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Pros and Cons of Social Media

Social Media Basics Inforgraphic | Premazon Inc

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Pros and Cons

Google My Business

64% of Google Users

Google My Business Pros

  • Visibility on google search and maps
  • Ability to post products posts, offers, etc.
  • People can leave reviews on your page

Google My Business Cons

  • Does not include keyword data, custom fields, and tags
  • Does not include custom Q&A fields, coupons, and offers


2.7 Billion Users

Facebook Pros

  • Easy to set up and use from a variety of different devices
  • Allows organic tracking
  • Connected with IG so you can share to both platforms
  • Offers public or private posting, in real time

Facebook Cons

  • Marketing ads can be time consuming
  • Strict rules on ads and running contests
  • Bogged down by ads and very ads focused
  • May be some privacy issues

Linked In

657 Million Users

Linked In Pros

  • Allows sharing of knowledge and expertise
  • Ability to post blogs and articles to showcase skills
  • Allows networking opportunities and business relationships

Linked In Cons

  • Audience is limited due to B2B focus
  • Ads maybe poorly targeted, underperforming, and lead to overload of irrelevant content


330 Million Users

Twitter Pros

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Tweets appear in google
  • Easy to search network for hashtags
  • Can be used as a sales platform

Twitter Cons

  • Not the best for visual content
  • Limited to 280 characters per post
  • Volume of messages can create information overload


1 Billion Users

Instagram Pros

  • One of the fastest growing social platforms
  • Easy to use
  • Appeals to a wide audience
  • Can be used as a sales platform

Instagram Cons

  • Links cannot be used in the captions
  • Limited integration capabilities


2 Billion Users

YouTube Pros

  • Second most popular search engine to google
  • You can connect directly with your audience
  • Can be found in search engine results

YouTube Cons

  • Editing and quality needs to be top notch and order to be found
  • Requires more time and investment than other platforms


320 Million Users

Pinterest Pros

  • Images are hyperlinked to the original source
  • Freedom to search and pin as you please
  • No emphasis on actively engaging and audience

Pinterest Cons

  • Limited demographics
  • Imagery must be clean well chosen and sharp

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