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Pay Per Click Services

I am a consultant that specializes in web strategies. As a pay per click manager I am proud to make a living doing search engine optimization, internet business consulting and pay per click management. I accept clients that do not compete. I have a work philosophy that entails daily bid management and monitoring of keyword placement. I have criteria that is necessary for me to accept a client. In short – I must be able to assist my client in tracking their ROI (Return on Investment). If you are a company seeking consulting or management of PPC or SEO then call and we can discuss if I am the right fit for your needs. Below you will find more information on exactly what PPC is.

Premazon Inc. PPC Management Methods

The first thing to note is that I charge an initial flat rate to set up an account then a ten percent fee of your monthly spend. I charge this set up fee one time per search engine. I do not charge a flat rate any longer because it is not affordable for business who want to utilize pay per click in only their geo targeted area. Google and Yahoo both now allow geo targeted advertising. My goal is to get you conversions – period.

Here is an example of what I believe it takes to develop, implement, and manage a great PPC campaign:

  • Research and finalization of the main keyword list for initial campaign launch.
  • Creation of all ads for optimal performance.
  • Determine the destination page of the ad to land on your site. All ads will show your url for branding purposes, however, to improve ROI Return on Investment there is usually a different landing page which will help with conversion.
  • Uploading and submission of keywords for approval at PPC Accounts.
  • Establishment and monitoring of PPC Account Settings to maximize PPC business goals.
  • Bid management including bid gap monitoring, bid price changes and bid position maintenance using manual bid management.
  • Monthly analysis of campaign performance, including individual keyword costs, conversions, and performance trends.
I manage all PPC accounts manually to insure that I am able to maximize the Click Through Rate and the Cost Per Conversion. Daily I adjust the campaigns and oversee the campaign and ad group performance.

History of Pay Per Click

Jeffrey Brewer, an employee of presented a PPC search engine proof-of-concept to the TED8 conference in that was held in California. Goto became Overture which became Yahoo and PPC was off and running. Nick Guastella who was an employee at Goto and is now working with Bruce Clay was my “professor” and held my hand as I learned the ins and outs of Pay Per Click.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

PPC is a model used by the search engines as a way to advertise business in a format where the business owner is in complete control of the amount of money they spend, the geographic locations they want to advertise in, and the keywords that affiliates an ad to be served on the search engine. Believe it or not to have an ad show for a keyword is free. The only time a cost is associated is when the prospective buyer or client to use the service actually clicks on an ad that is being served.

There are several types of Campaigns a person has to choose from such as keyword targeting, site targeting, and content targeting. Some business use all three approaches. Keyword targeting is when an ad shows based on the keyword or string of keywords entered for search at a search engine. Site targeting is where the business chooses sites they want to have advertising. Content search does not involve keywords it uses content network sites and provides ads that are relevant to the content being viewed on a page.

Where to start?

I always start in Google. I do this for several reasons. First it is the most searched engine, second – once I get a great campaign I can then move it to other search engines, third – Google has great reports and also Analytics. These three things is why I say start with Google, then Yahoo, then MSN, then LookSmart…

Understanding PPC Benefits, Costs, Tracking

PPC Benefits

A PPC Campaign is immediate, measurable, cost effective, and for everyone. Any business can be on Google on page one in several days, sometimes in one day, sometimes in a few hours. It is all about the keyword, budget, ad copy, and placement.


Google and Yahoo have built into their systems tracking that allow a PPC manager and their client to learn what keywords, ads, and overall campaigns are producing conversions. There is not any remuneration added by either Google or Yahoo to have access to their analytics and conversion tracking.

Third party programs are used when it would benefit the client and the expense would be justified by the means. Every industry has a different term or meaning for the word conversion. For example, a conversion for the automobile industry could mean a new client found the car the they wanted online and went to a dealership, the result from the online lead in an optimum setting is the client drives away from the lot in a different car than they arrived in. Hence, the new client that was driven to the dealership from looking online, made a purchase.

Did they call the dealership first, to confirm the car they were looking for was there?

Did they fill out an online inquiry or just drive to the dealership?

In the above example the question becomes:

How did the customer at the car lot hear about the dealership?

If the answer is online the question becomes: Where on line?

Because the dealership wants to know if the customer is an organic or paid lead.

In the example above we consider the conversion based on the method which developed the lead. If it was organic the dealership will try to gather as much knowledge about the search that was performed to result in the lead and if it was PPC – the dealership will be a tracking that trail online.

I can NOT begin a PPC campaign I can not track. I will NOT take your money, no matter what for PPC management until certain items on your website are in place. With this said, I will guide you on how to put these things in place.

Premazon Inc. has the experience to understand the many changes that take place on the search engines. Each Search Engine has distinct methodology; our marketing specialists understand the differences and will set your account up to maximize their potential. There are over 200 million searches performed daily – we want you on page one when your potential client does a search. We have great relationships with Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others and we are able to contact them at any time.

Understanding PPC Management Pricing

There are several models that PPC Companies use – Premazon Inc. uses a set up fee plus a percentage based on monthly spend approach. I have explained why I use this approach above and in more detail below. Here are some of the other models so you can have a comparison.

Charging per Keyword, Keyword Phrase

In short this model charges per key word so if they charge fifteen dollars per keyword and you have 150 keywords you would pay $2,250.00. Most PPC managers have a minimum and most customers have more than 100 words.

Charging a Percentage based on Monthly Spend

This model is more traditional and many advertising agencies who offer PPC in addition to other types of advertising use this model. The fees are charged after your monthly spend is calculated. If you spend five thousand with Google Adwords, three thousand with Yahoo Search Marketing, and two thousand with MSN AdCenter your monthly spend is ten thousand. Agencies vary and charge between 10% – 30% of spend. Your fees would range between $1,000 – $3,000 per month. Most agencies have a minimum.

Charging per Hour

The PPC firm charges per hours worked. If they charge $100 per hour and work on your campaign 20 hours a month you would pay $2000.

Charge per performance

This model is interesting. There is no monthly fee and it is agreed upon in advance that you are paid per phone call, inquiry, lead, conversion, or percentage of actual sale. So if a car lot sells a 50k car and the profit margin is 5k and the PPC manager receives 10% of this sale they will be paid $5k. If they generate 3 people who buy cars they can make $15k if they generate nothing they make nothing. Another example is by conversion. The PPC manager documents 30 conversions from an inquiry form and the agreement is to pay $100 per conversion. The company would then owe the PPC manager $3k. Determining the agreed upon tracking where the PPC company has complete control can be expensive to implement. Tracking phone calls is a third party program and as of now neither Google nor Yahoo can do it.

Charge per Flat Fee

Premazon Inc. rarely uses this model. We will use this model when we think it is the most equitable and fair model for both the PPC Manager and the customer.

In the flat fee model it is clearly defined what services will be provided and customer can set their budget accordingly knowing there will be no change. Furthermore as the campaigns for a customer begin to convert and the PPC Manager discusses an increase in budget, the customer knows the increase is designed for their total spend not an increase for the PPC manager.

Premazon Inc. currently charges a $1,750 minimum per month per Search Engine fee for this service. Again the only time we consider this model is when it is mutually beneficial for both the company and Premazon Inc.