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PPC Specialist

What is a Pay Per Click (PPC) specialist?

A PPC specialist is someone who understands search, keywords, and how to create campaigns for online advertising platforms like Google and Bing.

A PPC specialist will create campaigns within Google or Bing network to drive various conversions from an online platform. Successful PPC specialists become certified and have usually passed courses from Google and are familiar with the digital marketing flow needed for conversions.

A PPC specialist that is an expert in conversions will set up the funnel and be able to see and develop the flow as well as track the return and outcomes for their clients. To watch throughout the day how a campaign is doing is often compared to watching day trading.

What does PPC mean?

PPC is an acronym used for Pay Per Click. When advertising online occurs and an advertiser pays a fee when a keyword search serves a user an ad and they click the ad, the advertiser would be charged for that one action.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

PPC is a model used by the search engines as a way to advertise business in a format where the business owner is in complete control of the amount of money they spend, the geographic locations they want to advertise in, and the keywords that affiliates an ad to be served on the search engine. Believe it or not to have an ad show for a keyword is free. The only time a cost is associated, is when the prospective buyer or client uses the service and actually clicks on an ad they see that is being served.

There are several types of Campaigns a person has to choose from such as keyword targeting, site targeting, and content targeting. Some businesses use all three approaches. Keyword targeting is when an ad shows based on the keyword or string of keywords entered for search at a search engine. Site targeting is where the business chooses sites they want to have advertising. Content search does not involve keywords it uses content network sites and provides ads that are relevant to the content being viewed on a page

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The Ad Specialist Team at Premazon are Experts

Pay Per Click Services (PPC) Services

As PPC consultants, we specialize in digital web strategies. Premazon has a work philosophy that entails daily bid management and monitoring of keyword placement in digital marketing campaigns. We have criteria for all our companies that we run, manage and work for their PPC accounts. In short – we must be able to assist our client base to see what works by tracking their ROI (Return on Investment). 

If you are a company seeking PPC consulting or management then call and we can discuss if Premazon is the right fit for your PPC needs.

Pay Per Click and Social Ad Platforms

Premazon is a Google Partner and likes building successful campaigns for their clients. As PPC specialists, understanding the marketing needs of our clients is crucial to an optimized digital marketing campaign. The marketing tools used to search for keywords organically for SEO are similar to tools used for search with PPC advertising and sales copy. The goal is to drive traffic and see what traffic converts. Writing the marketing content for pay per click (PPC) landing pages and ads is a specialty of our design and PPC experts.

We are able to offer pay per click (PPC) services as part of a digital marketing plan or as a stand alone service. PPC services are based upon the needs of our clients. A PPC advertising specialist within our company has the skill set to see and implement design, manage and tweak the campaigns as needed for the best return.

A pay per click (PPC) campaign is very quick to set up, you can open an account and begin running campaigns usually the same day. As PPC experts, we like the data from PPC that can be quantified and measured by each ad campaign. Although PPC is more expensive than traditional SEO marketing, you are able to find PPC keywords that resonate with users for each niche of a company or client website. The ability to track sales or the call to action such as a purchase, form fill, or phone call is easily measured.

To keep up with the latest PPC strategies, our team works closely with Google. We understand from experience that staying on top of our clients PPC campaigns every day is vital to keep them in the right position to receive the highest conversion

Premazon PPC Management Methods

Here is an example of what our PPC specialist believe it takes to develop, implement, and manage a great PPC campaign:

  • Research and finalization of the main keyword list for the PPC initial campaign launch.
  • Creation of all PPC ads for optimal performance.
  • Determine the destination PPC landing page of the ad to land on your site. All ads will show your url for branding purposes, however, to improve the PPC return on investment there can be a different landing page which will help with PPC conversion.
  • Uploading and submission of keywords for approval at PPC accounts. Establishment and monitoring of PPC account settings to maximize PPC business goals.
  • PPC bid management including bid gap monitoring, bid price changes and bid position maintenance management.
  • Monthly analysis of campaign performance, including individual keyword costs, conversions, and performance trends.

Tracking ROI is Key

Premazon can not offer services or begin a PPC campaign we cannot track. We will not take your money, no matter, if a PPC specialist cannot track, then spending money for online advertising is pointless. With this said, a PPC specialist or one of our SEO specialists will guide you on how to put tracking into place.

Premazon Inc. has the ability and experience to understand the many changes that take place on the search engines. Each Search Engine has a distinct methodology; our PPC marketing specialists understand the differences and will set your account up to maximize their potential. There are over 200 million searches performed daily – we want you on page one when your potential clients perform a search.

History of Pay Per Click (PPC)

Jeffrey Brewer, an employee of presented a PPC search engine proof-of-concept to the TED8 conference that was held in California. Goto became Overture which became Yahoo and PPC was off and running. Nick Guastella who was an employee at Goto and was working with Bruce Clay offering services as their PPC specialist.  Nick met our founder Ann Premazon and became her “PPC professor” and held her hand as she learned the ins and outs Google Ads pay per click (PPC) and became the trainer of all PPC specialists at Premazon Inc.

PPC Benefits

We always start offering services within Google. We do this for several reasons. First it is the most searched engine, second – once we get a great campaign we can then move it to other search engines, third – Google has great reports and also analytics. These three things is why we say start with Google, then move to Bing.
PPC Benefits | Premazon Inc
PPC Tracking? | Premazon Inc

PPC Tracking

Google and Bing have built into their systems tracking that allow a PPC manager and their clients to learn what keywords, ads, and overall campaigns are producing conversions. There is not any remuneration added by either Google or Bing to have access to their analytics and conversion tracking.

Every industry has a different term or meaning for the word conversion. For example, a conversion for the automobile industry could mean a new client found the car they wanted online and went to a dealership, the result from the online marketing lead in an optimum setting is the client drives away from the lot in a different car than they arrived in. Hence, the new client that was driven to the dealership from a digital lead, made a purchase.

  • Did they call the dealership first, to confirm the car they were looking for was there?
  • Did they fill out an online inquiry or just drive to the dealership?
  • In the above example the question becomes:
  • How did the customer at the car lot hear about the dealership?
  • If the answer is on the Internet the question becomes: Where on line?

Because the dealership wants to know if the customer is an organic or paid marketing lead.

In the example above we consider the conversion based on the method which developed the lead. If it was organic the dealership will try to gather as much knowledge about the search that was performed to result in the lead and if it was PPC – the dealership will be tracking that digital trail online.

Are the Same Techniques Applied to Google Ads and Facebook Ads?

No. Google ads are designed to be served based on the keyword search – Google refers to this as the user intent. Facebook ads are served based on a users interests and preferences basically the user behavior and persona.

Are Bing and Google PPC Advertising the Same?

No. The interface is different as they are different ad platforms. Google Ads and Bing Ads will both be driven by a users search and segmented into campaigns and keywords and offer tracking. The qualifications to manage Google or Bing Ads are simple, open an account and test it out. Neither company requires prior experience. You will need to open an account to learn and see the how to documentation to begin. You will need to keep an account open to run ads.

Is a Specialist for Google also a Specialist for Bing?

Sometimes. A PPC advertising specialist may specialize in ads for both. Ads are just a part of each marketing campaign. The content for each ad is a part of the work when creating ad copy. The requirements for ads are different for Google than Bing. Learning the differences is work that must be done to be a PPC specialist for both. To keep successful campaigns up and running, it is suggested to monitor frequently.

What is a PPC Specialist Salary?

This varies on the job description and work entailed. Most PPC specialists are contracted versus employees. However, when it is a salaried position, the average annual salary is $57,500. “The average PPC Specialist salary in the USA is $57,500 per year or $29.49 per hour. Entry level positions start at $30,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $78,000 per year” according to PPC specialist jobs are often for ecommerce companies that have ongoing digital marketing campaigns and want to keep these services in-house.

Qualifications for a PPC specialist job description will vary on the experience and work assignment. Some companies will require a specialist to have passed a PPC specialist course from an institute or Google and to demonstrate their PPC specialist skills and experience before receiving a job offer. If a specialist has the skill set and experience and it is required to pass the test, many employers will ask that this be done and sent in to become a viable candidate for a position. Work as a PPC advertising specialist will usually have the ability to work with Google Ads and Bing Ads.

PPC Traffic Takes a Specialist That Can Design a Digital Marketing Experience

The pay per click (PPC) advertising will keep sales, or calls, or forms, coming in every day. The work of a PPC expert that can write ads that convert, separate the specialist from traditional advertising copy.

All ads require an action, a user must like the marketing message to click. The experience of a user who lands on a page where the sales copy will keep them on the page until they take their next action is a tactic to see what will work. Marketing like this is called A/B testing.

A/B testing is a digital marketing term used to drive traffic to different landing pages, or to test a different user experience, or ad. This type of testing is more advanced and the specialist creating the testing can be a PPC specialist, a digital marketing specialist, a funnell specialist, or even a SEO expert.

PPC specialists are often tasked with checking results every day and at times they might keep checking hourly. An expert digital marketing specialist will keep on top of bid management and could make changes throughout the day. Similar to the stock market, PPC specialists become expert trackers of not only the bid strategy but also the minute changes that can keep costs at the most effective level per day.

Understanding the intricacies of keyword search and theme within Google and Bing takes the experience of a specialist. Learning what keywords are useful and how to use them in a positive and negative experience or manner.  An example of this:

Keyword Theme: Dietary Specialist – positive keywords could be – dietary specialist, food specialist, nutrition specialist, diet specialist, health specialist for food, health specialist for diet, weight loss food specialist, weight loss specialist, diet coach. Negative keywords are words that you would not want your ad to show up for might be: dietary specialist job, dietary specialist employment, dietary specialist salary, dietary specialist meal plan, dietary specialist song, dietary specialist meme, dietary specialist cancer, dietary specialist doctor, specialist diet for treatment, specialist medical diet, specialist for hire, dietary specialist drugs, dietary specialist candy