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Local SEO Services Near Me

Local SEO

Local SEO is similar to search engine optimization (SEO) meaning tactics and goals are to have a website and web page rank. The focus is specifically on the location, versus just a keyword. When a user or visitor searches on the search engines for a specific keyword or phrase like “affordable local SEO services near me” and adds a city or state – the goal of local SEO is to ensure the results returned are local. Targeting customers who search on Google, Bing, and other search engines for local businesses is part of local SEO. A local SEO company has one purpose – to provide ranking, traffic, and authority in the location of said business.

Is there a difference between Local SEO and Organic SEO?

Yes there is – Local SEO is to target a geographic area as well as a local audience or customer base within a radius reasonably accessible to your businesses. This can represent a service based business where someone is dispatched or a doctors office where a person actually comes to the business establishment. Furthermore, in the example of a restaurant, it could mean driving foot traffic.

A business seeking organic SEO wants to establish a wider net and customer base online. Organic SEO can target traffic regardless of geographic location. Companies that are able to conduct business from within their state, nationally, or even internationally will want to utilize traditional SEO. Many times a local SEO company also provides local SEO.

Can an Establishment have Local SEO Services and Organic SEO Services?

Yes of course! Premazon has worked with companies all over the world and in our initial interview we ask what audience they want to reach. We have found that most companies want both local organic SEO services and local SEO. Local businesses that are brick and mortar will vary in need. Leads, foot traffic, and coupons, might not be needed. often a small local business may only need web design and local SEO.

Every business is unique, there is not a cookie cutter approach to local SEO strategy and services or an organic SEO strategy. Our SEO experts work with your to achieve the right goals based on your exact needs. Premazon offers the best local SEO services and affordable local SEO services. Our experienced team will help your business succeed.

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What are local SEO services?

Local SEO services will detail the deliverables to achieve ranking a business or helping your company become visible in their geographic location. This is accomplished when a user searches locally and the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) shows your business in the map listings, also known as the Local Google Map Pack.

Additionally, most local SEO services will help with creating content that includes local information as a signal to Google and other search engines to help identify where you are and identify your content to match your location. Your Name, Address, and Phone Number, known as your company “NAP” is another identifier both geographically and as showing consistency with information about your business online. Flow and process for customer online reviews is also part of a local services offering.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is applied to a website globally – meaning SEO will look at the back end and front end of your website and web pages to ensure proper coding, schema, tagging, as well as layout and design to meet the current standards for an optimized site.

Site speed, relevant content, finding niche keywords and keywords that will produce traffic are all a part of traditional and organic SEO.

SEO Services

SEO services will address the specifics needed to handle a company website to allow it to meet the highest stands and best practices to be crawled by Google, Bing and other search engines.

Tackling the audit and creating a baseline is the beginning of determining an SEO strategy. Planning content roll out on an agreed keyword domination course is how it all takes off. Address on-page and off-page details for maximum quality as well as developing a linking strategy are part of SEO services offered.

Local Search

Local search is when a user will search for a local business or something they need with a geographic word attached to the search – for instance – “Local SEO companies near me.” Mobile search far outweighs a desktop search. A search engine like Google will respond to what term is searched, this is known as a “search query” and will deliver results. On Google, usually the first results will be within the Google map pack and show a map with pinpoints of business that meet the search parameters. There will also be local search results outside the map pack from websites, local newspapers, blogs and review websites.

Mobile users many times keep their location settings turned on so a search result will show businesses that are within the proximity of exactly where the person is at that moment. Relevance and reviews of the business will also play a factor in the result.>Local SEO companies near me  

Google My Business

Local SEO experts will always look at your current GMB listing, or create a GMB listing for your company if your company does not have one. Google my business is where a business can speak directly with the Google local interface.

On Google my business your information about your company is added, your images are uploaded, and you set up your location details. In addition you choose the category of your business.

You can post daily to your Google My Business to stay in touch with your customers, offer deals, and even show your hours of operation and if you are opened or closed on holidays.

Google will show you data to help make decisions. You will see how often one gets directions to your place of business, or how many people clicked to your website from this area on Google. They will also tell how many phone calls derived from this platform.

When someone searches for a local business, and that business has been claimed in Google My Business (GMB), there will be a knowledge panel that will show on the right side of the Google page. If the business is not claimed, there is a link to “claim this business”.

There are tips and tricks used to improve your local ranking. Google explains how to do this and is very transparent on what they would like to see.

Can I do Local SEO for my Business?

Yes. Google has a step by step guide to add or claim your business.

Applying local SEO services is different from just claiming and maintaining a GMB account. You need to have local content on your website. This content would be optimized to outrank competitors already ranking for the keywords in your niche.

Having your content be relevant to the search terms you want to rank for is important.

Most business owners we deal with want an understanding of what we do to make their company rank locally, others just want it done and do not want to learn. Premazon believes in transparency, if a company wants to learn we teach them. 

Understanding on-page optimization and schema is a big part of local optimization as well as aquiring appropriate backlinks to elevate your site.

Citations and Reviews

A citation on the Internet is your company NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number).

Finding relevant business directories and adding your company NAP to them is what the term “building a citation” refers to.

Google, Bing, and other data mining engines utilize your business information to continue to verify that your company and the information about your company is consistent across the internet.

Part of the Premazon local marketing strategy is to build citations.

Online Marketing for Businesses

It is amazing how online marketing has changed the way we approach SEO. Pay per Click also known as “PPC” is growing and many use PPC as a way to get traffic to their site. The cost of online advertising has skyrocketed, so truly improving SEO in our humble opinion is the best and most affordable way to secure online marketing for a business.

Website and Local SEO

SEO from both a local and organic perspective will include website optimization. Every business can apply SEO to their website. Many web designers work with companies if they do not provide SEO. Similarly, many SEO companies provide web design.

Optimization must be applied to a website globally and also to each page. The technical aspects of SEO can separate your business from your competitor’s business.

The goal of an optimized website is to be beautiful, user friendly, relevant, and fast. 

The goal of a SEO’d website is to beat your competitor’s website by driving the most qualified traffic.


Design is based on taste. A website that one loves may not be another’s cup of tea. The point is creating a design that converts, that will capture your ideal visitor and have them follow the funnell you want them to follow.

When is comes to optimized design services there are three simple rules to apply:

  1. Design light so load time is fast
  2. Have a Call to Action – tell a visitor what you want them to do
  3. Visually pleasing, look good and make things simple so your visitors stay for awhile


Marketing for local involves looking at your whole company and determining the goals you want to achieve.

Learning about your desired customer, what your sales process is, and how you acquire new business are all factors when determining the best marketing strategy.

Assets to evaluate in a Marketing Strategy:

  • Brand
  • Logo
  • Color scheme
  • Messaging and Voice of Content
  • Benefits
  • Features

Search Engine Optimization

Optimization is a term not only used for SEO companies but for items reflecting a company’s brand. It is important to specify optimization services, will encompass the message and how the message is delivered.

To truly construct the right plan, Premazon works with your company to decipher:

  • Items to improve or change
  • Images to keep, remove, or obtain
  • Video 
  • Social Platforms

Understanding Search

Understanding search helps by getting into the persona of your ideal customer. If you are selling products online, you want to think about the age of the person wanting to buy your product, what they would use your product for, and from there write to that person with the content you put on your website.

Your SEO company will help you find the keywords to match your target audience.

There are actual tools that will tell you what people search for. An example would be, if a person searched for a local SEO agency looking for a local SEO company. What is the best search based on key terms that drive traffic?

  • local seo services pricing
  • local seo services near me
  • local seo cost
  • local seo services for small business
  • local seo company
  • affordable local seo services near me
  • best local SEO services

This is where working together to decipher if one all of these terms is best.

Local vs US search

Mobile will dictate most searches if geo location is turned on. Many times someone just wants information rather than to go to a place of business. Local search vs a national search will provide a varied result. These results come from what device you search from, where you are searching from, and what you are searching for. According to a BrightLocal quote, 33% of consumers searched for local businesses online daily. This is great data and a push to really optimize for local and organic SEO.
Bright Local Local image

How much does local SEO cost?

Our online research indicates that local SEO pricing for local SEO services range from $300 to $3000 monthly. Most agencies operate on a monthly recurring fee.

Like all SEO services, local SEO services is an approach to a marketing strategy. Premazon believes that each strategy requires different deliverables and therefore quotes every opportunity based on the needs of each client.

Optimization must be applied to a website globally and also to each page. The technical aspects of SEO can separate your business from your competitor’s business.

The goal of an optimized website is to be beautiful, user friendly, relevant, and fast.

The goal of a SEO’d website is to beat your competitor’s website by driving the most qualified traffic.

Local SEO Services Pricing

Premazon bases local seo packages as we do our seo services – there is no package. We get proven results by offering local seo service that is based on the needs and locations of the businesses we help. We see what is required to get results before we quote any pricing for our services, again we do not have a “package” that is a cookie cutter for local search.

Affordable Local Seo Services

Our management team helps ensure that the business we work with becomes an authority in their niche and locations on the Internet. With over a million media outlets, it is important to focus on developing a local seo marketing plan to cover the gamut of options. We begin with a detailed analysis looking at businesses from the perspective of Google.
  • Social Media – We look at social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and GMB. Each platform is an opportunity to evaluate the consistency of citations.
  • Reviews – The proven aspect of positive reviews is unparalleled coming from social media. When a third party is reporting on your establishment or services in a positive manner, it is a way to get a virtual pat on the back saying “People like Us” or even better “Customers are Referring to Us”. This is a win for your team.
  • Citations – According to MOZ “A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business. Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms. Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings.” Our reporting will include a detailed list of where your NAP is throughout the Internet. Then we can compare this to your competitors and help to get your locations placed as needed.
  • Link Building – SEO and local SEO are services that include placing content on the web with links coming back to a website, locations like maps, and even Facebook.

Local SEO Services for Small Business

One term that is often searched includes “near me” regardless if it is “local seo services near me” or “your company near me”. Our management team at Premazon believes that every small business can benefit from SEO and Local SEO. 

Premazon offers local SEO in addition to other SEO services to aid in marketing on the Internet. Marketing results will always depend on the increase in revenue at your locations

Local SEO Agency

Management of local SEO and SEO services for marketing and digital agencies that want to outsource services is referred to a white label services. Premazon is fortunate to offer white label services to companies that do not provide services like local SEO.

For us, the key factor in partnering with another agency is to understand the deliverables needed and how they package them for their clientele. To get local SEO information for their clientele and only provide services, with our contact being another agency, is handled with care. We need to know everything about their client from locations, to open and close times, to the label or category in which their clientele wants to be created online.

Once we have a clear understanding, we get to work. Our behind the scenes dashboard for project management is Trello. We then get our methods in line with any packages another firm has sold. Remember, Premazon only will quote their own clients based on needs. Other agencies like searchbloom will offer packages. We are a fulfillment home for other local SEO agencies.