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Social Media Strategy Presentations

Social Media BasicsRecently, I had the pleasure of speaking at a national conference put on by NAATP. I had a lot of fun and met some really great people. The coolest part of my experience was hearing the feedback from the participants. I was asked by Kristen Black to co-present with her on the topic of Social Media. Our presentation was titled “Blogs, Pokes and Tweets and What They Have To Do with The Treatment of Alcoholics and Addicts.” Kristen is the Interactive Media and Events Coordinator for La Hacienda. I met Kristen at La Hacienda when I was there as a consultant, looking at their web strategy. We clicked right away and she thought we would complement each other on the topic of Social Media.

In my presentation, I spoke about Social Media Basics: how to begin to look at a social media strategy, how to implement that strategy, and finally, how to maintain that strategy for any business. Looking at the mechanics of developing a strategy can make someone feel like their head is going to explode — it’s just too much information. However, it is imperative that business’ learn to incorporate social media into their overall marketing plan. Social media is exciting and the kind of information that people really want. In the interest of everyone learning the basics, I have included my presentation right here.

In the last month, Google changed their algorithm. They are calling their latest update Penguin. This change according to Google was motivated by the desire to give a user the most concise information in the friendliest way. Google expressed social media as a way to determine that a site is real and active. For years website owners who wanted to rank in the search engines were told by any search engine optimizer that the best way to “SEO” a site was to build links. Well it’s a new day and link building is not enough.

Kristen is in the trenches every day. She lives, breathes, pokes, tweets, and posts for La Hacienda. As a result of her efforts, La Hacienda has a well defined Social Media Strategy that is lead by her efforts. Kristen spoke at NAATP about how to put those efforts into practice.

So many people enjoyed the way she presented her companies “Brand.” Her presentation style is fun and easy going.

So where do you begin? You begin with a strategy. I hope that you enjoy seeing our presentations and for those who have literally not set up accounts or begun to learn about the pros and cons of social media branding and profiling, I had a giveaway at the NAATP conference that is available here.

Social Media Basics Infographic

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