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Small Business Consulting

Business Consulting

When it comes to small business consulting, Ann Premazon and her team at Premazon excel in helping small businesses find their niche with their website, marketing and sales, as well as, front and backend office management and procedures.

Many times a small business will utilize Premazon as a consulting option versus having full time employees (FTE) work on their books. Solving company issues or needing coaching advice from an experienced strategist and team is the perfect way to to get the most out of business planning.

As a small business consultant, we give owners, management, or team members coaching and advice on strategy, marketing, organizational hierarchy, and of course problem solving. We want to help implement the right solutions and focus for your business plan. A few focus services:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Addiction Treatment
  • Appliance Services
  • Call Centers
  • Online and Website Businesses
  • Marketing and Digital Agencies
  • Human Resources
  • Medical Billing

Sometimes spotting the issues that do not work will help make a business pivot and get over a hump is all that is needed, while other times a daily presence is best. Either way, we will gladly help you to discover the best ways to utilize and implement solutions.

Premazon Founder Ann Premazon is an Entrepreneur and has Consulted Throughout the World

Ann Premazon | Premazon IncAs an entrepreneur, Ann has consulted and managed services for call centers, brick and mortar companies, ecommerce merchants, website developers, doctors, hotels, service industries, addiction treatment facilities, and excels in providing single or multiple Internet and offline consulting services to fit your needs and get you to meet your budget.

Our company would be honored to do the work for you or to teach your employees how to master every piece of the internet puzzle. Premazon Inc. is here to identify and address areas of opportunity in your business consulting plan today. We provide a professional, personal approach by assigning a marketing specialist as a single point of contact while working with us.

Behavioral Health and Addiction Center Business Consulting

Years of working with and coaching CEO’s, management teams, and facilities specializing in Healthcare, Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment is very rewarding. A differentiator with Premazon versus traditional consultants is the ability to “get it” and understand the exact sales cycle of a facility. 

Table of Contents

Recent Blogs

An entrepreneur and most CEOs want strategies to have two goals – Brand Recognition and Increased Census. With Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment, there are many nuances to increase census and stay within the guidelines of Google, Bing, and Facebook. 

Google has partnered with LegitScript to verify facilities, their business practices, and the validity of their website if they want to advertise on their platform. Facebook joined in to assure a facility meets the requirement. To get approved there is an application and fee requirement. A facility will get approved usually within three to six months and then be able to advertise.

Increasing call volume from a website with the right calls and monitoring the return on investment is important to be able to show and document. Furthermore; having tracking in place on the inside of a facility is just as important as tracking website efforts and sales. Search engines will be able to track and show traffic, keywords, and time on your website. CEO’s want to know information around the number of calls that are qualified that then turn into an assessment or verification of benefit. To get this tracking information, there is an array of reports that can be generated from software providers.

An opportunity looks different for each facility and their onsite niche. It is important to create a website campaign around the exact needs of a facility and to develop a funnel to close each opportunity. Understanding the contracts, payor mix, and admission flow is very important to the success of the strategy. To get a web lead, form or call to convert must be tracked.

Marketing Campaigns are Designed by Setting Goals

Search Strategy and Business Consulting

We all know the old saying – “Time equals money.” Don’t waste time – contact us today to get clear actionable direction in your Internet and website marketing efforts.

Many companies do not fully understand how to set or measure goals from an ‘internet based’ perspective. Premazon Inc. will guide you through developing the best approach for a cost-effective website and internet marketing campaign.

When initially strategizing a marketing campaign (either on or offline) it is important to get information and details about who we are working with and then explore all avenues and determine a path from the start.

Together we can create and implement proven strategies that work. In search engine marketing it is imperative to understand how search engines work and keep a pulse on when their ranking systems (algorithms) change to adjust the marketing and ranking techniques accordingly.

Choosing Premazon Inc. means getting a fantastic team of committed, self-proclaimed nerds who will help skyrocket your business website to the top of Google’s search page.

internet marketing seo chart

Consulting Services

Consulting services will range based on the specialty of the consultant. Premazon specializes in deliverables such as actual strategy development, marketing plans, and outlines to achieve desired outcomes. Deliverables can be education, working with employees, training, auditing systems, and help with your Internet presence with a website and social media. The goal is to improve conversions, increase revenue, and systematize processes.

Small Business, SEO and Social Media Marketing

One on one business consulting for a website, SEO, Social Media, newsletter, or other web related marketing efforts can help you step over the next plateau to meet business plan goals.

Premazon Inc. has been active with web strategies and web marketing for both brick and mortar companies and internet based businesses since 1998. Marketing has shifted during this time period and Premazon Inc. has kept the pace.Social Media at
Internet Marketing is the most effective way to increase revenue. In today’s market, if you do not have an extraordinary internet presence, you are limiting your own success.

The yellow pages, newspaper advertising and direct mail campaigns are rapidly being surpassed by internet based marketing. Premazon Inc. offers premier management and consultation for all aspects of an online presence.

Premazon Inc. can help your organization create successful internet strategies to:

  • Dominate your presence on the search engines.
  • Learn how to call track and monitor successfully generated leads.
  • Help cultivate new revenue opportunities.
  • Develop tantalizing email and auto-responder campaigns

Gain followers for Social Media, Newsletters, or Teaching Series

Premazon Inc. does not use one particular ‘tool’ for keyword determination, bid analysis, or statistical tracking. In fact, we have access to a diverse set of tools and will work with the best solution designed for your small business.

7 Business Consulting Tips for SEO Consulting

Every owner wants to show up “rank” on Google in the top 3 positions. Some businesses pay to be in this position through advertising, while others work for ongoing traffic with little cost in comparison. This method is Organic Traffic.

Being visible within search engines is a sneaky myth – if you rank in the number one position for a keyword you really want to rank for and no one searches for that keyword does it matter? It matters because you are visible, but from a business consulting aspect – you want to rank for terms that work to drive traffic to your website.

It is often a big help to hire an SEO professional to accomplish your website strategic plan. Creating a marketing plan that will increase your traffic is imperative to the overarching digital marketing plan.

Tip #1 - Transparency

You want an SEO consultant that will be transparent in their methods and share what tools they use. Google has best practices, you want to know that your consultant follows them. Spammy links, hidden content, or scraped content can have your website actually banned. The best way to know the characteristics of your business consulting firm is to simply ask if they will share what they are doing and if they will give you reports.

Tip #2 - No Guarantees

Do not fall prey to wild guarantees – if your consultant makes promises – know it is impossible to ensure it will happen. There are specific tools that can help guide a consultant on the best possibilities, but to guarantee is impossible.

Tip #3 - On Page and Off Page Experience

SEO consulting should involve on page consulting for optimization and off page optimization. The differences between the two are on page will examine and improve your internal link strategy, layout of your structured silo’s, schema, meta data, and titles and tags. Off page will focus on links and content pointed to your site from other web properties like blogs, press releases and of course social media profiles.

Tip #4 - Ask How Success Will Be Measured

How the SEO success is measured is very important to understand and agree upon before hiring your consultant. Implementing Google Analytics and lead tracking is imperative. The accounts used would be in the name of your organization with permission given to you by the SEO constant – versus – the account not being in your name.

Tip #5 - Focus on Local SEO

Local SEO and Google My Business (GMB) are very important to any online presence. Your consultant should be well versed in local SEO, maps, and GMB. How you would know is simple, they will mention it and be able to easily guide you on the right path to show in the map pack listing.

Tip #6 - Great Communicator

Communication is key. How accessible will your consultant be, will they answer their phone, email, become a part of your extended family? You want to understand what you can expect from them and how you will communicate. Premazon is available everyday and in emergencies to executive leadership and employees. In addition we give monthly reports and check-ins as needed based on activity.

Tip #7 - Get a Contract

Most SEO Consultants will have contracts that spell out their deliverables and their fees. Fees are usually based monthly and will vary on the services agreed upon. Some SEO consultants are also web designers. It is important to note changes will often need to be made to your website. The changes can be given to web designers or your SEO consultants may be given access to your web site. Be sure services, responsibilities, and deliverables are spelled out.

The Power of a Website

Every business has a super power and we believe that your website is vital to that power. A well designed website will be part of the magic needed when working with a marketing consultant. Premazon will start the marketing plan with a focus on the site structure. If a start-up, this focus is easy to see and map out. If the website is well established, then the market focus must be looked at from all aspects.

An audit will give us the history, focused key terms and phrases used and also show us where there are opportunities to improve. Harnessing the right terms can literally turn around the digital footprint online.

The Power of Websites | Premazon Inc
Cookies | Premazon Inc

The Ins and Outs of Cookies

A little internet humor – Cookies are not something you eat when referring to a website. A tiny text file that some websites place on your computer is a cookie. These cookies are used so the next time you want to visit the site – it will be easier to visit.

Have you ever gone to type in something in your search bar and it auto finishes… this is an example of a cookie. There are also temporary cookies that do not stay after you close your browser. Cookies can be deleted from your browser and from your computer. Just remember if you delete a cookie that had a user/password you will need to type them in again.

How do I find a business consultant?

Well for starters there is probably the perfect consultant for every type of industry and business plan. From an SEO Company to a golf course expert, you can find a consultant. So starting with the right consultant that you click with, can trust, and will guide you to your solution, is where a small business will start.

Defining the needs of your business consultant may seem difficult, but in reality, if you do not know exactly what you need, you will probably know what you don’t need. As the saying goes “Not all consultants are created equally”. Here is a starting list to ask yourself and narrow down the details:

  • Do you need a business consultant that knows your overall industry OR do you just need someone with a specialty?
  • Are you a small business with growing pains OR a start-up and just getting off the ground?
  • Do you have a budget for a one-time consultation, a monthly meeting, OR a specific project that will have the consultant active until it’s completion?
  • Do you need this to look more like an assignment, part-time or project management OR a full-time solution based agreement?
  • Can this consulting be done virtually OR will face to face time be required?
  • Do you want your consultant to work with your leadership OR you the entrepreneur/owner/CEO?

Starting to narrow and fine tune your exact desired outcome, the first place to start will be your friends and colleagues. Usually someone has had a great experience with a consultant and will gladly refer you to them. You can then make your connection and decisions. If this is not an option, search the web for a consultant in your niche and ask for references.

What does a small business consultant do?

For Premazon, business consulting has been a part of our foundation since our inception. Before our incorporation, our founder Ann Premazon, was consulting often with all her clients. Once the agency started, we found out two things:

  • 20% of our clients want to learn how to do what we do 
  • 80% of our clients want us to do what we do and they do not want to learn the how

Consulting for Premazon, requires a simplistic approach. Simple but not easy. We apply sales concepts that are the same with all types of small businesses and their focus  niches.
Strategies. We start with understanding the details of exactly what needs to be accomplished, develop the strategy, implement, then track and find winning systems to build and repeat. For most small businesses in the behavioral health field, or hospital admissions – the same theory applies, develop, implement, track, repeat.

What is a small business consultant?

A small business consultant offers CEO’s, owners, and executives, advice strategies, guidance and resources to build their return on investment (ROI) and performance. Simply, a small business consultant is a skilled professional contracted to help identify problems, implement change, and obtain desired results.

How can I start a small business consulting business?

Starting a small business consulting company is easy and fun. If you are a person with focus and love to solve problems this would probably be a great idea to pursue.
  • Have a focus field or niche to concentrate on
  • Check to see if you need any specific education or training in your field of focus
  • Determine your state or city requirements to have a small business consultant firm
  • Get Insurance to cover your company
  • Networking starts
  • Focus on creating an elevator pitch
  • Take every job that comes to you as you are starting to hone your focus and craft
  • Test out pay options until you find the right fee for services
  • Set time for business planning 
  • Build your marketing plan 
  • Develop systems so you can easily grow your business
  • Budget out tradition and digital marketing
  • Buy your domain and set up email
  • Start your marketing plan and create strategic alliances
  • Determine if you need merchant account to receive pay via credit cards for sales
  • Speak with a CPA to guide you on tax liabilities

Do you need a business license to be a business consultant?

Not always. To become a consultant, you need experience and a proven track record. Having great references and a special skill set will get you far.affordable SEO services cost

Those who will need a license will depend on their specialty. A master’s degree or state certification is required for specialty fields like insurance or realty sales. Financial planning will require a specialized certification.

There are many types of single minded and single purpose consulting best left for those with state licenses for their profession. Premazon will utilize these types of professionals when needed. A CPA, Doctor, Nurse, or Clinician is the right choice for specific needs, and their license will be important for the duties they will perform, but not necessary for day to day operations in a brick and mortar storefront, hospital, or online.

Located in the state of California, Premazon is incorporated and has a federal tax ID known as an EIN (Employer Identification Number). Every state is different in regards to requirements, regardless of where a consultant or a consulting business is located, you will pay tax.

California has a government website that can be checked to see what is needed to conduct operations by city and county. This website CalGold will explain in detail what is needed for each type of consulting services offered. You can research the exact needs and licensure for all types of consulting. With over one hundred types of small business consultants, this is a great resource.

All consultants must register with the Board of Equalization if they are selling any type of goods with their consulting services.

Premazon Business Consulting

Small business consulting is a specialty we choose to focus on because we are a woman owned small business. Our services to our clients include website work, social media, SEO, and local optimization. As a small business consultant, Ann will usually be our representative to pitch our ideas to potential and existing clients.

Premazon usually wins a small business account by offering free services side by side with paid services. Once we are hired and begin working together with our new clients we focus on their growth. We create a content strategy with writing articles, geared to focus on specific key terms.

Small business consultants like Premazon often compete with large firms for the opportunity to work with a small business. One of our best selling points is how we pitch out ideas. Growing up, Ann watched Bewitched, and often will reference Darren Stevens and how he won accounts by the creative pitch.

Our clients vary in what the best growth opportunities are. We pride ourselves by helping each member of our clients small business achieve knowledge and understanding in the digital marketplace. We have turned articles into ebooks, or lead magnet books that can be downloaded. Grabbing old articles and refreshing them can change the outcome for a small business in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

As a small business we utilize agency pricing for many software packages. This allows us to pass on some good fortune to our clients by bundling software into the deliverables. We use ahrefs software for audits and keyword research. We utilize Google software such as Search Console, Analytics, and Adwords. Our platform of choice for web development is WordPress and this software is a CMS (content management system) that is widely recognized and used. We use Trello software for our internal project management software. Trello has a free and paid version and as a business consulting firm – we love it and use it daily.

Our small business focus is to onboard new clients smoothly, we are creating our own free downloadable books this year in hopes to see our growth expand. Our blog writing is all about new articles and we have set a goal to have monthly articles written for our agency website and articles written for websites we own.

As a company we like to give back to our community and each year we offer business consulting to companies and create free articles and free websites for them. We go through the same onboarding process and once hired, take the new company through our process. Although services are free to these clients we treat them like family and focus on the types of small business consulting they need.

Our clients leave great reviews on Google and we are proud to help our clients focus on their small business and leave digital marketing to us.

It feels great as a small business consulting firm to be able to offer free business consulting. Our focus is always our clients success. Business consulting really is an exercise is helping other and accounting for maximizing steps in a strategy.