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Search Engine Optimization

Whether it be taking over on page optimization or consulting on an SEO plan, Premazon Inc. can help you reach your organic ranking goals.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is where we begin to help you dominate in your niche. Organic traffic is something that is static, meaning a link may be in flux on where it lands for an individual searching, but it always lands. Unlike “PPC” Pay Per Click Traffic where you pay every time someone clicks a link and you are at the top of the page if you are willing to pay top dollar for that click, organic traffic comes from really offering quality content to your users AND authority sites and people recognize this content as quality. Here is an example – If you wanted to rank for Red Tennis Shoes and your website was all about shoes and even tennis shoes, but you never spoke about Red Tennis Shoes, never had an image of Red Tennis Shoes – this would be a very hard term in which to rank, almost impossible. To have website that ranks for Red Tennis Shoes you have to look at your website like a search engine – how many sites currently rank for this term? How many websites that do rank for this term have everything correct on the webpage they are trying to rank? How many images are on that page? What is the word count on that page? Who else links to this page? How many people link to them? What is the authority of the top 10 that rank for this term? These are the types of questions our team researches to do a true analysis for each term, page, website of our customers.

We want you to be a part of this process – Search engines like Google are ever evolving and changing – it is a science that is powered by algorithms, math, and data. Our skilled team spends hundreds of hours staying on top of the current trends. Our goal is to assist our customers in ranking not where they want (sorry this would be irresponsible) but where the indicators say traffic searches lie.

We have a package for anyone who wants to optimize their website. Our customers range from single clinicians to large organizations. We will help devise a plan that works. We are budget conscious and will help guide you to making the right decisions based on the amount you can invest in your online presence.

Researching Your Competitors

We begin with a questionnaire to know your business and part of that to learn about your competitors. In our initial baseline we see where you rank in comparison with your competitors so we can devise the right plan to help you improve your ranking but most importantly your traffic. We will show you this research and explain the results. Together we will finalize the best strategy.

Analyzing your Website

A website is more than a pretty face. What a human sees when looking at a website is very different than what Google sees as important structure of a website. Our team does an exhaustive analysis on the elements regarding the backend of your website. We look at the code on every page. Each image. Schema mark-up code. Alt tags. Heading Tags. Title Tags. Descriptions. Internal Linking. External Linking. Page speed. Broken Links. Site Architecture. URL names. Site maps. We must look at each level as well as the latest technical advances that the Search Engines are applying. If we need more content – we need more content. If we need to create a new silo – we create a new silo. To quote industry leader Bruce Clay – “we want the best least perfect site”. One Goal – optimize the site. All aspects.

Research and Define Keywords

We must have correct keywords – ones that drive traffic. To accomplish this we have to look at what keywords in your specific inch people are searching. We accomplish this and then determine based on all actors if this is attainable. An example of this would be a small local coffee shop that wants to rank for the keyword “coffee” – this word has over 70,000,000 indexed pages, so we begin to find additional terms to match with coffee like shop so search for “coffee shop” many less indexed pages and this allows us to see where we are locally searching how many coffee shops are listed on the map – above the fold, and organically. We could also add their city “coffee shop Murrieta” this will be much more attainable. So we have to find the correct keywords, that are attainable, and most importantly that we can track the traffic.

Content Optimization

Google and all search engines are like the cookie monster – they can never get enough. Content that is valuable, educational, and thorough will bode best with a user and also the “bot” sent from a search engine to scan your page. You want content that is relevant. There will be “static pages” these will changes rarely. You will have dynamic pages that are short posts – these will be added more frequently and designed to be relevant to one targeted keyword. Search Engines are very smart – they use “LSI” – Latent Semantic Indexing – an indexing and retrieval method that is a mathematical equation and can be use with words and numbers. How does Latent Semantic Indexing effect the content analysis done? It allows us to to look and understand what Search Engines see as “themed content”. An example would be if a substance abuse program wanted to rank for “substance abuse program” – instead of saying that over and over on the page – the Search Engines are smart enough to understand the theme and accept words like “drug rehab”, “alcohol rehabilitation program”, “facility for substance treatment” … We examine your content and our team evaluates your current content and what could be added. We then create a strategy around the content development for your website.

Optimizing each Page or Onsite Optimization

Learning the hierarchy and architecture of a website is important for two reasons:

  1. User compatibility
  2. Search Engine compatibility

We do a through evaluation to ensure the internal linking structure is sound. An example I like to use if Ford. When you go o the Ford Site – you immediately know their most important pages – cars, crossovers & SUV’s, Trucks & Van’s each topic is what we call a “silo”. If you are looking for a F-150 Truck, you go to Truck & Van’s, then you go to F-150. You then cannot go from an F-150 to a Car like the Fusion. You have to go to the Cars section of the site and then go to Fusion. The categories are separated into “silo’s”. This is an optimal way for people and Search Engines to find data and put the emphasis on the most important pages. The pages under a silo are child pages and although they are important in their own right – the main page has the most authority. Our team helps with Optimizing for internal authority and Linking structure.

Offsite Strategies

Building links to your site from quality authority websites is important. We pick when we link from so that you begin to see value and authority increase. This will increase traffic. Web 2.0 sites we create on your behalf in your niche and posts on other web properties such as blogs will be designed so that they bring added benefit to your off site optimization strategy. We want to have the “bots” from Search Engines valuable information about your brand and website throughout the web.

Link Building Strategies

We know that links from trusted authorities help improve your authority. We have a very diverse method of attaining good links to your website. We add links based on what is needed. We do not flood the web with useless links. we carefully and systematically place links where they will count the most. Gaining a “Trust Rank” from Google, Yahoo, and Bing are very important and we continuously strive to increase your authority.

Tracking and Reporting

We use several tools to create a detailed monthly report. Our transparent approach actually let’s you see where you are at from your baseline to what has been achieved each month. We can help you devise specific tracking based upon your needs. We look forward to the opportunity to help your business grow!

Summary of SEO Services

  • Baseline
  • Research your Competitors
  • Analyze Your Website
  • Research and Define Keywords
  • Content Optimization
  • Optimizing each Page or Onsite Optimization
  • Offsite Strategies
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Tracking and Reporting