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Drug Rehab SEO

SEO for Rehab and Treatment

Addiction treatment helps thousands of addicts and alcoholics suffering from addiction. Family members search for help on Google to find the best drug rehab for their loved one. Professionals search on Google for addiction treatment facilities for their patients. All with one goal – find the best drug rehab possible.

The person searching on Google is not really looking for a business, they are looking for a lifeline, a phone number, a way out of the pain they are feeling and need help.

So how does a behavioral health business that offers services to help addicts, create the right business presence on their website to say: “We are the best drug rehab and can we can help you right now”? The answer is simple, build a site with compelling content and approach the site from a marketing perspective, this perspective begins with a drug rehab SEO strategy.

Search Engine Optimization known as SEO is applying optimization to every page on a site. In the behavioral health industry, drug rehab and addiction treatment are two terms used to describe where a person should go for help. For example, a heroin addict wanting help will search “drug rehab near me” or “addiction treatment for heroin” on Google to find a facility or hospital they can call for help.

Premazon understands drug rehab SEO and the drug rehab and addiction treatment business. As agency consultants, we have assisted hundreds of drug rehab facilities with their digital marketing services. Creating a successful drug rehab SEO campaign is our strength.

Helping to SEO for rehabs and guide an addiction treatment center with their marketing strategy online is a service we have decades of proven experience. In addition to offering SEO for rehab clinics, we also develop websites, create and generate SEO content, and social media management.

In the business of addiction treatment, leads are how the business survives. Admissions happen from leads. In the addiction treatment world, a lead is a call or an inquiry form, generated from search engine results pages (SERP) of their web site or on the ground marketing.

The Need to Get Calls from Your Site

Generating calls to get clients to your treatment facility is the purpose for developing a seo and marketing strategy for your website. Having a beautiful website that does not get visitors or generate calls can be the one factor that can kill a drug rehab center. Once a website starts to generate calls, the opportunities to help the caller get help to treatment begins.

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Metrics to consider when creating a drug rehab seo plan is to to look at developing the call flow.

Call is Generated

Configure Lead Source
Have Call Tracking in Place

Answered by Drug Rehab

How Does Call Get to an Admissions Person?

Qualify Call

Does Caller Meet Criteria?
Convert Call to Admission

The Right SEO Company

Working on a drug rehab website and handling the search engine optimization is just part of working with a center. The right SEO company for the drug rehab will have the knowledge of how to drive qualified traffic. There is a distinct and unique approach to working with an addiction treatment center, knowing about the business makes a difference.

Premazon is an authority in the behavioral health field. We have years of consulting experience with drug rehab SEO for our clients. Putting together a successful website is the beginning. There are other factors to consider in choosing a drug rehab SEO agency. Premazon understands the business of addiction and marketing treatment centers. Pricing is always fair and cost is attached to specific deliverables with clear terms. Consulting is always a part of any SEO agreement for our clients. Located in the US, we have had the pleasure to do facility and center marketing around the country. Contacting us is easy, you can reach us by phone or reach us by email.

The Business of Drug Rehab

You have to look beyond the website to gain true understanding to the business of SEO. Google has implemented strict guidelines regarding any marketing for the services offered to those suffering from the disease of addiction and alcoholism. 

An online advertising seo campaign can take place, however, if you want a campaign to advertise on Google, you must get approved by LegitScript. The original term of the certification is usually one year. Google found unscrupulous business owners and SEO firms that were attempting to mislead those suffering by preying on their vulnerability and offering treatment services with enticements, and unfulfilled promises, as well as misleading information. As a result of this behavior, organizations such as NAATP  fought for the rights of drug rehab and addiction treatment center business owners that were real, and offering services from legitimate facilities, to not allow advertising with false claims. 

Google now requires any facility to become certified that wants to participate in advertising with an ads campaign on the Google AdWords Program.  In addition, Facebook, followed suite and is now requiring a facility to get the same certification for advertising from Facebook Business addiction treatment and drug rehab centers.  

7 Tips for a Drug Rehab Marketing Strategy to SEO Your Business

Know Your Audience

This is exactly who you want to land on your website page and who will need your help. What age group, what gender, what payor mix.

Be Sure You Website is Mobile Friendly

Google has a developers tool called Google Lighthouse – this tool will let you know if your website is mobile friendly and passes the speed test.

Have a Staff Page

One of the most important marketing pages on your website will be your staff. People making a decision where they will go for addiction treatment want to see the clinicians and counselors they will be working with.

Have a Local Presence

Google My Business, also know as GMB is a free service for local offered by Google. Drug rehab SEO agencies lake Premazon include this as part of their local SEO campaign.

Track Your Leads

Every CEO and CFO of a treatment center wants to know their return on investment. Tracking your leads is crucial to this marketing process.

Have a Blog with Relevant Content

Write content that matters, and will drive traffic. Your words will separate your marketing plan from the pack. Yes, there will always be competitors, but out ranking your competitors includes great content.

Have a Gallery or Tour of the Treatment Center

This area of your site is a visual of where someone will be eating, laying their head at night, sitting in group, walking the grounds. This area of a website is how a potential client will see themselves in the drug rehab environment. Take care and choose wisely your images – they are part of developing your branding.

Keywords for Addiction Treatment Centers

Keywords, key phrases, and key terms are the driving marketing force of improving rank and creating traffic to your website. The keyword a person searches to find your rehab is best determined by a deep audit into your competitors. 

A drug rehab owner might consider their competitors those that they see at addiction conferences, or business and community groups like the Chamber of Commerce. From the SEO perspective, we need to know how Google sees other drug rehab companies. Once we gain a baseline of where to start, we can systematically start to look at what keywords are best to drive the right kind of traffic from an organic and local mindset.

Keywords for Addiction Treatment Centers? | Premazon Inc

Local SEO for Drug Rehab

Local SEO is a vital part of any drug rehab marketing plan. Local SEO is where your Name, Address, and Phone Number “NAP” are found consistently throughout the Internet. This consistency is a signal to all search engines such as Google that you are a real and legitimate business.

Placing your local NAP is done via a marketing process called citation building. This is where relevant directories and data aggregators store your data. Building citations is a part of establishing your companies site as well as the center with your drug rehab marketing.

What is Google GMB in regards to Local SEO?

Google My Business is a need in local SEO. This is where your company can have a knowledge panel show up with a local map, your addiction centers name, address, phone number and link to your website. In addition, a person can leave a review right there within the knowledge panel. You can have images of your facility and even post regularly about your company.

Google GMB is also where you can see local insights into how you are performing on maps, respond to reviews, and learn how google shows your map, and how many engage with your GMB profile.

Website Content and Search Engine Optimization

Website content is where we separate the leaders from the pack. Your marketing content is your voice about your drug rehab, your voice about what services you offer, your voice on how and why you are in business and your voice on relevant topic in the addiction treatment industry.

Imagine every page on your website as marketing content written specifically for the person who lands on that page. The person with a need for help. You get to control the message and guide them on a journey.

SEO marketing and content come together with a precise formula on what it will take to rank on a subject. Some topics need supporting content. This is where SEO might require 2000 words or more on a topic then divide them into separate terms. The marketing goal of optimized topics of content is to reach users and in crease authority of subjects on the Internet.

Management of social content is included in marketing content. Everything that is written and goes on the Internet is part of drug rehab marketing. Every social profile that in active can represent a place to have compelling content. From social media accounts you can use link building back to content on your website.

Every detail is considered from an SEO point of view. When there is a link within your website, or a link from an external website, the content and where it is placed is all a part of link building. We want link building, and we want contextual link building, meaning links from within content. 

Marketing a Drug Rehab Website

When marketing a drug rehab website we need to begin with a desired outcome. Most owners of a drug rehab say “just make the phone ring”, this is one desired outcome but there are many marketing outcomes to consider. As consultants want to look at your branding. The logo. The layout and design of the website, so we can create the best way to market the centers site.

We always want to add the local information of the website address to business cards and brochures. We want to look for ways to engage users to visit and stay awhile once they land with in the site. The best feature any addiction center has is their staff. Videos and content about staff are great opportunities to market a rehab site.

Rehab Marketing vs Drug Rehab SEO

The difference between rehab center marketing and rehab SEO is simple – one is digital marketing and the other is traditional marketing. Most treatment marketing is complimented by search engine optimization and great web design. Where a marketer attends a face to face meeting with a potential and referral source, it is important that the marketer know the features and benefits of the drug rehab. This can be accomplished with brochures and visually accented by the website. The true calling card of great SEO, is when a potential referral source can remember the website address, the drug rehab name and the visit online. 

Great SEO will follow the growth of a company. Consistently updating the website as the company grows. Another way drug rehab SEO succeds is by following best marketing practices by Google.

Google properties such as Search Console and Google Analytics are part of the SEO suite of tools used when working on an addiction centers site.

Drug rehab SEO is highly competitive due to most facilities offering similar services. The way to stand out is choosing a SEO Company like Premazon who has a wide array of knowledge with digital marketing, traditional marketing and how the business side of treatment works.

Understanding SEO Basics

Understanding the basics of SEO services for a small business begins with developing a marketing strategy.

  • Audit the Website of the Drug Rehab
  • Audit the Website’s of Competitors
  • Determine the Target Audience
  • Determine the Keywords
  • Write Content
  • Publish the Website
  • See How Google Sees the Site
  • Set a Baseline
  • Make Changes as Indicated While Adding New Content
  • Rinse – Repeat
Understanding SEO Basics? | Premazon Inc

Tracking SEO Results

Tracking SEO results is how we know what is working and what is not working with our marketing.

An online conversion is someone who takes action. A drug rehab lead is a call or form. But what about visitors? We must have users and visitors to take an action. This is where traffic comes into play.

We want to track every single users. We want to track what page they land on and what their second and third page journey is throughout the site. We want to know When they take an action, how long they stay on the site, and when they leave.

We want to know exactly how they landed on the website and what their entry page was they landed on. Did their visit originate from a mobile phone or desktop computer. These metrics are important in every step of SEO marketing for a rehab center.

We want to understand they why so we can recreate when it is a winning journey and reroute and pivot when someone leaves to soon.

Tracking can be accomplished via Google properties and also Social properties. There are third party tracking options on mobile and desktop for calls and leads that are also helpful.