Inc. has kept the pace.

Internet Marketing is the new way to increase business. In today’s market, if you do not have an internet presence, you are limiting your own success.

The yellow pages, newspaper advertising and direct mail campaigns are rapidly being surpassed by internet based marketing. Premazon Inc. offers premier management and consultation for all aspects of an online business.

Premazon Inc. can help your company create successful internet strategies to:

  • Dominate your presence on the search engines.
  • Learn how to call track and monitor successfully generated leads.
  • Help cultivate new revenue opportunities.
  • Develop tantalizing email and auto-responder campaigns
  • Gain followers for Social Media, Newsletters, or Teaching Series

Premazon Inc. does not use one particular ‘tool’ for keyword determination, bid analysis, or statistical tracking. In fact, we have access to a diverse set of tools and will work with the best solution designed for your company.

Premazon Inc. has consulted and managed services for call centers, brick and mortar companies, online merchants, doctors, hotels, service industries, addiction treatment facilities, and excels in providing single or multiple online and offline services to fit your needs and budget.

We would be honored to do the work for you or to teach your staff how to master every piece of the internet puzzle. Premazon Inc. is here to identify and address areas of opportunity in your business today. We provide a professional, personal approach by assigning a marketing specialist as a single point of contact while working with us.

Marketing campaigns are designed by setting goals.

search strategy consulting

We all know the old saying – “Time equals money.” Don’t wast time – contact us today for clear actionable direction in your online marketing efforts.

Many companies do not fully understand how to set or measure goals from an ‘internet based’ perspective. Premazon Inc. will guide you through developing the best approach for a cost-effective internet marketing campaign.

When initially strategizing a marketing campaign (either on or offline) it is important to explore all avenues and determine a path from the start.

Together we can create and implement proven strategies that work. In search engine marketing it is imperative to understand how search engines work and keep a pulse on when their ranking systems (algorithms) change to adjust the marketing and ranking techniques accordingly.

Choosing Premazon Inc. means getting a fantastic team of committed, self-proclaimed nerds who will help skyrocket your business to the top of Google’s search page.