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Premazon Internet Business Consulting has been active with web strategies and web marketing for both brick and mortar companies and internet based business since 1998. Marketing has shifted during this time period and has kept the pace.

Internet Marketing is the new way to increase business. In today’s market, if you do not have an internet presence your success will have serious limitations.

The yellow pages, newspaper advertising and direct mail campaigns are rapidly being surpassed by Internet Marketing. Google even has the ability now to bid on newspaper and radio advertising to decrease cost and improve returns.

Premazon Internet Business Consulting offers premier management and consultation for PPC management and SEO. The ability to display the Qualified Google Advertising Professional, Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador, and Bruce Clay Certified SEO Analyst logos demonstrate a continuing commitment to highly trained, quality professionals.

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Internet Business Consulting from Premazon.Com will:

  • Develop and increase your presence in search engines.
  • Improve your ROI with a professionally managed Pay Per Click campaign.
  • Help cultivate new revenue opportunities.
  • Develop an individualized plan for your situation.

Premazon.Com is not affiliated with one particular ‘tool’ for keyword determination, bid analysis, or statistical tracking. In fact, we have access to a diverse set of tools and will work with the best solution designed for your company.

Premazon Business Marketing has managed services for call centers, brick and mortor companies, online merchants, doctors, hotels, service clients, addiction treatment facilities and will provide single or multiple online and offline services to fit your needs and budget.

An example can range from marketing consulting only, to teaching your staff how do the pieces of internet marketing they want to manage, to having Premazon Internet Business Consulting manage all areas of PPC and SEO.

Premazon.Com is here to identify and address areas of opportunity in your business today.

Premazon Internet Business Consulting provides a professional, personal approach by assigning a marketing specialist as a single point of contact while working with us.

Marketing campaigns are designed by setting goals.

Many companies do not fully understand how to set or measure goals from an ‘internet based’ perspective. A Premazon.Com Marketing Specialist will guide you through developing the best approach for a cost effective marketing campaign.

When initially strategizing a marketing campaign (on or offline) it is important to explore all avenues and determine a path from the start.

Premazon Internet Business Consulting implements proven strategies that work.

In search engine marketing it is imperitive to understand how search engines work and keep a pulse on when their ranking systems (algorythms) change to adjust the marketing and ranking techniques accordingly.

Pay Per Click (PPC) bid and position management, as well as all aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), including page titles, inbound and outbound links, and knowing the competitions website(s) are critical to online marketing success.

A business specific plan from Premazon.Com is a solid marketing foundation.

How do we know? Read what a couple of our customers have to say:

Premazon.Com: SEO, PPC and Marketing Results

“We are so grateful to Ann Premazon for managing our successful Pay Per Click Campaign. In less than 90 days our inquiries from our Website were up over 500% and our Internet sales were up by 300%. Ann has always been extremely accessible and responsive to our requests.”

Thanks Ann,
Jim Earnhardt
Director of Businesses Development
Prometa Center, Santa Monica

“The increase in our phone inquires and web responses have been amazing since we began working with Premazon Internet Business Consulting. At last, we have an effective and measurable marketing solution from an involved, hands-on provider!”

The Springs of Palm Springs Hotel & Spa.