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Local SEO

Local SEO

Local search marketing boils down to this – You can’t control how your potential customers are going to look for you, so you’re information needs to be accurate and in as many places as possible.

What is local SEO? Local SEO is like the online Phone Book or Yellow Pages. Local Search has bypassed using traditional methods like directory assistance or a phone book. people turn to their phone or computer and do a search. The local SEO strategy is becoming more and more competitive because Google shows map listings for many but only a few will get on the first page and we all know what being on the first page of Google does for a business.

Finding your business is your “Geo” Geographical Area has become the most important piece for website optimization. The goal for any business is that their customers can find them – well your business name, address, phone number, and website can appear instantly on Google maps. Google Business is where a local business gets a map listing and a Google+ page. Bing and Yahoo have similar outlets. The important piece is that we get you get listed! Once you are listed we then create a strategy that begins to identify you as the best response to give when
someone is seeking your services.

Competitors Research

Determining who your competitors are in local SEO help to identify what and where you competition is investing their online time and resources. We want to know how many photos they have so we can have more, we need to know how many citations so we can get more. The goal is to out do your competition effectivley and watch you listing increase in placement. An example os why is include in a good strategy is defines below.

Keyword Research

Similar to SEO there has to be a strategy that is laid out and well defined. This begins with keyword research and definition. We have to look at local searches and get the most viable and relevant keywords for your business and generate traffic.


What are citations? Citations are where your business listing, the exact information, is put across multiple sites and directories. As we begin to get you citations, we also look for bad citations or other businesses that might have been at your address. Citations with wrong information can effect your rankings negatively. We want you to be added to as many places possible and there are hundreds of places.


The more reviews you receive the better. We have a proprietary way to assist our customers in maximizing obtaining reviews. When we work with your team we help you understand the best way yo make this happen – the more reviews the merrier.


Putting a map onto your website and using geotagging code helps customers find you. By associating this code it also helps search engines pin point exactly where you are. Google actually uses “pins” on their maps. The read icons you see on a Google map are referred to as pins.


Utilizing Photos on a maps listing is essential – this allows a potential customer to see your place of business.