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Having a successful business means having a successful online presence. This presence is imperative to growth. Learning about what exactly is necessary to achieve that growth is where Premazon Inc. will help your company take off.

After many years of helping businesses achieve their goals, Premazon Inc. is at the forefront of addiction center marketingthe emerging trends in regards to:

  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Search
  • Social Media Management

and all other pieces of a strategic plan for success on the Web.

Search engines change algorithms constantly. A true Web presence will withstand those changes and be able to align as technology continues to expand. Traffic to your website is ultimately the one factor that is necessary and will determine your success. When a user visits your website, the most valuable outcome is that they stay long enough to utilize your call to action – a call, contact form, or purchase of an item. Premazon believes that the most important factor in addiction center marketing is that our client knows, understands, and sees a return for the investment they are making online.

Premazon Inc. will help you determine the best strategy to achieve true results.

Search Optimization

On page, off page, optimization to increase rank and traffic.

Local Optimization

One goal, get your website on the Google Map pack = Top 3 in maps.

Converion Rate Optimization

Calls, forms, traffic = conversions.

Website Development

Customized design for developed for conversion and best customer experience.

Social Media

Branding platforms, creating engangemnt, managing message.


Google Adwords, Facebook, and traditional Advertising as needed to generate buisness.


Track, monitor, and adjust based on what is working and what is not from actual data.

Marketing Strategy

Develop a plan, Test the plan, implement the plan, adjust based on results.

Email Marketing

Develop customiszed audiences that will benefit from service brand.

Creating The Right Presence

right presence premazon

When working with Premazon, Inc - you get a well rounded team that has experience in all levels of an online presence. Beginning with a baseline that lets you know, understand, and see where your current site is in the eyes of Google and compared to your competitors is where we begin. - The Baseline is the most important feature - how else can you know if you are headed in the right direction if you do not know your starting place. Premazon will ask questions and challenge you to look at you addiction center marketing and online presence so together you can work on the correct plan of action - to achieve attainable goals. Designing a website, optimizing a website are not one time tasks - they require a plan that is solid. To understand your beginnings is where we start with all clients.

Planning a strategy one you know exactly where you stand - this is based on many factors. To begin - it is important to know your three things, where you want traffic from in the world, what you want that traffic to do once they land on your website, and your ability to commit a dollar amount to begin the process. Many clients will call and ask to get traffic to them for a fixed budget. This is not the right approach - here is an example why, if you wanted a car and you had $200 to spend, you would get a used car not in very good shape. If you had $1000 dollars for the same purpose - your car would be in nicer shape with more bells and whistles. If you had $25k for the same car - it would be much nicer. All the differences amount to is pretty package to get from place to place. Now if instead you wanted the most economical way to get to work - that was comfortable, and made you happy, and was only $25 - if this was the only goal I think most would rather spend $25 dollars than $25k. The purpose is knowing what you want and need.

premazon right presence


Search Engine Optimization in essence is when your website ranks for keywords on Google, Bing, Yahoo and various smaller search engines. When a company wants to rank for key terms – the first and most important step is finding the keywords your customers search for, hence keyword research. A successful optimization campaign depends on this methodology. Once keywords are determined a strategy is put in place to achieve ranking for these keywords.

How do individuals make decisions after searching online? Well first they go to their favorite search engine and put in key phrases and then begin their research – did you know that over 90% of any search results in an action immediately after? This is true and although results vary based on your location, most of those decisions are based on companies that rank organically “above the fold”. This means regardless of the search engine, regardless of the size of your screen, or mobile phone, the winner that gets the new business most of the time is someone visible where the user does not need to scroll down ever “below the fold”.

Premazon, Inc takes the time to know your business, know your goals, and learn about your competition – why do we do this? We know that to win we have to have your website be above the fold in as many positions with as many keywords as possible. Our ideal scenario is to have your business rank on maps, organically, in images, and in video. Now not all of clients go with a “platinum package” It does not matter the package, it matters with the key phrases and how we prepare to own a spot on page one.

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Meet Our Team


Ann Premazon

CEO and Founder

Addiction and Behavioral health Consultant, Internet Business Consultant, PPC Wizard, Web and Social Media Strategist.



Chris Curnutt

Project Manager

Chris brings two decades of IT and project management to our team and is currently managing our AdNet initiative. He's located in Dallas, Texas.

Arthur Reeder

Arthur Reeder

Technical Lead

Master of WordPress, HTML, and CSS.

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