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Affordable SEO Services

SEO Services

Affordable SEO services does not mean cheap SEO services. Most small businesses want results, new customers now, and over time and they want to trust who they are working with. SEO results vary based on the time and needs of each business. 

Premazon SEO Makes us the Right Choice
For Small Business Services.

Our management team make ourselves available morning time (am) and evening time (pm) so that there is never any down time and if there is ever a crisis, we are reachable. Our management style includes a PM (Project Manager) for each of our clients who is a trained and affordable SEO consultant on their own merit. We are inclusive in our management by sending over items agreed upon when services and deliverables were decided. We discuss quality content for content marketing or social media

Our clients want results, and we give results with proof in our reporting.

Affordable SEO Packages

How Much Does SEO Cost?

At Premazon, affordable SEO for small business is a priority. Our company is a SEO agency that offers free consultation. We want to look at your site, understand your business as well as your current SEO strategies and if you have local SEO services in place. We get to know what you want to improve and achieve from a quality SEO campaign.

Our clients pay our company based on services delivered, results, and a great experience. We believe this approach is the most effective and affordable SEO plans accessible for all.

A small business can pay us for services one time to build a website, or to build a website AND maintain the website monthly. Other businesses want varied SEO services and SEO strategies such as build their website, manage their social media marketing, write content for their site, develop a link building strategy, increase website traffic, and develop their audience profile and social media profiles.

If you are looking for affordable SEO services today, we are the right SEO services agency for you.

How can I optimize my SEO for free?

Even the most affordable SEO services cost money to drive organic traffic from search engines. The pricing for these services will include the tasks required for SEO. If you have a full time employee doing these tasks, it will still cost money. Determining if the pricing is most efficient to have an in house SEO person or out source to a ranking specialist like Premazon, must be determined by each small business.

There is another way to drive traffic where a business will pay per click and a visits from users. The method of traffic is called pay per click, this is a form of advertising online.

Here is an example – If a business wanted to rank for Red Tennis Shoes and your business website was all about shoes and even tennis shoes, but the business website never spoke about Red Tennis Shoes, never had an image of Red Tennis Shoes – this would be a very hard term in which to rank for in Google, almost impossible. To have website that ranks for Red Tennis Shoes, our agency will have to look at your website like Google looks at your website.

Premazon is an affordable SEO California company that approaches pricing based on what is needed to succeed. We do not offer one price fits all affordable SEO packages because we believe these type of packages force small business and really all businesses into a box. 

Our customized affordable SEO services for small business are created based on the needs of our clients, and delivered with quality services, and results, in the time frame agreed upon.

Table of Contents

Recent Blogs

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Get SEO Services

Whether it be taking over on-page optimization for your site, consulting on an SEO plan, Premazon is a professional digital marketing agency that will help your business reach the desired goals from properly laid out online marketing strategies.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management is where we begin to help business dominate in their niche. Organic traffic is something that every business wants to receive. Organic traffic is when a users search for a term “keyword” or “key phrase” and lands on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and chooses to click on the results to the business website. This action is organic because the business did not pay for the users click to your business website. SEO is about driving organic traffic, which is free.

Types of SEO Questions: Get a True Website Analysis

Unlike “PPC” Pay Per Click Traffic where a business will pay every time users clicks a link. Your business is then at the top of the page. Is your business willing to pay top dollar for that click, when your business can have organic users from offering quality content to your users while building an authority website for your business.

Imagine if your business wanted new leads and users every day to your business, and you could turn on a switch and make it happen, but, every visit cost $30. This $30 does not mean the users will reply with an action like buying your business product or calling your business phone number, it just means they click to your company website. If your company had 10 visits/users per day that is $300 per day and $3,000 every 10 days. So monthly this method could potentially cost close to $10,000.00. We have clients who want SEO and pay per click campaigns, the point is what does your company need to achieve their goals?

Premazon Offers SEO Services For Small Business That Are Affordable

Premazon offers professional SEO services. We work with businesses to create and implement the right deliverables for the best SEO, socail media, marketing and advertising needs. We want to improve a business marketing profile online through affordable SEO. Our clients are a part of this process – Search engines like Google are ever evolving and changing – it is a science that is powered by algorithms, math, and data. Our skilled SEO experts spend hundreds of hours staying on top of the current trends. Our goal is to assist our customers in ranking their company not where they want (sorry this would be irresponsible) but where the indicators say traffic searches lie.

We create an affordable SEO services package based of your budget and marketing strategy. We love to help every company learn how to optimize the presence and marketing foothold online.  

Our customers range from service oriented small businesses like an appliance service company or online schools to large organizations like drug rehab and addiction facilities, to single clinicians and medical practices. Premazon will help devise a marketing plan that works. If you are looking for a drug rehab SEO company, look no further, we have extensive experience in the behavioral health industry as well as other industries. 

We are budget conscious and will help guide you to making the right decisions based on the amount you can invest in your online marketing SEO strategy.

Marketing Tip for any Small Business

rainbow thumbs up

We always encourage our clients to look at how they give thanks to their loyal small business customers. This is an easy marketing tool and one that can easily be automated. You can give thanks for a sale, thanks for a review, thanks for a referral, or even thanks for a sign up. The important thing is remember the marketing goal of increasing new users. 

How Much Should You Pay for SEO? SEO Services NOT Cheap SEO

In 2011 there was a survey conducted by Moz detailing by hour how much SEO services cost, how much small businesses pay for monthly contracts, and even what types of initial deposits were required by a SEO company.

The marketplace today is full of unemployed SEO managers, the average annual salary for a SEO Specialist is close to six figures. Often when Premazon discusses services, the cost is the first question asked. Price is relevant to quality of work.

To be completely transparent, our average monthly client is around $5,000. Our low end, $3000, and our high end $12,000.

Are Off Shore SEO Businesses Cheap or Trustworthy?

This is a fair question due to so many SEO companies offshore. There are affordable and cheap SEO agencies in all over the world.

We have worked with SEO companies from the UK, Britain, India and had great experiences. We have also had bad experiences. Truth be told, the same has happened state side. We have heard horrendous stories over the years from our clients who have engaged in seo services throughout the world. Who you choose for SEO services matters.

The best approach to finding the right SEO agency is to really understand what your needs are before agreeing to a contract. If you do not understand what your SEO needs are, feel free to reach out to our SEO agency and we will guide you to our best ability.

If Your Company is Looking for Affordable SEO, Premazon, is the SEO Services Team for Your Business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Get in Action:

SEO - Researching Your Ranking Competitors

For Premazon, our affordable SEO services begin with a questionnaire to get know your company and part of that to learn about your competitors. In our initial baseline we see where your company website ranks in comparison with your competitor’s website so we can devise the right plan to help you improve your ranking but most importantly your traffic. We will show you this research and explain the results. Together we will finalize the full strategy.

turned on black and grey laptop computer
analyze competition

SEO - Analyzing Your Company

A company website is more than a pretty face. What a human will see when looking your company website is very different than what Google sees as important structure of a website. Our team does an exhaustive analysis on the elements regarding the backend of your company website. Search engines are looking at your company website code and structure.

Based on this, from a technical SEO standpoint, we look at the code on every page. Each image. Schema mark-up code. Alt tags. Heading Tags. Title Tags. Descriptions. Internal link building. External link building. Page speed. Broken Links. Website Architecture. URL names. Website site maps. We must look at each level as well as the latest technical advances that the Search Engines like Google are applying. If we need more content – we need more content. If we need to create a new silo – we create a new silo. To quote industry leader Bruce Clay – “we want the best least perfect website”. One Goal – optimize the website. All aspects.

SEO - Research and Define Keywords

We must have correct keywords – ones that drive traffic. To accomplish this, we have to look at what keywords in your specific inch people are searching. We accomplish this and then determine based on all actors if this is attainable. An example of this would be a small local coffee shop that wants to rank for the keyword “coffee” – this word has over 70,000,000 indexed pages, so we begin to find additional terms to match with coffee like shop so search for “coffee shop” many less indexed pages and this allows us to see where we are locally searching how many coffee shops are listed on the map – above the fold, and organically. We could also add their city “coffee shop Murrieta” this will be much more attainable. So we have to find the correct keywords, that are attainable, and most importantly that we can track the traffic.

SEO - Content Optimization

Google and all search engines are like the cookie monster – they can never get enough. Content marketing is content that is valuable, educational, and thorough. This content will bode best with users and also the “bot” sent from a search engine to scan your page. You want content that is relevant. There will be “static pages” these will change rarely. You will have dynamic pages that are short posts of content – these will be added more frequently and designed to be relevant content focused on one targeted keyword.

Search Engines like Google are very smart – they use “LSI” – Latent Semantic Indexing – an indexing and retrieval method that is a mathematical equation and can be use with words and numbers.

How Does Latent Semantic Indexing Effect the SEO Content Analysis?

It allows us to look and understand what Search Engines see as “themed content”. An example would be if a substance abuse program wanted to rank for “substance abuse program” – instead of saying that over and over on the page – the Search Engines are smart enough to understand the theme and accept words like “drug rehab”, “alcohol rehabilitation program”, “facility for substance treatment” as LSI keywords. We would then use these terms in the final piece of content. We examine your current content and our team evaluates what additional content could be added. We then create a marketing strategy around the content development for your website.

SEO - Optimizing Each Page and Onsite Optimization for Business

Learning the hierarchy and architecture of a website is important for two reasons:

  • Compatibility for users
  • Search Engine compatibility (like Google)

As part of our affordable SEO services, Premazon will complete thorough evaluation to ensure the internal link building structure is sound.

An example we like to use if Ford. When you go to the Ford website – you immediately know their most important pages – cars, crossovers & SUV’s, Trucks & Van’s each topic is what we call a “silo”.

If you are looking for a F-150 Truck, you go to Truck & Van’s, then you go to F-150. You then cannot go from an F-150 to a Car like the Fusion. You have to go to the Cars section of the website and then go to Fusion.

The categories are separated into “silo’s”. This is an optimal way for people and Google to find data and put the emphasis on the most important pages. The pages under a silo are child pages and although they are important in their own right – the main page has the most authority.

SEO - Offsite Strategies

Building links to your site from quality authority websites is important.

We carefully choose links so and create a linking strategy to ensure Google will begin to see the value of your website and the authority of your website increase. This will increase traffic. Placing content for your keywords on other websites like guest blog posts in your niche will be designed so that they bring added benefit to your off-site optimization strategy. We want to have the “bots” from Google see valuable information about your brand and website throughout the internet.

SEO - Link Building Strategies

We know that links from trusted authorities help improve your authority. We have a very diverse method of attaining good links to your website. We add links based on what is needed. We do not flood the internet with useless links. We carefully and systematically place links where they will count the most. Gaining a “Trust Rank” from Google, Bing and other search engines are very important and we continuously strive to increase your authority.

Our SEO Expert Team Helps with Ranking,
Services, and How to Get a Link for Affordable SEO

Behind the scenes there is coding and schema – these terms are important to understand that every website communicates via code and label identifiers. A label to describe your type of business can make a difference when applying SEO services to a website page.

We visually see images, and layout, and content. However, Google sees code. On-page optimization is important so Google will know the theme and reason why each page was put on your website.

SEO - Tracking and Reporting

We use several tools to create a detailed monthly report. Our transparent approach actually will let you see where your website started and how your website grows from your baseline to what has been achieved each month. We can help you devise specific tracking based upon your needs. We look forward to the opportunity to help your business grow!

SEO Services for Local Ranking on Google

Google My Business is free. It is an easy service to sign up for, all you need is an email address. Google My Business known as GMB is something every local business must have for themselves. Small businesses and large businesses alike have a GMB profile.

Does a Google My Business (GMB) Profile Label Need a SEO Agency to Set it Up?

No. GMB is free. Premazon manages this process for many of our clients. As an agency, Google allows us to mange businesses within our main Google account. There are several tips and tricks around Google My Business that allows us to optimize for our customers. However, a small business can follow prompts, watch videos on YouTube or just learn from Google documentation.

Engage with Customers on Google for Free

To learn how to manage your business online you can simply visit Google My Business directly. From within Google you will have a dashboard where you can optimize what shows up in Google maps. When our SEO agency manages this profile for our clients, we always use an email address from our client, then add our agency. We apply this best practice so our clients own their own access. Unfortunately, there are cheap SEO services, where customers are taken hostage and when they want to make a change or move on to another SEO provider they were not able to access properties created on their behalf. Premazon will always be transparent and work with our customers to succeed.

5 Tips to Find Affordable SEO for Small Business

Ask Questions

  • Who are your owners?
  • Will I speak to the same people when we talk?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • What are your hours?
  • Are you available in am and the pm if my website goes down?

Read Reviews

  • Google Reviews usually are very transparent
  • Yelp Reviews
  • Reviews from Citations
Ask Questions? | Premazon Inc
Track ROI? | Premazon Inc

Look at Samples

  • Can they show previous quality website work?
  • Do they understand technical SEO?

How Do They Track ROI

(Return on Investment)

  • What type of quality reports are given?
  • Do they breakdown their cost?
  • How often are reports received?
  • How often will there be communication?

Trust You Gut

  • Do you have a good feeling about working with this SEO company?
  • Are they professional?
  • Are they transparent?
  • Do you like their business site?
  • Do they offer affordable SEO services, or cheap SEO?
Trust You Gut? | Premazon Inc