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SEO Services With Proven SEO Strategies

SEO Services from an experienced search engine optimization company like Premazon offers you a performance driven seo company. We develop and implement successful SEO strategies customized to get conversions. Our SEO specialists provide effective search engine optimization, technical SEO, content creation, and web design. Additional SEO strategies including digital marketing covering local SEO and trackable search engine results are opportunities for every SEO campaign.

Having a successful online presence with relevant and converting content from keyword research through converting website traffic will let you relax knowing you have hired the right SEO company. Building a converting SEO strategy for your business is where the SEO team at Premazon thrives.

What is an SEO Company?

An SEO company is a business that offers search engine optimization services to help businesses by growing their online presence and ranking on search engines when users search for keywords or key phrase content on Google and Bing. Onsite employees or an outsourced agency can do the work needed, and many times there is a combination of the two. The goal for any business that is actively working on Search Engine Optimization is to find niches, create great content, optimize all online efforts, and measure their SEO results.

Premazon Inc. is a Google Partner

As a Google Partner, Premazon Inc. understands the intricacies of Google Search Console, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Google Developer Tools.

Search engines change algorithms constantly. Search engine results and trends change. A stable SEO strategy and website presence will withstand those changes and be able to align as technology continues to expand. Website traffic from your search engine marketing budget is ultimately the one factor that is necessary and will determine your SEO strategy success.

When a users search results shows your website on the SERP (search engine results page), and a visitor lands on your website – your SEO service provider has gained credit for a successful SEO strategy. However, the key to ongoing success if measurable SEO tactics.

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Premazon SEO Services

What separates our SEO services is truly developing a custom SEO strategy for each of our customers. We always begin with an SEO audit before any SEO work begins. A SEO audit lets us see exactly where your online presence is, and from there we can plan the direction to go. The SEO audit Premazon completes for our clients is very deep and thorough. Online marketing strategies begin with this audit.

Search Engine Optimization Services​

Search engine optimization (SEO) has two facets. SEO companies are a dime a dozen, what separates the best SEO companies comes down to the SEO strategy put developed and implemented.

1. On page optimization is where technical SEO and SEO consulting merge. Your SEO strategy will include content creation, relevant keywords, and driving qualified organic search traffic.

2. Off page optimization will focus on search engine rankings and the search engine results pages also known as (SERP’s). Our custom SEO services include the utilization of SEO tools to optimize your link building.

Local SEO Services

Local seo services focus on local businesses. Optimizing your website on Google maps is important for a local presence, and reputation.

Content Optimization

Our keyword research includes search engines but more importantly we must look at your competitors on line, see what drives their traffic. Then we develop and publish optimized content that includes proper title tags and meta descriptions. Internal link building and web design must be a part of the SEO work.

Premazon Wants To Be Your SEO Company​


Premazon, Inc will be transparent – this means we will tell you what we are going to do, document that it is being done, show you once it is implemented, then help you to see the return on that investment.

Responsive to Client Needs

Premazon Inc is an experienced SEO agency. We will answer your call, respond to your email, and create your monthly reports. As your SEO service provider we make it a point to work together.

Return on Investment

Our digital marketing agency will prove that we can help your bottom line with increased traffic, online presence, calls, forms and engagement.

Website Optimization and Development

Premazon is a professional SEO company that also handles website optimization and development. many times a customer already has a website – but it needs optimization. Our SEO marketing services includes taking over current websites when it is appropriate. Some customers prefer in house staff to handle the website under our direction.

Mobile Optimization

Ensuring every page is user friendly for mobile and tablets is imperative for Google and other search engines.

Social Media Optimization

Social media marketing is something we offer. However, some customers prefer to handle their own social internally. Either way, our SEO experts look at all platforms to ensure they are optimized.

On page SEO tactics​

On page SEO tactics are the most crucial to have the outcome desired from your SEO campaign. Our search engine optimization company will help you and your business define metrics to identify what search results are needed to see your website rankings in the search engines. This data is used to compare your competitors so that a complete digital marketing strategy will come out on top of the SERP’s (search engine results pages). 

At Premazon, we believe the most important obstacle a business faces when considering SEO agencies to worth with, is to agree that your digital marketing strategy is a dynamic and working plan. This phase of digital marketing we create together.

Premazon will help you determine the best strategy to achieve organic search results!

SEO Specialists - What do they Do?

Our SEO specialists handle tasks ranging from keyword research, unique title tags and building links internally (meaning within your site) and link building off site (meaning placing links throughout the web pointing back to your website).

The best way to help a company truly understand Premazon’s SEO services for their business is ask and listen to exactly how your business wants to approach local SEO, on page SEO, and link building.

Often we hear owners and executives who do not understand how search engines work honestly ask “Do I really even need SEO services?” and “How will search engine optimization help my company?

A Great SEO Strategy

A good online marketing strategy when done right, will help a business grow, increase revenue, and build a lasting future online.

We we meet with a company that already has a website but does not understand SEO strategies, their local SEO on and off page optimization could be suffering. Any SEO company or any SEO services that the business used in the past did not explain, educate, or help the business as they should.

A great SEO company will leave no question unanswered and help a business grow.

A Great SEO Strategy | Premazon Inc
SEO Services for your Success | Premazon Inc

SEO Services for your Success

As a leading SEO firm working with large and small companies, we choose who we work with. We are not a fit for all and find it helpful to interview companies as they interview our firm for SEO services. We can address directly any problems or questions each of us have and bring them to the table when as we develop the details of the marketing strategy.

Understanding our customers

Understanding our customers, learning their business and the best way to help our customers succeed, are some of the details we address in the beginning. Regular conversation and ongoing communication are important to making an online marketing strategy work. 

The better we perform, and educate our customers on all pertinent topics as we move forward, the better it is for all involved in the long run.

Understanding our Customers | Premazon Inc

Questions About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let’s go over basic questions about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and hopefully educate in the process.

What does it mean when some says SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

What services does an SEO company offer?

The varied services of an SEO company usually include on-page and off-page optimization. Looking at every page on your website, and improving as needed, while also, looking at how others link to you, and how search engines such as Google and Bing actually see not only your website in totality, but each page specifically. This is how you can begin to win and outrank your competitors.

Do SEO Companies Give a Contract for their SEO Services?

Most SEO agencies will offer a written contract to outline the duties they will perform. Premazon, Inc spells out exactly what we are going to do and then show the results.

When do you need to hire SEO Specialists?

First, deciding if an internal employee or an outsource SEO company is best for your business, will depend on the needs of your business. The best way to start is an initial meeting with all involved to determine the current state of your online presence and the goals of how you want it to grow.

How Do We choose the Best SEO company?

Before engaging search engine optimization services, we suggest you go over some key points:

  • Are they wiling to let you speak with current or past companies they provided SEO marketing services for?

  • Do they specialize in well rounded SEO services or Ecommerce SEO?

  • Ask them to explain how they would approach keyword research. A professional SEO company will see this as a simple question, we have found that the answer sometimes makes the connection between companies solidify.

Can You Over Optimize Web Pages?

Yes you can. One thing Google has put in place are optimization suggestions that help web designers and SEO firms follow.

Google even has a SEO starter guide. This guide is for anybody who wants online content to show up in a Google search.

There was a time when SEO specialists and web agencies tried to slide under the radar by keyword stuffing meaning putting keywords over and over and over again on a website or creating linking strategies that were unethical.

Google is well aware of unethical SEO practices and will penalize a website if they find these things occurring.

How Will a SEO Company Improve Your Business?

To start, it is important to have an understanding how SEO can improve any business, what types of details and deliverables are performed on and off websites, web pages, and web properties.

SEO Experts from an Effective SEO company are able to Deliver Results.

Having an ethical, experienced, and effective SEO firm like Premazon Inc. by your side is a winning proposition.

If throwing money at a website would net you the desired outcome, everyone would do just that. But the truth is – every online website strategy is unique. The exact science is constantly changing, Google changes, Bing changes, code changes, and the right SEO firm will know how to navigate those changes.

SEO Audit

Premazon uses an audit to see up to date statistics on how search engines see your business’s online presence. Your search engine rankings are only part of the complete picture. Many SEO firms take the data from an audit and begin to improve the technical SEO as well as the overall presence your business has within the search engines.

Setting a Baseline

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the simplest form refers to the discipline of setting a baseline – where your website is at right now, creating a plan to increase traffic, revenue, and user experience, implementing the plan, then tracking and measuring the outcomes. 

This plan will vary depending on a business’s niche, their ability to invest, and finally their timeline. Beginning by optimizing the primary website or platform, and moving on from there.


A SEO Agency Has One Primary Focus

A SEO agency has one primary focus, increasing YOUR Business via sales, calls, forms, or purchases for our customers. Calls to action such as these are what generate a return. To accomplish this, it is important to determine the right keywords, key terms, and key phrases so the right and relevant content will rank on search engine result pages (SERP).

Conversions from a website are imperative to improving business goals online. As a company ranks for key terms, or key phrases – customers will engage with their content. Optimized content is key in ranking pages on search engines. 

SEO services from Premazon

Premazon uses an audit to see up to date statistics on how search engines see your business’s online presence. Your search engine rankings are only part of the complete picture. Many SEO firms take the data from an audit and begin to improve the technical SEO as well as the overall presence your business has within the search engines.Premazon is a SEO marketing agency that tackles this short list and all other items needed to help rank your business.

The SEO services we perform for our customers include all aspects from on-page optimization like the short list below and many additional elements. Local SEO services, web design and development, strategic online marketing, social media channel development are all part of deliverable services we offer.

Search Engines

Google is one search engine and the one that is most used. Along with Google there is Bing, DuckDuckGo, Safari, Opera and each search engine has a vast criteria of what is looked for when ranking in search results. There is a common thread of criteria that has to be mastered by a proper SEO company in order for success to happen for any website and online presence

  • Quality Content: Content that is relevant and user friendly.

  • Site Authority: This is determined by all on-page and off page optimization of a website.

  • Back Links: Links from other sites to your site are important in the SEO eco system

  • Page Load Time: The faster a page loads, the better.

  • Schema Markup: Correct coding of schema will let a search engine know specific detail of your business.

  • Social Signs: When a link sends traffic to a page or article, this sends a valuable social signal.

  • User Friendly Experience: Every user wants to be able to navigate your site with ease and how a website is organized will help this be achieved.

  • Time on Site: When a user searches on a search engine, and lands on a relevant page, and stays on that page for a period of time, then clicks through to additional pages, this metric is a winner.

  • Image Optimization: There are so many ways to optimize an image, the details are important, you rank images as well as pages.

  • Mobile Ready: Today more searches happen via mobile than desktop. Every website needs to be functional on every phone and follow best mobile friendly guidelines.

What You Can Expect From the Premazon SEO Team:

As a full-service SEO agency and digital marketing company that thrives on SEO success stories, we offer a suite of deliverable professional SEO services to help you conquer your desired marketing efforts and achieve the success you want for your website.

Partnering with Premazon

Once we engage with a company, we view this as a partnership, where we creatively devise an online marketing plan and strategy to execute it. Our internet marketing services begin with a complete assessment and audit of where your business is today, determine the plan of action by complimenting the strengths and overcoming any weak spots.

We are ethical and believe in transparency by being trustworthy, using a future-proof approach, while capitalizing on white-hat SEO techniques

Customized Marketing Strategy | Premazon Inc

Customized Marketing Strategy:

Our team will customize our services to fit the needs of your website, social platforms, design, and messaging.

Keyword, Key Themes, and Key Phrases | Premazon Inc

Keyword, Key Themes, and Key Phrases:

Keyword research to compliment your business and attract the right traffic.

Understanding Your Competition | Premazon Inc

Understanding Your Competition:

We need to understand your competition to develop a winning plan.

Organic SEO Services | Premazon Inc

Organic SEO Services:

Long-term results to future proof you're on-page and off page search engine optimization.

Local SEO | Premazon Inc

Local SEO:

Own your local market. This is a must and only needs your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) to execute.

Content Development | Premazon Inc

Content Development:

Keep the text and content on your website primed and ready to be found with a search. Write and optimize content for pages and posts.

Internal and External Link Building | Premazon Inc

Internal and External Link Building:

Safe, Tried and True. Link building is a must when outshining competitors.

Social Media Management | Premazon Inc

Social Media Management:

Content curation, profile development and optimization, and regular posting.

Understanding Organic Search Engine Optimization

Google expects a great website over time to become an authority on the subject that they are creating content for. Marketing your website includes ensuring that everywhere on the web you have consistent information. In essence your website is your digital calling card for your business and is tracked and visited often by search engines. It is up to the SEO agency to ensure SEO factors are up to date and current.

These SEO factors must be dialed in and examined against anybody else on the entire Internet that is trying to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish on your website.

The Basics of SEO on a Website

Google places value on how you choose to optimize your website. Every little detail matters. So, when you look at an on-page factor, you are looking at SEO at its finest. This is where the layout of your page, the font for the text you have on your page, your images, your content, your schema code, and finally your HTML code all must be precise. These SEO factors must be dialed in and examined against anybody else on the entire Internet that is trying to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish on your website.Understanding the basics of on-page optimization begins with simple concepts such as theming a website, a website page, and a website layout, all for keywords and key phrases that relate to the primary subject.

The importance of this is how Google looks at the actual website. We will go into some of this detail below however when thinking of any content or website marketing opportunity, begin with – what is this website about. What are we trying to accomplish.

The Basics of SEO on a Website | Premazon Inc
white and black typewriter on white table

On-Page SEO Factors

SEO on-page factors refers to exactly what is happening on your page. Google places value on how you choose to optimize your website. Every little detail matters. So, when you look at an on-page factor, you are looking at SEO at its finest. This is where the layout of your page, the font choice for the text on your page, chosen images, developed content, schema code, and finally the HTML code all must be precise.

These SEO factors must be dialed in and examined against anybody else on the entire Internet that is trying to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish on your website.

Off-Page SEO Factors

SEO off-page factors refers to what happens off your website. Google places value to what happens on the Internet in regard to your website. It matters the neighborhood that your website lives in in essence this means hosting.

Link building is vital in off page optimization as it shows how others link to you as a symbol of quality. A simple link from a local chamber of commerce or other civic club can be impactful. When another website chooses something you have written as an example in something they put on their website it is an acknowledgement and shows a form of respect on the Internet.

NAP Data

NAP data is your name, address and phone number. Showing this consistently on the web is a signal that you are a real and legitimate business. All search engines utilize this data in maps. Where one thinks of a reputation online as being good or bad it will be related to your brand and you NAP data.

SEO Content and Text on the Page

Content and the actual text on the page is so important in the SEO process. It is simple writing, however, writing to meet all the needs to include the user experience, the on page seo metrics, and the text — meaning the actual words matters. Wanting to rank for a key term is one aspect, but the diligent task to write towards rising and advancing in the search engines is a skill that will determine your success.

black and white cross illustration

SEO and Word Count

Does the number of words on your page matter? Yes, it does. As an SEO firm, we know the exact number of words needed to begin to rank on the SERP’s. Marketing your content means knowing your competitors, and to outdo their content, means knowing the word count needed to do so.

Every topic written will be thoroughly deciphered based on word count and what terms need to be include to make that one piece of content rank.

Quality Content Matters

Remember you want quality content! We want to have your website show your brand and company as the authority on a as many topics as possible. Your content performance represents you. Proof what is written by the writers to ensure they understand your brand message.

What is More Important in SEO, Rank or Traffic in Search Engines?​

Simple answer is traffic from the right search and the right keywords that rank. Most businesses want the same thing — to rank number one in Google. It is awesome to rank number one, however, what is most important is that the keyword, keywords, and key terms a business ranks for are also the right keywords.

The right keywords drive qualified traffic, which sends the right customers. The right customers are potential buyers, clients, and purchasers online.

Most online users today will use their phone to search, desktop search is rapidly declining, this is why there is competition to rank in Google’s algorithm and drive traffic.

5 Tips to Rank Your Website on Search Engines Like Google

The beginning steps in helping a business rank their website in Google, Bing, and others Search Engines comes down to five points.

1. Have a Great Online Reputation

  • A new business can take time to build an online reputation, and it is important to begin the right way in the beginning
  • An established business might have an awesome reputation, this can be translated to the online world and gaged by looking at your business website compared to your competitors business website.

2. Know Your Competitors

  • Once you know who exactly your competitors are – it becomes a metric – simply beat your competitors. This is a task accomplished once your competitor’s online presence is compared to your online presence.
  • There can be a discrepancy between who a business see’s as their competitors and who a search engine sees as a competitor. When looking at this – best practice to consider both.

3. Work with an Experienced SEO Company that Understands Marketing

  • Audits, metrics, search, tracking, analytics, keywords, niches, finding competitors, content, video, images are all things a SEO company will walk you through

4. Know Your Budget

  • Create an online strategic marketing plan, set KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that are attainable, and know what you are willing to spend to get the results needed.

5. Be Ethical Always

  • Google responds to those who follow best practices

What is the Difference Between Search Results and Ranking Factors?

A search result shows based on input from someone seeking information. Ranking factors are applied as page optimization to rank for terms with higher conversion opportunities.

In SEO, when it comes to search results it’s important to understand the difference between results and ranking. When you think about a site or web page that shows up from in the search results on a search engine, especially if it is in a top position on the first page, you would think those results are awesome.

However, the best way to approach search engines and SEO marketing is not to measure how many keywords your business ranks for but how many users land on your a web page from a search.

Web pages within your website are indexed in search engines based on the title, meta description, and content.

Content performance and conversion on a site is what really matters in marketing. Users who land on pages better optimize with SEO practices should be directed to take an action on that page.