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SEO Specialist - Tackling the Job of SEO

Our Job is to Systematically Develop a Strategic Plan to Produce Change

Most business owners want new business from their SEO Company. Since 2006, the Premazon SEO Specialists and SEO Experts fulfill the deliverables of our clients, day to day. One goal in mind – generate targeted and quality traffic, improve rankings on search engines like Google and increase leads. Many hours and dedication have allowed our advanced systems to be continually refined.

In our opinion, SEO is a must for every business. Our advanced SEO experts have tried and true experience in optimization. The changes over the years, and what is working today!

We start with a marketing and optimization strategy. First steps after we agree to work together is to meet and discuss the findings from our thorough research online about a business. We create beautiful websites, manage the optimization of websites as well as social media optimization and when needed Google AdWords and pay per click.

Premazon understands how to work with business owners. When we partner with a company, we do so with the understanding that together we create the plan to success.

Table of Contents

SEO Expert Ann Premazon, Founder CEO

Ann Premazon | Premazon Inc

Ann Premazon

  • SEO Consultant Specialist
  • SEO Strategist
  • Google AdWords Partner
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Management
  • Strategic Planning / Execution
  • Innovative Out of the Box Thinker
  • Systems Improvement / Daily Operations
  • Understanding of all Levels of Care
  • Leader / Mentor / Motivator
  • Corporate Culture Development

Ann is a proven leader with an entrepreneurial spirit. She lives in California with her wife Laurie and their dog Bowie. Ann is a drummer and has great stories of playing in rock bands when she was younger.

As CEO of Premazon Inc. – a SEO company and digital agency, she has created a dynamic team that works with clients all over the world. Focusing on clients and their needs, she and her team believe each client is unique and approach the job of working together as a partnership. Creating successful online marketing strategies is where Ann and the Premazon SEO experts shine.

Having an array of clients in different industries always keeps her and the team on her toes. Ann is an expert in SEO and specializes in SEO for Behavioral Healthcare, Appliance Services, Online Training Courses, to name a few, is always fun.

Ann consults with companies and has even acted as an interim CEO/Vice President. In the Behavioral healthcare industry, Ann has demonstrated success in the administration and management of patient care, operations and fiscal management for substance use disorder and mental health treatment programs.

Ann has the ability to work harmoniously with individuals from diverse backgrounds with excellent managerial skills, program design and evaluation competencies. Ann has a solid understanding of quantitative and qualitative diverse methodologies and data analyses. She has a wide base of local, national and international relationships in the SEO and digital industry as well as behavioral health.

Technical SeO Manager Ryan Monell

Ryan Monell

Ryan Monell

  • Optimization Strategist
  • Project Management
  • SEO Manager
  • Metrics and Analytics
  • Awesome Communicator
  • WordPress Designer
  • Google Partner
  • Liaison with Google Team and Google properties
  • Gatekeeper of all keyword research and SEO tools used

Ryan is a great leader and his job is to run the daily operations at Premazon. As a SEO expert, he is a specialist with systems. Running a team requires a unique skill set that involves dreaming and soaring with Ann, while being a task master of detail. Much like an airport traffic controller, Ryan must prioritize what comes first, second and third, while juggling multiple projects and managing people.

Ryan is a proud father of 3 boys. Ryan is a mega nerd and as social proof; he has tons of Star Wars, Batman items, and Comics in his office.

Ann and Ryan have been friends for over 25 years, and when Ryan joined the Premazon team – things just fell into place and it was a right fit. Ryan is a trained master Mercedes mechanic, and an access database guru.  He is very inquisitive and as a result was looking for something new, and as a result he reached out to Ann about doing SEO.

With Ryan’s innate problem solving talent and guidance from Ann, Ryan has become and expert at SEO, web design, and Pay Per Click.

SEO Expert Arthur Reeder

Arthur Reeder | Premazon Inc

Arthur Reeder

  • Monitor daily performance
  • Website Design and implementation
  • Linux Wizard
  • Maintains all Server operations
  • Monitors WordPress updates and Plugins
  • Collaborates with team member
  • Posts content as needed
  • SEO backend for Alt tags, and linking strategy

Art is an integral part of the Premazon Team of SEO experts. Art is Premazon’s longest employee.

Living in Long Beach, Ann met Art through a mutual friend Candy, and Art started his job as an entry level assistant to our project manager at the time.

Now, Art is a Rockstar, his job is our resident designer, and handles most tasks in regard to carrying out SEO tasks. Art works with Ryan daily on all clients and keeps all our servers up to date.

SEO Content Team

Premazon SEO Content Team

Each SEO Content Expert must understand and follow our SEO methods in regard to:

  • Content generation
  • Keyword usage as well as LSI terms
  • Web dialogue
  • Social messaging
  • Content on Graphics

Premazon has an excellent SEO content team. We utilize content for websites, pages, posts, Press releases, social media, and graphics.

The job of our content writers is to understand the importance of keywords, but more importantly understand what context, information, graphics, and sources to use when creating content for our clients.

Although our jobs do not require SEO technical knowledge of a website, a complete understanding of SEO content generation is necessary. We create and publish quality content that is unique, relevant and optimized.

In partnership with our clients, we generate content, send it over for approval and then post. Every piece of content is written from and SEO perspective, and then on-page SEO is applied when posted on the website.

Premazon SEO Experts - SEO is Our Specialty

Identify SEO Issues, Errors, and Structural Problems

Identify SEO Issues, Errors, and Structural Problems

  • We have a variety of tools that allow us to monitor websites and see clearly what a search engine like Google sees, this helps us become a Google SEO specialist.
    • Incorrect sitemaps
    • duplicate content
    • missing alt tags
    • slow site speed
    • broken internal links
    • broken external links
    • server errors
  • Resolving conflicts is something that must happen in any successful SEO strategy.
Identify SEO Issues, Errors, and Structural Problems | Premazon Inc
Local SEO | Premazon Inc

Local SEO

Creating and maintaining a local SEO presence is imperative to every business

  • Google My Business
  • NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency across the internet
  • Google Maps listing
  • Siri Maps Listings
  • Business Citations

Hosting Company

  • Website Security
  • Back-ups
  • Up time
  • Secured Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Hosting Company | Premazon Inc
Website Optimization | Premazon Inc

Website Optimization

Brand Awareness

  • Logo
  • Color Scheme
  • Flow of Website

Global Design Analysis

  • Images
  • Layout
  • Menu
  • Favicon

SEO Strategy Development

Communication with our clients is key

  • Ongoing consulting
  • Monthly Reporting – January, February, March, April…
  • Tracking ROI
  • Continuous changes to meet Google criteria and trends
SEO Strategy Development | Premazon Inc

What is a Specialist when it refers to SEO?

SEO specialist meaning: a person that has mastered and is an expert with all aspects of SEO while following best practices and generating authority for the websites they optimize.

 At Premazon, our SEO specialists have skills that must be demonstrated with knowledge and action to be a part of our team.

SEO expert meaning: An SEO expert must know and understand exactly how to audit a website, read the data and improve the website to rank on a search engine like Google.

At Premazon, our SEO management experts go above and beyond to rank sites and more importantly guide clients to track, see what works, become disciplined to consistently repeat the process.

Many times, an SEO Specialist can be confused with a Digital or Social Media strategist. Although some skills are similar, we see the roles as being very different. Our team has the skills for all services but are performed by different individuals. Social and Digital Strategists usually stay within social media platforms. This is where Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to name a few come into play. 

Premazon suggests each social channel be optimized from a SEO point of view, and internally we approach the management of social through our SEO team. Companies, once educated, can make the best decision for their needs. We simplify by explaining, are you wanting to have your brand be national? If yes, the approach to social becomes different than if the answer is to work with a more local business. In addition, a national brand can rank on google for keywords, but not necessarily have the need for daily interaction with followers. 

An example is a dentist, most dentists will focus within an area from which their patients will come to their office. This same dentist will want to customize their presence for that specific audience. Now if this was a chain of franchised dentists, that had offices all over the country, the approach would be different.

What is the Role of a SEO Specialist?

To make your website rank at the top for the desired search term or phrase. The role of an SEO specialist is to take data and be able to see holes and create a plan to execute a marketing strategy to achieve winning results for our clients. At Premazon, SEO is the foundation of our approach to marketing. Every team member understands SEO and will have in-depth knowledge of how to apply SEO to their area.

When hiring new SEO team members, our job description will vary based on the type of SEO specialist needed. All interviews are conducted by Ann and Ryan and then sent through our HR process.

When hiring, Premazon looks for professionals who understand SEO as well as marketing, website content, how to navigate on the internet, and has a number of specialized skills.

A freelance SEO manager is not a role or position with our company. Our specialists do not need a degree or certification, although one can be helpful. There are many online certification courses. We like autonomy and understand specialists sometimes march to a different drummer.

We want to see and understand if our future SEO consultant grasps the intricacies of a search engine, marketing on a search engine, and everything around ranking online. Basic tasks such as dropping cookies, and using specific WordPress themes are a must for consideration.

Our company specializes in WordPress, and a SEO team member must also understand WordPress as well as optimization. Little items such as understanding what a cookie is and clearing cache, or the difference between a blog article and a page are part of the finesse needed when joining our team.

Brian Dean, who created, is an American entrepreneur, consultant and known for teaching SEO. Brian is a great resource for learning SEO and has a video SEO for beginners. Brian Dean says “My#1 rule for outsourcing content: if you Want an article about fixing a toilet, don’t hire A freelance writer. Hire A plumber.” This quote is one of Ann’s favorites. It is simple and to the point.

What an SEO Specialist Do?

Daily, an SEO specialist is fulfilling tasks on one of our web properties or our client’s websites. Each specialist must understand what is needed and expected to grow the web presence to meet the strategic plan. Our project management software allows each SEO expert to follow their assigned task.

There are many details in search engine optimization, and an SEO specialist must understand how to address each task to accomplish results on search engines. 

Understanding the job responsibilities of a SEO specialist will include working within the Premazon SEO team

List of Daily SEO Tasks

Look at new content and ensure on-page SEO tactics are applied such as:

Internal linking
External linking
Keyword placement
Competitor Research

Building Internal Links

Linking to pages and blog posts that support this content.

Linking will help guide a user to the right information on a website.

External Link Building

An outside website or blog that links to you give a signal to an engine like Google. This signal says “I am linking to a page I see as important”.
Finding ways to generate external links is a technique all specialists use.

Keyword Placement

Writing content around keywords is important, also it is important how they are placed in the content.

Competitor Research

Understanding competitors and researching how to out rank them on Google takes time and diligence. Many times, our clients view their competitors as local businesses that compete for the same business, while research will show who a search engine like Google sees as a competitor. The goal is to out rank online competitors and drive traffic.

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization.

SEO is a workable and dynamic approach to developing a successful content and marketing strategy. SEO as a job, will require editing, optimizing, and implementing, content that meets search engine guidelines.

Search Engine Optimization at

Understanding SEO

SEO is an interesting topic, and one many do not truly understand. Our specialists joke often that our spouses have no idea what we actually do. In fact, neither do our friends. Most people chalk SEO up to doing things on the web.  In essence – understanding SEO means learning what each search engine wants from a website. This is how a website talks to the search engine. Code, schema, sitemaps, images, alt tags etc. These concepts are not for everyone to compute, but an engine like Google needs this information to understand exactly what a website is about and also exactly how you want them to see your website. 

For example, if you have a service type of business, let’s say an appliance repair business – and you specialize in repairing stoves. You would want to have as much information about each type of stove you fix, so when a user needs an appliance repair company that can fix their stove, you have the most optimized content.  But what if there are 50 appliance service companies in your area and you want to rank number one. This is where another layer is imperative. The Job of an SEO professional knows how to search each competitor and create a road map to rise and continue to rise until you are at the top. 

At Premazon, we understand SEO. We understand keyword research, and we understand exactly how to rank a website. As Google Partners, we know the key elements to research the exact way to get anyone to the top of Google.

Future Proofing SEO, Optimization, Marketing for Search

To future proof SEO is difficult because optimization criteria changes. Google has algorithm updates. Google changes as the internet continues to grow. The most visited search engine is Google. So best practice is to meet Google guidelines. Google offers free tracking and insight data such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google My Business. The Google properties will be the first place to start to future proof a website.

Why is Google the best way to futureproof your website? If you follow best practices, Google will inform you as you grow, if you have errors in their system, if you have spammy links from another blog or within your own blog, and if you are getting traffic and leads from being listed in Google maps or their other properties. Best of all, if you ever change webmasters or your SEO company, you will have your vital statistics already in the Google system.

Marketing online begins in Google’s eyes when they have eyes on you. So as you develop your marketing and SEO strategy, Google will play a prominent role. 

We suggest all our clients have direct access to these Google platforms.

SEO and Content

SEO and Content are critical for all SEO experts! The importance of quality content, meaning, original, relevant topics, will increase the value of a website. Google values such content and they want to deliver the most relevant response to a Google search.  Our job as specialists is to have our client’s content be the response to searches on Google. We must write content is a way that will rank on Google while being quality and engaging for a visitor.  Each specialist at our company, works closely with our SEO team.

Contact Premazon Today

We find it important to give information and share how important SEO is to a business. This is why we offer free consulting at the front end of our relationship.

When we reply to an inquiry from a marketing request on our website, first we say thanks, and then respond with offering time to have a phone call or virtual meeting. This meeting is where we begin dialog to see if we are a fit to work together. 

We have several questions and it is important to understand on this initial exploration, exactly what a business is looking for when engaging our SEO company

If a business owner is unsure or feels like they have been taken advantage of in the past – we assure them that our first meeting is to start discussions. 

Once we are able to meet, we can assess what the next steps are. 

Ann and her SEO team at Premazon, look forward to the opportunity to work together.

Premazon Inc. is located in Murrieta California. With clientele throughout the United States, adding Temecula SEO expert and Murrieta SEO Expert to our local business is awesome. Our history started in Seal Beach where Ann started Seal Beach SEO. Starting a business from her home, her first office was on Main Street in Seal Beach. As the company grew, she leased space in Long Beach, California. Moving to Temecula, she opened in Murrieta. 

Premazon is a great group of SEO consultants and experts. We love what we do and are grateful for our wonderful clients!