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Social Media

Social Media

If you want your brand or business to be part of “the conversation” – than you have to go where people are talking. These days a social media presence is borderline mandatory for a successful marketing strategy.

When it comes to social media one thing is for sure – in today’s world most people are active in one way or another. Persoanl Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and Pinterest are blowing up the internet. People are having instant gratification by taking pictures with their phones and posting immediately online – then the social phenomenon starts – people like the picture, share the picture. So how do you create a successful social media campaign for a business? Simple, you create a strategy and then implement it. The goal is to tap into your business “fans” by initiating and maintaing relationships online. It is imperative to do this while keeping your brand and mission in tact. The Premazon Inc. team has mastered the ability to create this social awareness for business and in addition utilize social media to improve optimization both locally and nationally. We are proud to be a HootSuite (TM) Agency and have many tools that aid our ability to catapult our social media presence.

How can you Measure the effectiveness of a social media campaign?

Social Media Icons

It’s important to have a relevant social media strategy with goals and tracking – otherwise you could be wasting time shouting into a empty room.

How can you measure the effectiveness of a social media campaign? Simply have analytics for every profile being managed. Engagement can is where we help turn and/or keep your clients invested in your business practices. This engagement and interaction help define and set a tone for your brand/companies personality and therefore begins a lifetime relationship with your client. Examples of how to keep your followers engaged – if you are a brick and mortar store you can have monthly coupons, if you are a service like a doctor, build appreciation and reviews to get word of mouth referrals. We are able to track the effectiveness by seeing the growth per profile as well as looking at direct visits to your website through your web analytics.

Creating a Strategy

Premazon Inc. begins this process with a baseline to see exactly where your business currently resides for each Social Media profile. Then together we begin to develop a strategy. Our staff will evaluate all of your companies needs, discuss various opportunities, then develop a strategy that really leverages the power of social media to enhance the long term success of your company.

Profile Development

We will look at each social profile and make recommendations for changes, or actually make the changes for you based on the package you have chosen in working with our team. We will need admin access and if you do not have the profiles set up currently that you want to target, rest assured we will help guide you through this process.

Profiles we Manage:

Facebook – we create your profile or take over your current profile, you always own your page – we just have the rights to administer on the page. We help attract fans to your business profile page. If you have not secured a friendly URL – we help find one that is suitable. We will write content for you, curate content from your niche, or you can send us the content you want us to post. We then monitor and create new likes and respond to comments on your behalf. We use images and try to link back to your website whenever possible. Twitter – We help maximize the effectiveness of your actual twitter page then begin to post. We will create and use hashtags appropriate for your niche and work hard to gain followers and follow those that are leaders in your industry if appropriate. We use links and usually post links on twitter first so that when we place them in other profiles we can track their effectiveness. Based on your inch we might suggest engagement. Google+ – We were really hopeful that Google+ would be a real contender for Facebook, however that has not happened. It is imperative to have this specific presence on Google and have it connected to a maps listing. Having a G+ account is crucial for all SEO tactics. Our team is seeming amazon results when a G+ account is set up and configured correctly. LinkedIn – Our experience with this social profile is setting up a business page is important, however true engagement happens when the employees of a company are involved and active. This can be great for companies that have low turn over. We usually ask that the leaders of an organization work with us to let us manage their profile for the business or let us guide them on how to make LinkedIn work to their benefit. Pinterest – Imagine a bulletin board when you were a kid and it had all your favorite things on it, every time you walked by – you smiled. This is what Pinterest is creating online and the results for engagement are absolutely phenomenal. Creating a Pinterest account is actually showing what the business likes, what is important to the business, how to have fun, how to join their clients and support what is important to them. While doing all of this – you are creating activity on the web and linking back to your website – simply amazing!