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What is an SEO Company and Do You Need an SEO Company to Thrive?​

An SEO company is a business that offers search engine optimization services to help businesses by growing their online presence and ranking on search engines when users search for keywords or key phrase content on Google and Bing. Onsite employees or an outsourced agency can do the work needed, and many times there is a combination of the two. The goal for any business that is actively working on Search Engine Optimization is to find niches, create great content, optimize all online efforts, and measure their SEO results.

SEO that Generates Results

Premazon is a performance driven seo company, online marketing and digital agency that provides effective search engine optimization, content development, web design, and additional strategies to help clients thrive throughout the United States and Canada.

Having a successful online presence with relevant content and keywords that drive traffic to your website is our specialty. This online presence is imperative for continued growth in today’s economy. Learning exactly what your business needs is where Premazon thrives.

As a Google Partner, Premazon Inc. understands the intricacies of Google Search Console, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Mobile First, and Google Developer Tools.

Search engines change algorithms constantly. Search trends change. A great and stable website presence will withstand those changes and be able to align as technology continues to expand. Traffic to your website is ultimately the one factor that is necessary and will determine your online success. When a user search, lands a visitor to your website, the most valuable outcome is that they stay to read your content and stay long enough to utilize your call to action — a call, contact form, or purchase of an item.

Premazon believes that the most important factor in hiring a SEO company is to know and understand the marketing strategy is a dynamic and working plan. This phase of marketing we create together. Our customers see the return of investment they are making by building out a complete optimized website.

Helping businesses set and achieve their goals, is at the forefront
of online marketing and emerging trends in regard to:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Content
  • Strategic Planning for Success
Premazon will help you determine the best strategy to achieve true
performance results!

SEO Success Will Require a Strategy

Although all companies are unique, there are enough similarities in business to note the following as baseline in SEO performance.

Content that is well organized, themed, and relevant for search.
Linking to similar pages on your website – this is called internal linking.
Linking to other websites that are off your website – this is called external linking.
Link Building from other content and websites to yours – this is called link building.
Ensuring your website loads fast for search on mobile and is mobile friendly.
Onsite optimization that will allow users to have a great experience while simultaneously making the site easy to search, having awesome content, and welcoming search engines.
Keeping your website up to date behind the scene – this refers to code, schema, content, site maps, watching for errors and correcting them often, ensuring there is not duplicate content, and all images are mobile and web friendly to search.
Content generation is imperative, this will require a proactive approach.
NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) data must be consistent throughout the web.
Last and most important, find the right rhythm, track wins, rinse and repeat.

Search Engine Optimization

On page and off page optimization to increase search, rank and traffic.

Local Optimization

Optimizing your website, local online presence, and reputation.

Content Optimization

Develop and publish optimized content to meet marketing performance goals.

Website Optimization and Development

Optimize, customize, and maintain the best website design focusing on customer conversion.

Mobile Optimization

Ensuring a mobile friendly website while engaging users and adhering to Google Best practice.

Social Media Optimization

Optimize company branding on social platforms, creating engagement, managing message.

Optimized Marketing Strategy

Develop a plan, test the plan, implement the plan, adjust based on marketing results.

Pay Per Click Optimization

Optimizing and managing Google Adwords, Facebook, and other online paid marketing.

Premazon Wants To Be Your SEO Company​


Premazon, Inc will be transparent – this means we will tell you what we are going to do, document that it is being done, show you once it is implemented, then help you to see the return on that investment.

Responsive to Client Needs

Premazon Inc will answer your call, respond to email, and create monthly reports. An addition and rehab marketing firm that will be responsive.

Return on Investment

Premazon Inc, will prove that we can help your bottom line by increase traffic, presence, calls, and engagement.

13 Things You Should Know About SEO

SEO Services for your Success.

In online, digital and website marketing, the best way to help a company truly understand SEO services for their business is ask and listen to exactly how a business approaches their online marketing and content performance to be recognized on search engines. Often we hear owners and executives who do not understand search or how search engine optimization can help them honestly ask “Do I really even need SEO services” and “What exactly does an SEO company do?”

A question such as this really exposes the lack of understanding in regard to the need of a good online marketing strategy. It truly reveals the absence of what an online website presence and seo plan, done right, will do for a business.

We know that when we meet with a company that does not understand the skill to rank for a search, any SEO company or any SEO services that the business used in the past did not explain, educate, or help the business as they should. A great SEO company will leave no question unanswered and help a business grow not just take their money.

As a leading SEO firm working with large and small companies, such questions allow us to interview companies as they interview our firm for SEO services. We can address directly any problems or questions each of us have and bring them to the table when, together, we develop the details of the marketing strategy.

Understanding our customers, learning their business and the best way to help our customers succeed, are some of the details we address in the beginning. Regular conversation and ongoing communication are important to making an online marketing strategy work.  The better we perform, and educate our clients on all pertinent topics as we move forward, the better it is for all involved in the long run.

Let’s go over basic questions about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and hopefully educate in the process.

What does it mean when some says SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

What services does an SEO company offer? The varied services of an SEO company usually include on-page and off-page optimization. Looking at every page on your website, and improving as needed, while also, looking at how others link to you, and how Search Engines such as Google and Bing actually see not only your website in totality, but each page specifically. This is how you can begin to win and outrank your competitors. ?

Do SEO Companies give a contract for their SEO Services? Most SEO agency will offer a written contract to outline the duties they will perform.

When you need to hire an SEO company.

First, deciding if an internal employee or an outsource SEO company is best for your business, will depend on the needs of your business. The best way to start is an initial meeting with all involved to determine the current state of your online presence and the goals of how you want it to grow.

What is the best way to choose the best SEO company for small business?

Before signing with an SEO firm, we suggest you go over some specific questions.

A SEO company like ours will help you achieve all your online marketing goals!

To start it is important to have an understanding how SEO can improve any business, what types of details and deliverables are performed on and off websites, web pages, and web properties.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the simplest form refers to the discipline of setting a baseline – where your website is at right now, creating a plan to increase traffic, revenue, and user experience, implementing the plan, then tracking and measuring the outcomes.  This plan will vary depending on a business’s niche, their ability to invest, and finally their timeline. Beginning by optimizing the primary website or platform, and moving on from there.

Using an audit to see up to date statistics or your business’s updated SEO stats is a great way to see the complete vision of exactly what the potential can be if SEO is applied with best practices for most businesses. Many SEO firms will discuss how to improve what is there, but isn’t the most important concept to improve SEO and increase traffic and calls to action? Deciding on top priorities is imperative to creating a successful strategy and plan.

Since Covid19, ecommerce sales jump 18%as retail declines. Mental illness, addiction, and psychiatry is trending up Businesses are wanting to jump into the online revenue pool like never before! Business owners are wanting to grow online now. Having an ethical, experienced, and effective SEO firm like ours by their side is a winning proposition.

Be wary of “SEO gurus” that con businesses promising the unattainable in a short period of time. We have seen over and over budgets being eaten while not delivering as promised.  There are even times where black-hat strategies have crippled a businesses. Many times we have come in to repair another company’s damage and turned things around with proven results.

You need an established, responsible firm that drives what is necessary for your company to become a leader amongst competitors in the online arena.

Above everything, you need an effective SEO company, able to deliver results instead of empty promises.

If throwing money at a website would net you the desired outcome, everyone would do just that. But the truth is – every online website strategy is unique. The exact science is constantly changing, Google changes, Bing changes, code changes, and the right SEO firm will know how to navigate those changes.

Our secret sauce is being effective, knowing how to put you in front of the right audience that will convert in the way needed. Our success is defined by your success.

We have worked with so many businesses and in so many niches, we are proud to say our methods and systems let us continuously deliver results to our clients.

What SEO services are needed when hiring a SEO agency?

A SEO agency has one primary focus, increasing business via sales, calls, forms, and purchases. Calls to action such as these is what generates revenue. To accomplish this, it is important to determine the right keywords, key terms, and key phrases so the right and relevant content will rank on search engine result pages (SERP).

Converting or conversions from a website is imperative to improving business goals online. As a company ranks for key terms, or key phrases – customers will engage with their content. Optimized content is key in the rank of all pages on search results pages. 

Google is one search engine and the one that is most used. Along with G0ogle there is Bing, DuckDuckGo, Safari, Opera and each search engine has a vast criteria of what is looked for when ranking in search results. There is a common thread of criteria that has to be mastered by a proper SEO company in order for success to happen for any website and online presence. A short and important list to note:

Quality Content: Content that is relevant and user friendly.

Site Authority: This is determined by all on-page and off page optimization of a website.

Back Links: Links from other sites to your site are important in the SEO eco system

Page Load Time: The faster a page loads, the better.

Schema Markup: Correct coding of schema let’s a search engine know specific detail of your business.

Social Signs: When a link sends traffic to a page or article, this sends a valuable social signal.

User Friendly Experience: Every user wants to be able to navigate your site with ease and how a website is organized will help this be achieved.

Time on Site: When a user searches on a search engine, and lands on a relevant page, and is there for a period of time and even clicks through to additional pages, this metric is a winner.

Image Optimization: There are so many ways to optimize an image, the details are important, you rank images as well as pages.

Mobile Ready: Today more searches happen via mobile than desktop. Every website needs to be functional on every phone and follow best mobile friendly guidelines.

Premazon is an SEO agency that tackles this short list and all other items needed to help rank your business.

The SEO services we perform for our clients include all aspects from on-page optimization like the short list above and many additional elements. Local SEO services, web design and development, strategic online marketing, social media channel development are all part of deliverable services we offer.

Once we engage with a company, we view this as a partnership, where we creatively devise an online marketing plan and strategy to execute it. We do a complete assessment and audit of where they are today, determine the plan of action by complimenting the strengths and overcoming any weak spots.

At times learning about SEO process can be overwhelming, let’s go over what deliverables are in our typical SEO services contract.

Valuable, quality content is one of the most surefire ways to improve your website’s ranking and attract organic traffic. As such, populating your site with optimized content is one of our top priorities.

To manage that, we have a powerful in-house team of optimization experts and creative writers able to put out quality optimized pieces on any relevant topic to your industry.

To that end, we make sure to:

Create a sensible keyword strategy to target the areas where you’ll benefit the most.

Add carefully written, keyword-rich content to under performing landing pages to improve their performance.

Create effective landing pages and progression funnels designed to convert more potential users.

Remove or rewrite duplicated content, as well as refresh outdated pieces.

What to do when you Sign with an SEO Company

When you sign on with a SEO company, you want to determine the deliverables and scope of services you need for your business and what SEO services are offered by the SEO firm you choose. Every business and every website is unique. You will need to determine if a basic SEO strategy is what is needed or in-depth SEO strategies are best.

Most SEO companies have a baseline of specific best practices such as:

Audit and Website Analysis. This is where the structure, the content, and the actual performance are of the website is reviewed.

Diagnosing the Off-page status of the website.

Looking at enhancement of code and if needed website restructuring.

Onsite content optimization.

Managing off-page factors throughout the world wide web.

Take note that a SEO companies in India many times only offer these services, beware and become educated when interviewing seo companies. You will be on the short end of the stick if you settle for only the short list of seo services above. Know that you need the short list but there is so much more that will be needed and you want to choose an SEO company who helps you grow and achieve your online goals.

Let’s review each service in more detail.

SEO Audit and Analysis

SEO takes discipline. Each site needs to analyzed, every page within the site needs to analyzed to have your web content rank in SERPs. To begin a well versed firm will look at your site from every aspect and look at what needs to fixed now and what needs to be rolled out in an executable seo strategy. The three areas to examine are Structure, content, and performance.

SEO Analysis of Site Structure

The structure of a website is a way to speak two languages simultaneously. First you must speak to the search engines and in a voice that a user understands. So site maps and schema speak to the search engines while navigation and menu’s speak to a visitor. There are plugin’s that some seo companies use for site maps and schema, these are ok, but only if you understand exactly what they do and how to best optimize for your clients.

Site Content Analysis

Content on a website is what keeps a user engaged. The important pieces to consider when looking at the content is does it speak the languages referred to before – meaning – is the content speaking to the user, the search engine, and following best practices. This analysis will include relevant content and how it is coded on the back side of each page.

Site Performance Analysis

Website performance details how your site is ranking and standing up to your competitors. It helps to look at wins and losses in regards to opportunities seized and missed. Imagine thinking you are going to win a race, only to find out you are racing with a tricycle and your competitor is on a motorcycle. Knowing how you are performing and monitoring your growth is how you learn what works and what does not. In the end – you want to win the race and there are always techniques to master with the right seo agency.

SEO Diagnosis of the Off-Page Status

When looking at your website, you have to look at how it lives in the web. Specifically who views your website as an authority, or as a resource, or as the place to purchase a product. When another website links to you, it is a compliment, and you have to look at the value of the website linking to you to determine what values they have on the web. Off-page diagnosis consists of these elements – your backlink profile and the value of those links. If you have too few or too many – the important thing is to know where you stand – again a baseline – and grow the strategy from there.

Enhancement of Code and Restructuring of a Site

Most web design companies do not focus on the seo of a website. They design to look pretty and be functional. Many times a website will need to have the actual code enhanced to help it perform in the search engines. When looking at the code you have to look at the structure also, for example, the way a url is structured can make a world of difference to way a search engine recognizes the theme of a page.

There are those times when a website is already has great coding and structure in place, in these circumstances there might be improvements, but will need huge changes to the front end of a website. When we begin looking at this section of most website, unfortunately, there is quite an overhaul needed.

When non experienced seo personnel are in charge of a website, optimization is not a priority.

At Premazon, we are blessed to have a great team with a keen eye for being creative and understanding and when it comes to front end design, backend coding and most importantly SEO optimization. When we onboard a new client, we look at each area of the website and come up with the action items that need to happen to turn your site into a beautiful, optimized, and highly converting site.

Our team of coders and developers will:

Restructure your site as needed in regards to the navigation to enhance your UX and calls to action to increase your conversions.

Adjust and clean up the back-end of your website to adhere to best practices and improve performance.

Look at all errors and repair as needed – especially any crawling errors that can affect SERPs performance.

Maximize the ability for search engines to crawl your site with effective XML sitemaps and Robot.txt files.

Look at all internal linking and improve where and what key terms are used so your internal linking profile and navigability are effective.

Onsite Content for SEO Optimization

Having quality content that is relevant is a valuable assess and direct way to see your website’s ranking improve. Ensuring you have regular new and optimized content is paramount as well as optimizing current content on the site.

Premazon is fortunate to have a team of great content writers and optimization experts and will create relevant and quality content, fully optimized for topic’s specific to your business and industry.

Our commitment is to make sure:

We have an agreed upon strategy for keywords that will benefit and target in the best way your unique audience.

Once this keyword strategy is formulated, we will then create optimized and keyword-rich content to add to under performing landing pages to improve their performance.

We will have a flow that segments and funnels users to landing pages that are designed to convert.

Old content will be refreshed or removed and all duplicate content will be only used in a manner that is acceptable without consequence.

Off-page Factors for SEO Management

Valuable, quality content is one of the most surefire ways to improve your website`s ranking and attract organic traffic. As such, populating your site with optimized content is one of our top priorities.

To manage that, we have a powerful in-house team of optimization experts and creative writers able to put out quality optimized pieces on any relevant topic to your industry.

To that end, we make sure to:

Create a sensible keyword strategy to target the areas where you`ll benefit the most.

Add carefully written, keyword-rich content to under performing landing pages to improve their performance.

Create effective landing pages and progression funnels designed to convert more potential users.

Remove or rewrite duplicated content, as well as refresh outdated pieces.

Monitoring and Refining

Valuable, quality content is one of the most surefire ways to improve your website`s ranking and attract organic traffic. As such, populating your site with optimized content is one of our top priorities.

To manage that, we have a powerful in-house team of optimization experts and creative writers able to put out quality optimized pieces on any relevant topic to your industry.

To that end, we make sure to:

Create a sensible keyword strategy to target the areas where you`ll benefit the most.

Add carefully written, keyword-rich content to under performing landing pages to improve their performance.

Create effective landing pages and progression funnels designed to convert more potential users.

Remove or rewrite duplicated content, as well as refresh outdated pieces.

Interviewing an SEO Agency

An expert SEO agency is not going to give you trade secrets or explain or teach you what they do and how they do their craft, just like a surgeon is not going to teach you how to do surgery. So don’t waste time trying to figure that out.

Truthfully, if you do not know or understand the details of seo and an agency told you what they were going to so – you would not know if it was good or bad.

However, transparency and reporting are very important. A skilled surgeon will explain the procedures, ask if you have any questions, before the operation much like a powerful SEO company, will work with you on strategy and report on findings based on facts.

As you would with a surgeon, the best you can do is hire the most qualified one you can afford, and trust their skills and judgment.

As you decide to search for SEO services, there are useful questions to help you choose and make your decision.

Is there a contract for the seo service and what will it include? A trustworthy firm should be able to answer this question with ease, and be clear with deliverables. Remember regardless of the SEO strategy, complex or minor adjustments, SEO is like a science project on its own.

Can I cancel a seo contract? Yes. SEO companies that do not have an easily identifiable out clause is a company to be wary of. Always before you cancel be sure you have ownership and access to all things having to do with your web property.

How often should I expect to hear from the SEO company? Understanding how a company communicates is wise from the start so that realistic expectations are met. We always send out monthly reports and talk throughout the month as needed. Some India seo companies do not follow this process but I have noticed that most do.

Do I have access to to my Google properties? Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Search Console and Google AdWords each require a login. If these are already set up you can give your SEO company access. If they are not set up, most seo companies use these services and should give you access. I have seen some a SEO companies use different analytics, but this is neither here or there, the point is you should have access to the tracking items for your company. That said – an expert SEO company will want to have full access and might change your access while they work on your properties, so nothing is accidently overwritten or undermined.

Who will own my website? You. One hundred percent you will own your website. If you ever meet an SEO expert, or engage with a SEO company that says otherwise – just walk the other way. It is one thing to ask you to restrict your access to ensure all work is done correctly, but to claim any stake on your property – your web assets will always be yours.

Can an SEO company provide guarantees? No. Furthermore if you hear a yes, this is another reason to just walk out. A good SEO company understands and explains that although most of SEO are equations and performance, guaranteeing a any results is like guaranteeing the weather man knows the weather. Having a good reputation and reviews, will help show proof of their abilities. Trust your gut when you make this decision, it is an investment in your future.

Are there options on the SEO contract? Yes. Level of services, payment processing, time frames, single project fees versus ongoing monthly fees. Look at all your options, choose wisely with taking on the seo service and have the contract provided show what will be delivered and ensure to stay within your budget.

What is the right budget for SEO services? This is the million-dollar question. Also a very difficult one to answer. The right budget is what you can afford and will depend on your exact needs. Many businesses have a webmaster so the seo service only requires certain types of access. Some businesses do not have a webmaster, and they ask for web services, content development, email marketing and various other options that are offered during strategy meetings. Once a strategy is developed, this is the time to set goal and time periods based on investment. One thing is for certain – if you are only given options without a true look at what you need – success will not be as easy to forecast and will not follow a budget. Every SEO contract should reflect your unique needs. No two companies are the same.

What are your fees and payment options? Good SEO services are very clear and upfront about the financial aspects of their services. Fees are determined based upon the complexity of the project, the needs of a client, and the budget allocated for a successful web strategy on content.

SEO can be free if you do all the work yourself. The marketing strategies from content, to actual pages on your website, to ranking in a search engine takes a certain skill set. Regardless of the approach, some do their research by creating AdWords campaigns in Google also known as pay-per-click so they can see what converts and then try to match that organically. There are different types of practices in approaching SEO, however, the approach anyone chooses will take time.

One thing that is a given, there are plenty of articles, online magazines, and videos that can guide you to try SEO on your own. We always cautious people to enter this endeavor understanding that if things go great you will get a Pat on your back and if things go wrong it’s very hard to come back from bad or Black Hat SEO.

SEO knowledge is something that we believe everyone can benefit from. Whether you choose to approach SEO as something you want to learn and provide to your business or just to educate yourself in dealing with a SEO expert, you can’t go wrong.

Here are a few best practices if you do decide to attempt SEO on your own:

Marketing Analysis: Really understanding your target audience is where you must begin with any SEO marketing strategy. Once you understand this audience you start to analyze exactly what they are interested in. Of course, you must know your own product or your own service in a way that you can discuss it online professionally. Remember you know what you’re wanting to accomplish on your website better than anybody else.

Something that is easy to do and low hanging fruit, is to set up a profile on a social media account that is similar to the audience you want to attract. We’re not suggesting in any way for you to be dishonest however for marketing research I’m sure you yourself or someone you know will meet the criteria regarding the age, sex, geographic location, and need for your service or product. You can then engage with like-minded people online and learn in a more intimate way how to create the best content and further your SEO marketing strategy.

Keyword Research: The keyword research comes after you’re very clear on exactly who you are creating your content for. Keyword research is all about understanding and finding the search terms people use to find what they want online. There are free tools that you can find that will help you with keyword research. Google has a free tool called the Keyword Planner this tool will tell you how many times a term is searched online, and also how many clicks the term he term receives. You must have a Google ads account to be able to use this tool. There are other free tools for keyword research online, once you search for keyword research tools you will find free and paid tools.

Content Generation: Learning your audience and how to attract them to your website with generating the right content will start you on the path of visitors hence traffic to your website. Content comes in all subjects known to man from history to medical to mental health to business and finance the list goes on and on. Understanding the needs now creates the time to write the content. We have gone over audience, keyword research, and marketing and research analysis, now it’s time to write.

If you are selling online products a great place to start is with reviews. Many ecommerce businesses can get a review published and link back to their actual product on their website. Some sell from their own website and in addition, have stores on eBay, Amazon, and Google.

Some cell services such as plumbing or AC repair or psychotherapy. These types of websites will have more static pages versus products. these businesses our prime 4 dynamic content such as blog writing, educational articles, and even videos accompanying original content.

Approaching SEO utilizing these simple tips and strategies will allow you to learn the basics needed to do free SEO. And if you don’t have the time or desire to learn how to do SEO yourself it gives you a great baseline understanding of how to work with an SEO expert.

According to, when searching what is a SEO manager salary in the United States, gave this result: “How much does a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager make in the United States? The average Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager salary in the United States is $78,039 as of August 27, 2020, but the salary range typically falls between $67,069 and $96,232. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession”.

Many times a SEO manager will also get bonuses or commissions based on their performance. There ae companies that will at times offer profit sharing. These components can significantly increae a base salary by adding $30,000 – $50,000 per year.

Salaries of SEO Managers in other countries in North America:

According to the Economic Research Institute, when searching what a SEO manager salary in Canada, gave this result:”The average pay for a Search Engine Optimization Manager is $77,670 a year and $37 an hour in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The average salary range for a Search Engine Optimization Manager is between $54,125 and $96,556. This compensation analysis is based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in Regina, Saskatchewan.” Of course this is augmented with additional bonus structure.

In Oaxaca, Mexico, the average salary of an SEO manager is 266,631 Mexican pesos, which is roughly US$11,960. If you live in the U.S., it may seem like a low salary, but it is actually quite a bit higher than the average general salary. The bonus is an average of $8,959 pesos annually.

Salaries of SEO managers in Europe

In the United Kingdom, the annual salary of an SEO manager ranges from £26, 000 to £46,000. This is the equivalent to a range between US$34, 000 and US$49, 000 per year.

In Ireland, an SEO manager makes between €31,020.

In Spain, the median salary for an SEO manager is €35, 000.

In Germany, the average SEO Manager makes just over €40,596 annually with €2035 in bonus. This equates to a total of US$49,557.

As you can see being an SEO manager is a great career. Of course, the high end of any career will depend on someone’s skill set as well as experience and dedication. Regardless of where one might live in the world this is a well-respected career and those who have been in the technology field no that this is a good path to follow

But what exactly does an SEO manager do?

An SEO or Search Engine Optimization manager is a marketing manager specialized in digital marketing. Some of the responsibilities of an SEO manager include technical website optimization, community building, creating a backlinking strategy for clients, and overseeing the creation and publishing of content. All of these responsibilities pertain to an SEO expert, and to those, we need to add the regular duties of a manager such as strategic planning, organization, budgeting, etc.

SEO is an area of digital marketing that involves a lot of different professionals: content writers, marketers, web developers, and graphic designers. It is the job of the project manager to oversee all these team members, monitor each project from start to finish, and report to clients about the progress of their SEO efforts. To do the latter, they use different analytics tools that help them determine how effective their Internet marketing campaigns are.

SEO specialists in different fields such as SEO managers, content writers, web developers and graphic designers are now more in demand than ever before, and salaries show how valued they are.

Many also make extra income from bonuses derived from the campaigns’ performance and getting their clients the results they expected. This depends on the agreements they have with each client upon being hired.

Are we a good fit?

This is an unknown, however, we interview our clients as they interview us. We have been in business a long time and know when there is a match and synergy in working together. If there is not a mutual agreement in the direction, we pass and have learned this is best for our business model. We give our time and energy to those who want to succeed online.

Why do we screen potential clients? This is simple we are not an ordinary SEO company. If you have read up to this point about us, you have probably noticed the difference already.

When taking on a new client, we perform a full audit of their systems and ask if they have done a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis on their company and competitors. In addition, we ask very key questions and get details about their company, where they are currently at and how they envision their growth.

We learn about our clients and critique these areas to accurately appraise their insight and knowledge of their own circumstance and business. Having a true and honest understanding of the workings of your business (not just what how you appear) helps us to judge if a partnership would be a good match or not.

If you are willing and wanting to grow, to work with a company that will be honest and direct with you on exactly how to achieve the changes you want, call us, we will set up a meeting and begin the process of establishing a partnership in the growth of your business.

Yes you can, but do you want to?

Online content is in abundance – Books on SEO and marketing, articles, blogs, podcasts, guides and of course many videos and video tutorials that are available to teach yourself exactly what you want to learn about Search Engine Optimization and specific SEO techniques. The discipline to learn SEO takes time and practice. The ourney will bring you to unite different approaches as you gain knowledge encompassing topics on marketing, web design, coding, as well as communication, writing and even psychology

Learning SEO is fun for those who have the time to invest. Start with deciphering what it is you want to accomplish.

Do you want to learn SEO to add to your skill set or to make it your actual profession? Maybe having a better understanding will empower you when speaking to you staff, or a vendor that provides SEO services. Maybe you have your own idea and want to begin your own project with specific goals in mind.

There is no right way, but knowing what you are wanting to accomplish is the best way to figure out your needs, and what will be best suited for you.

Learning SEO as a Profession: Online tutorials are rampant on YouTube. The variant of personalities and how each person approaches their system is a great way to learn what you like and dislike. Of course there are many authors who have written books. The ideal book believe it or not is Search Engine Optimization All-in-One for Dummies by Bruce Clay. Our founder Ann Premazon was trained and certified by Bruce early in his carrer and has mad respect for him and his achievements. The industry of SEO has niches and niches within those niches – an example is legal SEO or healthcare SEO. Within both of these topics are a wide range of specific industries with specialized approaches.

Don’t be discouraged by the “For Dummies” brand. We give this to all new employees. Sometimes clients even get it for Christmas. This book is an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to learn.

Understanding SEO so it helps with communication: Working with a digital marketing agency or an SEO consultant can be feel like you are speaking one language while they are speaking another. It can be frustrating to not follow a conversation regarding your online strategy and turn over the reins to your web content while not knowing SEO. No one enjoys letting others decide their business for them.

Now, you can very easily get a grasp on basic ideals and become a part of learning what each silo; means in regards to SEO from masters like Bruce Clay.

As with any subject – you can always ask Google for a definition or term and receive many results. The goal is to be able to converse easily, so you are comfortable. Asking what you do not know is helpful, however, depending on how you ask you will receive different answers. SEO is just like that; one experts’ approach may not be the same as another. Once you have a clear understanding you will be able to see the improvements and your SEO assets will have a truer value because you understand their meaning.

Learning SEO Practically: Learning how to practice what you learn is fun and also scary at first.

I have seen people literally kill a website by having too many new links show up to fast, also seen people use tools they do not understand under the guise of a quick and sure method of ease – it truly takes skill, so slow down – get a baseline and start slowly.

Measure results, good or bad, then take the next indicated step.

Remember the goal is to learn – follow Do It Yourself videos on YouTube but be cautious and never start on a website that you do not own. Learn from testing tried and true methods.

Reliable sources are the best place to learn. As you grow and see what works, you can find your rhythm and begin to move from basic approaches to more complex. Worse this that can happen is a site gets in trouble with Google – just know this can happen, but, best thing that can happen is your website does very well and you become an SEO Rockstar.

Let’s discus how to SEO a site.

Many people ask the question when searching on Google “How do I SEO my WordPress Website?” or something similar to this keyword phrase in their search. There are actionable steps that you can start implementing now if you have a WordPress site. Gaining visibility on a search engine begins with Search Engine Optimization and that is something we are going to outline with five simple steps to start.

The things that you need to take these simple steps must be access to the admin section of your WordPress site. Before we begin to optimize your site with these simple steps, you must be logged into your dashboard and go to the settings tab. There’s a visibility setting in WordPress that actually allows search engines to index your site. This is where Google sends a bot to crawl your site, by crawling your site, is how the bot gathers your information and adds it to the Google index . This process is called indexing pages.

Now once you’ve logged in to the back end and are at the dashboard for your WordPress site, go to Settings and hover, you will see options either below or to the right. Click on reading, this will take you to a page called Reading Settings. If you look on this page the last option is search engine visibility. You need to be sure there is not a check in the box titled “discourage search engines from indexing this site”. Once you’re sure there is not a check in this box you will want to save your settings. By default, there is a sentence under this section saying “It is up to search engines to honor this request”. Do not worry, this is honored.

Awesome! Now that we’re sure your site can actually be crawled and indexed in search engines; we can start looking at SEO strategies that can be applied. These strategies will have your WP site moving up in the search engines and begin ranking pages on your site.

What is a permalink? The simplest definition of a permalink is a URL that will remain unchanged for many years into the future, yielding a hyperlink such as a page and is cleaner and easier to type and most importantly to remember. Learn more about permalinks here.

To find where to change your permalinks on your WP site, You must be logged in and under settings in your dashboard. Once you click on permalink, You will be at the page permalink settings. There are several options to choose from and the most important thing to remember is you are giving a message to the search engine when setting your permalink.

A WordPress permalink is code that might look foreign ?p=[id]. Since we want to tell search engines exactly what you’re site and the page itself is about we want to improve this by being in control of the permalink setting.

There are six options to choose from when you’re on the permalink settings page. The most important is the post name.

Just click the radio icon right before post name and save.

We like this setting because it automatically will allow a post to show in your URL exactly what you named your post. Now if you want to use something different, meaning a URL structure that is different from your post name, you can edit a permalink on the actual post or page before you publish it.

Install an SEO Plugin

What is a SEO Plugin?

WordPress plugins are PHP scripts that extend the functionality of WordPress. A SEO Plugin, is a WordPress plugin that will help you optimize your WP site.

There are many different plugins to choose from. There are free plugins, and paid plugins. Probably the most functional and popular is Yoast by Joost de Valk, also All-in-one-SEO-Pack by All in One SEO Team. With both of these plugins you can optimize your site without any formal training or SEO knowledge. Each page and each post you can use these plugins to optimize by page. Yoast will even give you a score on each page. Also, Yoast will create a XML site map which we will go over next. Choose one. You can have multiple plugins, however, for SEO, we suggest only one.

Create a XML sitemap

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is a file that tells Google things that you feel are important for search engines to know. You can have a sitemap for pages that say when the last page was updated what’s changed if there’s content in different languages, you can have a sitemap for images that will tell the title of the image when it was taken what type of license it has same thing for videos you can have a sitemap for videos that can tell the search engine the running time of the video what category it should be listed in and if it has a rating for age appropriateness.

Every website needs a sitemap and there is a sitemap that is public to anybody who visits your site simultaneously there is an XML sitemap that will tell Google all it needs to know about your website all of the pages all of the images and all of the video .this XML sitemap will make it easier for Google and other search engines to find your website your pages and to index them.

If you’re ever wanting to see what pages are indexed on your website or a competitor site in a search engine such as Google, there is a specific search term that you can use to find this information out. From the search bar type in site: followed by your site’s web address.

If you’re wanting to see a sites XML sitemap from a search bar type in the following:

Use rel=”canonical”

What does rel=canonical mean?

defining the most important page on a topic is important in a search engine. A Canonical URL tells Google or any search engine what is the most important page. An example of why this is important is because there is usually a desktop version of a page , a mobile version of a page and based on the newsworthiness an amp version of the page. All three of these pages have the same content. However each page may look different to a visitor. We’re not putting a Canonical URL for a visitor, we’re putting a Canonical URL for the search engine’s. A search engine such as Google will want to know what page is the original and therefore the most important so that when they have to make a choice between the desktop version the mobile version and the amp version, it is easy because this URL has done it for them. Therefore Google doesn’t have to make a choice.

It is important not to have duplicate content on your website and utilizing a Canonical URL will ensure that the search engine gets it right the first time.

You can enable this on your website via the SEO plugin of your choice.

The load speed of your site.

An important ranking factor in Google is how fast your website loads. In ranking a website this is something that a search engine takes into account and therefore so should you. Every search engine like Google wants to have the best experience possible for the user when they visit your site and when they browse the web in general. This can be done using content delivery networks and caching plugins.

Google has an open source tool called lighthouse that can be found if you use Chrome as your browser. This tool helps you see how your web page is viewed by how it loads. It actually will give you a score for how your website loads on a desktop as well as mobile.

Writing Content:

When it comes to writing content for any website it is important to remember the audience. When you generate content you want to ensure that it meets all SEO standards while being relevant and topical and interesting to the person who’s reading it. Proper formatting is apart of the actual SEO process but again you have to write for your audience.

There are many people that say content is King, we think this is a subject that can be debated. If you write content and do not consider the back-end algorithm, it is content that does not help your website. Let’s face it, the Internet is one huge index of content and therefore the mechanical side of an article is important as long as you produce it for the human who’s going to read it.

So when writing, it is important to consider the algorithms of a search engine, the search engine result pages that you want your content to rank on, the metadata and the schema. The keyword terms or marketing phrase that you’re wanting someone to use when they search for your website is very valuable. Once your understand the mechanics of how you want to rank your website, you can begin to hammer out the best content to meet the marketing objectives.

In essence, when writing SEO friendly content and relevant content to your website it is important to never forget who who’s attention you’re wanting to capture and provide exactly what they’re looking for.

There are plenty of steps for a content strategy and a marketing strategy around content. It may seem like these are the same things, but they’re not. The content strategy is where you start to examine who your audience is so you can determine the best content to attract them. The marketing strategy around content is where you learn the key words and phrases that are going to align a friendly SEO piece of content with your audience.

Let’s create a list to go over some measures to a solid beginning in creating great content that meets your marketing needs that is SEO friendly.

5 Tips to write SEO-friendly Content:

  • Topic Discovery: To reach the right audience you have to begin with this vital step topic discovery. As we’ve said many times and talking about content, it has to be really relatable and relevant to your audience. You want to capture the interest of your visitor. The content on your website is what is most important in having users come back, stay for a decent period of time to read what you’ve written, and finally to see relatable and additional topics.

The best way to figure out exactly what you’re going to write about will go over in the next step but you don’t need to take a lot of time to figure out topics. Remember understand who the content is written for. The value of somebody reading your content online is the best marketing your company will ever receive.

  • Keyword Research: One thing that is imperative is choosing the right topics. The best way to really search out topics is to do keyword research. You want to know what people search for around your topic. An example is you might want to talk about ice cream but wouldn’t it be great to understand if people search for homemade ice cream or a certain brand of ice cream or even a certain flavor of ice cream? Once you zero in on the best keyword seems , keyword phrases that people search for you will be in a prime place to begin writing content.

  • Proper Format of Content: Formatting content for a website is a specific skill set. We definitely want to write content that is going to attract the audience, but it is important that the content keeps them engaged. The type of font you use and the difficulty or ease to read your article matters to the type of audience you want to attract. Some people are skim readers, this refers to looking at the bold subheadings until they find one that captures their attention and then they read what’s below it. Bottom line you want to write your content to be informational, educational, and fun to read. The length of an article is also very important. If you write a short article or longer content formatting is important to both.

Lastly, imagery in your articles usually help a visitor understand the meaning of your content visually. This is something that we encourage. When you add images to your content, you also want to have SEO friendly images.

  • Content Value: Content value is a measurable metric. You can see how long someone stays on a page of your website. You can see how they are engaged if they Click to other items. Finally you know if others on the website find your content valuable by linking to it from their website.

Remember, the only example of your content someone might see is from a direct search where your article has landed on the SERP. If you provide valuable content visitors come back.

Valuable, quality content is one of the most surefire ways to improve your website’s ranking and attract organic traffic. As such, populating your site with optimized content is one of our top priorities.

To manage that, we have a powerful in-house team of optimization experts and creative writers able to put out quality optimized pieces on any relevant topic to your industry.

To that end, we make sure to:

Create a sensible keyword strategy to target the areas where you’ll benefit the most.

Add carefully written, keyword-rich content to underperforming landing pages to improve their performance.

Create effective landing pages and progression funnels designed to convert more potential users.

Remove or rewrite duplicated content, as well as refresh outdated pieces.

What You Can Expect From the Premazon SEO Team:

As a full-service digital marketing company that thrives on SEO success stories, we offer a suite of deliverable professional SEO services to help you conquer your desired marketing efforts and achieve the success you want for your website. We are ethical and believe in transparency by being trustworthy, using a future-proof approach, while capitalizing on white-hat SEO techniques, such as:

Customized Marketing Strategy

Our team will customize our services to fit the needs of your website, social platforms, design, and messaging.

Keyword, Key Themes, and Key Phrases

Choose keywords that compliment your business to attract traffic.

Deep Dive

Into the workings of your competition develop a winning plan.

Organic SEO

Long-term results to future proof you're on-page and off page brand.

Local SEO

Own your local market.

Content Development

Keep the text and content on your website primed and ready to be found with a search.

Internal and External Link Building

Safe, Tried and True.

Social Media Management

Content Curation, Profile Development, and Many other services.

Let's Breakdown Natural Listings - Organic SEO

On-Page SEO Factors - This Refers to Exactly What is Happening on Your Page

Google places value on how you choose to optimize your website. Every little detail matters. So, when you look at an on-page factor, you are looking at SEO at its finest. This is where the layout of your page, the font for the text you have on your page, your images, your content, your schema code, and finally your HTML code all must be precise. These SEO factors must be dialed in and examined against anybody else on the entire Internet that is trying to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish on your website.

Off-Page SEO Factors - This Refers to What Happens Off of Your Website.

In addition, Google places value to what happens on the Internet in regard to your website. It matters the neighborhood that your website lives in in essence this means hosting. It matters, that you have original content and that you’ve not copied it from someone else. It matters that your images are real and not fake. This does not mean you cannot buy stock photography but refers to the way you use your images. For example if you say that you are a business and you show a picture of a building downtown when you are really in a bedroom in your home, this is misleading and goes against Google standards.

Google expects a great website too slowly but surely become an authority in the subject that they are creating content for. Marketing your website includes ensuring that everywhere on the web you have consistent information. In essence your website is your digital calling card for your business and is tracked and visited often by search engines. It is up to the owner to ensure off-page factors are up to date and current.

How Many Times Per Month Should I Add Content to my Site?

Our suggestion is minimum once per month. Remember you want traffic, you want users to come to your website and stay to engage in your business. Write content that is relevant, meets SEO standards, and will entice your users.

SEO Content and Text on the Page
Content and the actual text on the page is so important in the SEO process. It is simple writing, however, writing to meet all the needs to include the user experience, the seo process, and the text -- meaning the actual words matters. Wanting to rank is one aspect, a desire, but the diligent task to write towards rising and advancing in search will determine your success.
Unique Content versus Curated Content
Content and the actual text on the page is so important in the SEO process. It is simple writing, however, writing to meet all the needs to include the user experience, the seo process, and the text -- meaning the actual words matters. Wanting to rank is one aspect, a desire, but the diligent task to write towards rising and advancing in search will determine your success.
What is Spun Content?
When you hear the term "spun content" it refers to a unique article that is put through software to be rewritten into similar articles. This process is called spinning. Use this cautiously; Google can recognize spun content very easily. There are tricks of the trade where people use these types of articles often. I caution you to be ready to pay the piper if you use this tactic.
SEO and Word Count
Does the number of words on your page matter? Yes, it does. As an SEO firm, we know the exact number of words needed to begin to rank on the SERP's. Marketing your content means knowing your competitors, and to outdo their content, means knowing the word count needed to do so.
Quality Content and Text Matters
Remember you want quality content! Your website shows your brand and company as the authority. Your content performance represents you. Take your time and find the writers that understand your message.

What is More Important in SEO, Rank or Traffic in Search Engines like Google?​

Simple answer is traffic from the right search and the right keywords that rank. Most businesses want the same thing — to rank number one in Google. It is awesome to rank number one, however, what is most important is that the keyword, keywords, and key terms a business ranks for are also the right keywords. The right keywords drive qualified traffic, which sends the right customers. The right customers are potential buyers, clients, and purchasers online.
Most online users today will use their phone to search, desktop search is rapidly declining, this is why there is competition to rank in Google’s algorithm and drive traffic.
The beginning steps in helping a business rank their website in Google, Bing, and others Search Engines comes down to five points.
  • Have a Great Online Reputation
    • A new business can take time to build an online reputation, and it is important to begin the right way in the beginning
    • An established business might have an awesome reputation, this can be translated to the online world and gaged by looking at your business website compared to your competitors business website.
  • Know Your Competitors
    • Once you know who exactly your competitors are – it becomes a metric – simply beat your competitors. This is a task accomplished once your competitor’s online presence is compared to your online presence.
    • There can be a discrepancy between who a business see’s as their competitors and who a search engine sees as a competitor. When looking at this – best practice to consider both.
  • Work with an Experienced SEO Company that Understands Marketing
    • Audits, metrics, search, tracking, analytics, keywords, niches, finding competitors, content, video, images are all things a SEO company will walk you through
  • Know Your Budget
    • Create an online strategic marketing plan, set KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that are attainable, and know what you are willing to spend to get the results needed.
  • Be Ethical Always
    • Google responds to those who follow best practices

Do You Have To Have A Website and SEO to Make Money Online?

No. You do not have to have a website to make money online. You can make money online without owning your own website but do not think you will want to learn about search and ranking factors if that’s the route you want to go.

There are business models that do not require you to own your own website to make money. There are many wise and tech savvy individuals that are into marketing online that do not have a website or know the first thing about putting up a website.

Some quick examples of online businesses where it does not require you to own a website are:
Other types of directory built websites . An example is a website that might list a state sales if you or in the estate sale business.
Blogging, this is a way to make money online by being a writer and writing blogs for other people.
Affiliate marketing, this is where you sell someone else’s products bye posting links with a certain code that they give you. The easiest example to use for affiliate marketing is to imagine selling dog food and you write a blog about dog food and say to buy it here and the here link actually has a code. That online code is reference to you as a person and you are then paid a Commission.
Finally, being able to create online videos where there can be ads is a great way to have online revenue without having a website.

The Basics of SEO and SEO for a Website

Understanding the basics of on-page optimization begins with simple concepts such as theming a website, a website page, and a website layout, all for keywords and key phrases that relate to the primary subject. The importance of this is how Google looks at the actual website. We will go into some of this detail below however think of any content or website marketing opportunity, begin with – what is this website about. What are we trying to accomplish.

Our founder, Ann Premazon, first learned about the concept of creating silos for a website from Bruce Clay. The concept has proven to be quite effective and long lasting. The best way to describe this concept is once you’ve determined the main and overarching theme of your website, you break it down into sections or silos. An example of this might be a website about clothing. We would want to optimize for clothing, however, there are many different types of clothing.

In the example of clothing, it’s important to determine is the website is going to offer clothing for men, clothing for women, clothing for children, if this is the case then there would be separate silos for each one of these topics.

Once you have these topics siloed on your website, you start to break them down even further for example, if you are going to sell shirts, you would then want to break them down by types of shirts. Perhaps on this clothing website, you are going to sell t-shirts, dress shirts, and tank tops. This would be a way to silo each topic.

Once you have your topics laid out, you can begin to determine where a visitor will land on your website. On our clothing site example, if someone wanted to purchase jeans, we would want them to be able to access that from the jean silo but, if they wanted a shirt, we would want them to only be able to stay within the shirt section.

The reason why we want them to stay in the search the shirt section, is so they get exactly what they wanted when they begin searching and they stay on our site in the section they want to be in the longest. This gives us great metrics for knowing how to further silo our content.

In grade school most children learned how to write an outline this is a great way too simplistically map out the silo version of your website.

When a user lands on your website, you want them to stay as long as they can. You want them to enjoy their experience by reading exactly what they landed on your website for. Or better yet if you’re selling something on your website to purchase your product.

There are many factors that make a website and the content on a website optimal for a user experience. One thing is for certain when you optimize your website and optimize your content for a user experience conversions are consistently optimized.

Yes you can. One thing Google has put in place or optimization suggestions that help web designers and SEO firms to follow so there are not consequences.

Google even has a SEO starter guide. This guide is for anybody who wants online content to show up in a Google search.

There was a time when SEO specialists and web agencies tried to slide under the radar by keyword stuffing meaning putting keywords over and over and over again on a website or creating linking strategies that were unethical. Google is well aware of unethical SEO practices and will penalize a website if they find these things occurring.

The difference between optimizing a website versus optimizing a web page is simple, when optimizing a website, you’re looking at the site in its entirety as a whole, whereas when you look at optimizing a web page, you’re looking at addressing each page differently. When working with a SEO agency it is important to note that many times, they will address just a few pages even though there are hundreds of pages on your website.

The reason for this is to try to capitalize on the pages that will generate the most traffic, are the most relevant in keyword theme, and are the most engaging to users.

The design elements of a website are very important. They identify the look and feel of exactly what the website and its brand are offering to the Internet. A website will have pages within it. These pages usually will match the theme and design of the website however at times, there are pages that are designed just for products or for landing pages for offers or special ideals.

When you’re looking at a page within a website, it always comes back to on-page optimization. We have to address each page separately even though they are a part of the whole website.

Top 7 Meta Tags

The title tag is so important and is a staple HTML element on every website. This single tag specifies your website and each web page within your website to users and most importantly search engines. All browsers support this tag. the title tag is placed in the header section of your site. When you’re doing a Google search and you see websites appear organically in that search, you can identify the title tag visually because it is what shows up in blue on every single result.

The optimal links for a title tag is under 60 characters. If you go over 60 characters you risk Google not showing the full title.

When you create a title tag you want to keep your seam of the page in the forefront of your mind, because to optimize a title tag it is wise to include the name of the page to match the theme of the page.

The meta description is a way to know what your site is about, or what your page is about. Your description will show directly in the search results in the following order: the blue is the title tag, the green is your URL and the little sentence or as Google is referring to snippet is the description that you choose to put for your website or page.

There’s no fixed length for the text that is shown in a meta description. It has been said that Google won’t give a link because there choosing to dynamically show different descriptions and that they are dynamically generated.

When creating your meta description, try not to put the emphasis on the number of characters because Google could just pull the description from your content anyway. You always want to try to use your targeted keywords in your descriptions and if possible, it would be great if you can add a solution to a problem. If you have a site where you’re selling an item and there’s a discount or offer that’s something wise to add. Lastly, if you’re page, blog, or article content is something that is written for the human experience like a story on mental health or healing or animals, you might write something empathetic in your description.

The canonical tag is an HTML tag that’s used if you have a single page on your website that has the same content with other pages on your website. An example of when to use a canonical tag might be when you have multiple URLs. If you have a http:// and a https :// url for your website, this would be a time to use a canonical tag. Similarly, if you have a and a, where they both land on the same page it would be wise to use the canonical tag. This would be a great time to have the canonical tag so that Google knows to index only one page regarding this topic and avoid the other URLs.

The syntax for a canonical tag is:

<link rel=”canonical”href= />

An alt tag is used for images. It is important because search engines cannot read images, so they need a descriptor that explains what the images. Proper alt text added to the image Helps search engines know what the image is about. In addition if someone is handicapped and cannot see many times their computer will talk to them, and it’s very helpful to have an image description.

It’s important when you create alt tags that you also have an image site map. This is a way to submit to search engines like Google every image that is on your site.

If you are using stock images, it’s important to always note the source of where you obtained the image. And if you take your own images or photographs there are programs such as Adobe Lightroom that will allow you to put in the key information that can be tagged for search engines.

Finally think about being short clear to the point and not keyword stuffing your description you really want to say what the image is. Google indexes images and you want them to be ranked in an image search as well as the text and content on your website.

The robots meta tag is an HTML tag that tells search engine bots or web crawlers whether or not to index a site. Indexing a site or not indexing a site is always up to the owner of the website. There are times where you might not want something to show on the Internet and you would put a noindex via your robots meta tag.

There are four main elements to a robots meta tag:

Follow – this is where the search engine will follow all the links on that web page

Index – this is where the search engine will index the whole web page

Nofollow – as we discussed above is when the search engine will not follow the page and any links on that page

Noindex – says warning do not index this page and the search engine robot will not

The robot that text file is placed in the header section of your website

The syntax of a robots meta tag is:

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow”> – Means not to index or not to follow this web page.

<meta name=”robots” content=”index, follow”> – Means index and follow this web page.

Open graph meta tags are designed to help with social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and the different websites that you share on these platforms. The goal is to be able to talk about what type of meta property the graph tag relates to.

Twitter cards work in a similar way to an open graph except you add these meta tags only for Twitter. These tags are used to enhance the display of your page when shared on the Twitter platform.

Open Graph Example:

<meta property=”og:type” content=”article” />

<meta property=”og:title” content=”Title of you post or page” />

<meta property=”og:description” content=”Description of page content” />

<meta property=”og:image” content=”Link to the image file” />

<meta property=”og:url” content=”Permalink” />

<meta property=”og:site_name” content=”Website name” />

Twitter card example:

<meta name=”twitter:title” content=”Title of post or page”>

<meta name=”twitter:description” content=”Description of content”>

<meta name=”twitter:image” content=”Link to image”>

<meta name=”twitter:site” content=”@username”>

<meta name=”twitter:creator” content=”@username”>

This is a very important tag if you have a responsive design or layout for your website. This is how you actually tell a search engine that your website is responsive. For example if you have a website that looks great on a desktop and the same website is responsive, meaning it works on a mobile phone, or a tablet , then it is responsive. This is when you would use this tag. Another name for this tag is the viewport meta element.

The syntax for this tag looks like:

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width,initial-scale=1″>

Do not use this tag if you have a site that is not responsive.

How Can you Tell SEO Marketing is Working?

There are many ways to tell if your SEO marketing is working. The first is to look at the analytics on your website . This is where you can see what types of new keywords are ranking, new backlinks our being indexed, and you can see where and how here website is comparing to competitors.

Tracking keywords is another way to see if your marketing is working. Remember , this tracking of keywords is important however, it is more important that the keywords you rank for are driving the traffic you want.

SEO and Marketing Next Steps

Now that you understand how to start, and some simple techniques to implement, let’s look at how to really create the digital metrics to know and analyze results from your techniques.

You want to start to build personas for your audience. This is where you start to take in the data from the exercises you’ve implemented and get to know your visitors and then build funnels directly to attract them. An example might be if you sell services online such as lifecoaching, you may find that the average person who wants your services is a female between the ages of 26 and 34, you start to develop content speaking to that segment of your audience.

Once you understand and start to build the personas of whom you’re directing your content, you want to identify what your goal is as you begin to formulate campaigns. You want to know all the tools that you’ll need , for example how many blog posts, how many digital platforms will you post content too, and what types of online tools will be most efficient to help you reach your goals.

Then you start to evaluate every place you’ve posted your content and look at the results of the techniques you’ve implemented this data is imperative 2 suss out your next steps. You will evaluate what digital channels have been helpful and what have not produced anything. You’ll start to learn what type of content or content asset speaks best to your audience. Is video more powerful than the content that you’re writing? This is something you find out as you start to evaluate the data. The data will tell you everything and start to drive all of your decisions.

Next you want to create and plan the next steps based on the evaluated data. You continuously will audit edit readesign and release this will be an ongoing circle as you continuously hone in on achieving your online marketing goals.

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is away to spread out or leverage channels throughout the web by spreading a message about a company’s brand or services or even the products that they sell. The goal in online marketing is to reach potential customers that will take action and either purchase products engage in services or become a follower of the brand. There are different types of techniques for online marketing and to go over these specifically here is a short list:

Google Ads – this is where you can actually advertise on Google for your products or your services and do so in several formats. You can advertise when somebody does a search, or even embed your ads on other web sites, you can choose your target audience such as gender and age and location, and finally you can advertise within videos on YouTube.

Email marketing – this is where you begin to talk to an audience via email. A simple example might be having a form on your website, this form is to capture a customer’s email address. The purpose of capturing an email address is so you can begin sending emails with opportunities for your customer. An example might be a coupon, or sending information leading up to a big product launch, or even to engage in services you offer. Email marketing along with online marketing often go hand in hand when someone is looking for an SEO expert. Not all SEO agencies will offer email and online marketing however, Premazon does offer this and at times will partner with outside agencies.

One thing that separates traditional marketing from online marketing our the types of mediums used. Traditional marketing usually will include television and radio advertisements , print advertising such as brochures newspapers and even billboards. Online marketing uses various channels to market the business online. Being able to track how visitors are acquired through various online channels and how they interact with a website or landing page is the crux of understanding online marketing. The best place to start your online marketing is too know your customers, your audience, and to begin obtaining a following via capturing emails.

Developing an Online Marketing Strategy

Developing online marketing strategies will help improve not only your website but your digital presence online. Discovering how to create successful marketing strategies is the basic foundation for growth opportunities and to boost your revenue.

When you’re growing a business it’s important to future proof to the best of your ability where and how you spend your money. There’s an ever changing and dynamic process to the growth of online platforms and opportunities. So beginning with understanding where you’re at and where you want to invest is very important.

A marketing strategy differs from an online marketing strategy or a digital strategy because you begin to focus the online strategy specifically two outlets that give you a return via channels online. As we’ve said above the traditional marketing focus happens face to face and direct to consumer by traditional outlets such as radio television and newspapers. Developing the basics for your online marketing strategy begin with several simple concepts, and if you can make these things happen you are well on your way. Let’s begin with a simple taste of where to start:

Free Resources – with zoom being ever so popular you can easilly create a free meeting, or educational class online. In addition you can have documents that you write that are downloadable that can be free. Write Content – this can be as simple as publishing A blog on your own website, or writing an article for someone else’s website, or creating an article and curating it throughout your own social media ecosystem.

Podcast – For those who are technical you can create your own podcast. It’s not very hard to do and can happen right from home. This is a great way to get content out and about online.

Email Campaign – You can create an email campaign for a specific event. You can create an email campaign for a product. The goal around an email campaign is to entice someone to give you their email address so that you can start to build a relationship with them. Almost every single company who sells online will start an email campaign by simply asking for your email before you complete your purchase. Then they begin by sending you a thank you letter for your purchase. Shortly after you start to receive opportunities to buy additional products. This is great online marketing.

SEO Web Design

What is SEO web design? Developing and designing websites to make them search engine friendly. Having a website designed for search engines like Google and others will allow search engines to crawl and inspect every page of a website to ensure all aspects of content, images, and coding are formatted and coded to allow the web page to be indexed in their database. Many times, web designers that are not SEO experts will work with a search engine optimization agency, to optimize a website. Often, SEO firms will do web design as a service to their clients.

Premazon is a SEO firm that specializes SEO web design.

How Many Pages Should My Website Have?

6 pages is the minimum a website should have.

Although 6 pages are the minimum it is suggested to also include a blog section on your website. This section will continuously have new and relevant content. Also having a Gallery or portfolio with imagery is beneficial to a brick and mortar business. This is a way to show people what your business looks like. Reviews and testimonials, contact forms, can be added to a homepage or can be pages on their own. Lastly depending on your business it might be wise to add an FAQ or help section to your website.

Every website should have:

A Home Page

This is the page that will have an overview of your business and be the landing page that someone will land on for your brand.

An About Us Page

The about page should cover what your company is about and mission and value statements.

Staff or Team Page

Introduce Your Team, in the service industry this is often a very well visited page.

Products and Services

If you have multiple products or services this will be numerous pages – if you have only a few – this page will describe what you have to offer.


This is imperative, this is a way to tell search engines exactly what pages you want them to see and in addition it will be an easy way for a user to see all your pages.

Terms, Conditions, Privacy

This is where you will explain how your suite works and what your privacy policy entails.

A Home Page

This is the page that will have an overview of your business and be the landing page that someone will land on for your brand.

An About Us Page

The about page should cover what your company is about and mission and value statements.

Staff or Team Page

Introduce Your Team, in the service industry this is often a very well visited page.

Products and Services

If you have multiple products or services this will be numerous pages – if you have only a few – this page will describe what you have to offer.


This is imperative, this is a way to tell search engines exactly what pages you want them to see and in addition it will be an easy way for a user to see all your pages.

Terms, Conditions, Privacy

This is where you will explain how your suite works and what your privacy policy entails.

A Home Page

This is the page that will have an overview of your business and be the landing page that someone will land on for your brand.

An About Us Page

The about page should cover what your company is about and mission and value statements.

Staff or Team Page

Introduce Your Team, in the service industry this is often a very well visited page.

Products and Services

If you have multiple products or services this will be numerous pages – if you have only a few – this page will describe what you have to offer.


This is imperative, this is a way to tell search engines exactly what pages you want them to see and in addition it will be an easy way for a user to see all your pages.

Terms, Conditions, Privacy

This is where you will explain how your suite works and what your privacy policy entails.

What is Backlinking ?

Link building in the practice of link building is very important in 2020. Link building has been the foundation of SEO for many years. Link building is building one-way hyperlinks that we’re calling back links to a website to improve the visibility of said website with a search engine.

Google focuses on the quality of a backlink not just the sheer number of backlinks. When you think of a backlink think of the quality of the backlink. This means where’s the backlink from and how do I know it’s coming from a decent website. A decent website means a site that has good authority in the eyes of Google. A great way to check the authority of a website is too drop the text of the URL into a service like ahrefs and get the URL rating.

Once you have the domain rating of the website you can then determine the power of a link coming to you from them. Link quality is determined by the site wide authority. If for example you have a link from a respected website such as Google or MOZ or Apple a link from those website’s to you is more powerful than a link from just any blog.

In addition to authority you want to be able to get a link from a site that is relevant to your site. An example this, is when you want to get a ranking improved, you would want your customer to click on a link that takes them to land on your site. Well, if they’re searching on a site that is relevant to yours this is helpful. If you have a site about dogs and you get a backlink from a website about frozen yogurt the relevancy of that link is not theme based, and therefore will not be as relevant, even if it is a quality domain.

You can get links from sites that have great domain authority that aren’t relevant but they are not the ideal types of backlinks that you want. Remember you want to try to get links from both relevant and quality website’s.

Some say that the position of your link on the authority site will make a difference. We have found that to be inconsistent , however the more prominent and to the top your link is placed the likelihood of a customer clicking that link.

If the link coming to your website is placed within the content of a website, that is called an editorially placed link. This is an awesome link because it holds a higher weight factor in Google’s algorithm. When a potential customer is reading real content and there is a link to your website versus a link at the bottom of the page or in the sidebar it is has more likelihood to be clicked, therefore creating a better click through for the backlink to your website.

When you have a link on a website that is placed in the right place and with relevant content, the anchor text of the link is very important. Imagine you reading content on a website, and you see text that says click here, or text that says try this, or text that is relevant to what you’re reading, studies show that most people will click on text that is relevant to what they are reading.

Can you get a link from a guest post is a question that we are often asked from our customers. If it’s a legitimate guest post meaning you are asked to provide content on a great site, yes it is a good link. However, if someone is paid to post your content it’s like buying a link. I often let our customers know that if they are asked to be a guest author to let us do some background check on the actual website that they’re going to consider publishing on. I love when an author gets asked to be a regular contributor on a website. Monthly content helps to improve their authority and personal profile, and there is also a link back to the company website.

An interesting piece of information when it comes to building links is that there is a nofollow link and a dofollow link. Would you have a link coming back to you that is a nofollow link? Thgis type of link is telling the search engine don’t follow this link, do not give this credibility. For the most part you want dofollow links however, we have found that when you have nofollow links we are able to still see them, hence, our customers still receive some sort of link juice even when there is a nofollow tag.

Our customers at times will ask if they should build infographics with links for their website. We have found that infographics are great content however, the best content is a link in a normal article on a website.

A little trick we teach our customers is to find places that might have resources where their website can be included. The best way to find these types of resources on someone else’s website is to simply use your keyword in the search engine and add a “+ useful resources” or “helpful resources” or “useful links”, this way your keyword will start to deliver websites from the search, that are relevant to your theme and hopefully will be geared towards your target audience. Then you can write new content for someone eles site and have a link to your own, hopefully to to drive a few new customers.

Once we find websites that would be a great fit, we show them to our customers, and get their input. From there we do a quick check on the value of that website from a domain authority position. Depending on our customer we will either send out a letter via email to the Webmaster of approved theme sites or to the contact us form on the site, or we will ask our customer to send the email themselves. The email is something very generic but will let the receiver know that their website has been found and that we feel we have some great content to offer them. The offer will come in stylized content that matches their website with the hopes that we can include a link to our customers website if the content is published.

With all the linking tools that are available online. We always find niche sites that might have a broken link. A broken link is a website that has an external link pointing someplace that no longer exists, or the page has changed, or there is some other miscellaneous error in the text or the anchor text. We simply send an email and ask them to change the link to our customers website.

If you have a lot of images posted on your website at times people will steal them. We always do a search via Google images, if we find someone who has one of our images on their website, we thank them and ask them to please link back to our customer. This is a very easy task to do you just search on Google Imagesor your brand name.

What is a Search Engine?

A search engine like Google or Bing are a web-based tools or portals that enable a user to locate information on the web. Search engines use automated software and crawl pages of web sites throughout the web. Crawling a web page refers to a digital robot, bot or spider that travels up and down every page, website to website throughout the web and gathers data to put in the search engine database. This database becomes a searchable index therefore allowing users to search for information.

Google is by far the largest search engine. Google is what most people use when they searched the web. Google has indexed databases that are searchable such as: Google images , Google News, Google Maps, and of course YouTube. Although there are additional search engines such as Bing, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and others, Google holds the market share.

When someone searches on the Internet, they’re basically putting in a keyword or key phrase called a search query and they hit enter. Behind the scenes in in lickity split way, that search is immediately queried in all all of the database of that search engine and the result is then shown.

Algorithms vary from search engine to search engine so at times you may see a result differ in Google for example than it might on Bing.

In addition, the device you search on is very important. A desktop may return a different result than a mobile phone or a tablet.

No it is not. When you make a search or query, it is going to only look at the database from where you enter the search. Although there are many different search engines, each one will only give you the result derived from their own database.

If you are wanting to see your site rank in multiple search engines you will need to adhere to that search engines best practices to make that happen.

In SEO, when it comes to search it’s important to understand the difference between results and ranking. When you think about a site, that shows up on a search in Google, especially if it is in a position on the first page, you would think those results are awesome. The issue was search engines and marketing , is if you want your site to truly have content performance the question isn’t how many keywords do you rank for , instead the question is per month how many users search for a phrase you want them to search for and land on your site. Pages on a website are indexed in search engines based on the content. Content performance on a site is what really matters in marketing. Also, users who land on pages better optimize with SEO practices should be directed to take an action on that page.

Brands, big name box stores and brands that our local all have a web presence. When they are on Google and being and aim to give great content, they approach the “engines” With exactly what they want. The most important thing 4 a site to look at from an SEO ranking factor is the content must meet exactly what they are marketing.

Here is a List of Common Search Engines:

What About Social Media?

Social media is a way to share content in multiple ways. It is a digital tool that also will allow you to create content quickly to share with the public. There are social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Google My Business. On a platform like Twitter the goal is to write short messages and to be able to share links. From an SEO standpoint these links are powerful because they are directed back to your website or two a website that you choose in your Twitter post. Facebook is much more community based where you can send messages to people directly you can create new friendships you can join communities and you can even create your own community

From an SEO perspective social media has created the ability to send links to content on your website. If you write content in the form of a blog, or you post an image to your website, or even a video that you embed from YouTube on your website, all of these can be shared on social media platforms.

A really cool feature about social media is it is uncensored for the most part. That said, if you are in the addiction or drug rehab business, pharmaceutical business, there are censoring boards that you must be approved if you were going to run ads. One such company is legitscript.

If you’re not looking to run ads you’re able 2 post almost anything about your company, or something that is of interest, or link to another company on your profile. Of course, images that express violence or nudity can be taken down.

One thing that is awesome about social media is that anyone who has access to the Internet can sign up for a social media account. You can have personal accounts or profiles, and in addition you can set up profiles for your business or your brand.

Social Media in 2020

Social media has taken a forefront online when it comes to SEO and working with customers. Building links from within posts on social platforms is a win-win for all. Having a strategy when managing social media has to be specific and relevant to the content generated for a business and brand. A search engine will index posts, tweets, and page content written for platforms such as LinkedIn.

Understanding the strategy to have social media and SEO work together is a circular and moving variable. You want to be able to have one piece of content perform on multiple channels. In addition you want to be able to support new blogs, new page content, new staff members and new imagery, on customer websites and social media platforms.

The best way to set up social media marketing goals is to determine what the end result is. Many times people want relevant content posted daily. Even if the content is relevant but there is no engagement it does not have the content be very useful.

Our SEO agency does social media management and writes social media content. We optimize profiles on various social media platforms to highlight our customers strengths. The basics of goal setting for a customer would be to increase the brand, improve the leads, forms, calls, email sign ups, and sales. All equal engagement.  There will be a significant difference to the return on investment from giving these social outlets attention. A bonus will be to increase followers, this will help engagement.

As you’re learning who you are online and who your social media audience and customers are, there begins to be a steady flow of content directed to that audience. You can easily have several segments of an audience and post to those separately.

There are many social media apps and cloud based tools that will allow you to schedule content. We are able to schedule content and have our customers approve or edit what they need up to one month ahead of time. We are able to determine the best time of day to post content. This also allows us to combine our efforts so that we can post social media links to new content on a website once it is indexed in the Google search engine.

Posting on social media is just one part of the equation. It is important to respond in a timely manner to anyone who gives a review or asks a question or even just drops a comment saying they like your content.

To respond on social media it is important to have someone who understands the company voice. Speaking for the brand of a company can really set the tone and drive additional conversation online.

Social media influencers are people online who have developed a large following. It is a compliment when an influencer recognizes what you do and how you do it. They will usually give some form of a shout out online. Keeping a pulse on the conversational threads is what makes a great social media manager.

There are ways to track every method within a social media platform. These insights help to make decisions on audience and content. Monthly reporting sometimes is too long to wait, which is why most social platforms will give you weekly and even daily reports in addition to monthly. The accessibility to frequent reports for decision making in social media management, helps move daily and spontaneous content. Testing on social media is a great to see what customers respond to.

Having your Brand Identity, company name, address, and phone number, on your social media profile is very important to ensuring across the web, your company footprint information is the same. This is called NAP information.

We suggest to our customers to create and implement a social media marketing strategy. This way every social account can be measured and metrics can start with a baseline and we can then see improvement. Imagine a world where somebody happens to land onto your social media account and from there they immediately take a call to action. This one ability, is something that has changed the landscape of actual sales channels.

One of the most fulfilling online ventures our customers share with us is how much they enjoy learning about their audience, educating their audience and really learning what sort of content creates and encourages engagement. Once somebody develops a relationship with a human via an online social media channel lives change forever.