7 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Twitter

7 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Twitter.

Ok, I know I’ve talked about this many times, but it seems like everywhere I turn SOMEONE ELSE is on Twitter!

From Ellen Degeneres, to Ashton Kutcher, to Lance Armstrong, celebrities are maintaining their own presence on Twitter. They get on there and get followers. They keep their fans up to date on what they are doing and by doing so build their reputation and build excitement about their projects.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones building a presence on Twitter. Businesses, Brands, Shows, you name it. By keeping their brands out there people can stay connected and they actually grow a fan base of people who are interested in what they are putting out before they ever advertise a product.

So, I know I’ve talked about Twitter before, but I really want everyone to get on there and start learning about how to interact with everyone. In fact, I’ve put together a helpful little guide of 7 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Twitter that you can use as you get started on Twitter:

7 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Twitter.

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. I can’t turn on the TV, the radio, or open a newspaper or magazine without seeing something about Twitter. So I put together this special report that I think you need to read NOW so you can cut through the Twitter mystery and really understand the Twitter value today!.

1. First and foremost, Yes. Yes you do need to be on Twitter. It’s a social network that is exploding as we speak. It may be new to you but don’t be afraid of new things on the internet, you can’t break it. Get on there, get an account for you, your company, or both. It’s free so there are no excuses.

2. Followers. We are taught to be leaders not followers. This is the exception to the rule. Here you want to follow others and have others follow you. A follower automatically receives all your tweets (what you post on twitter). There are so many people on Twitter including celebrities like Jimmy Fallon and Lance Armstrong just to name a few.

You might think, with so many people on Twitter, how can I start to get followers? It is easy! You may be surprised that many people will follow back if you follow them. Use Twitter Search (http://search.twitter.com – more on that next) to find people tweeting about topics you like and relate to you or your business. If you find a user and click on their username or profile picture you will land on their Twitter page. Right under their picture, you can click follow and you’ll see their tweets on your homepage. Get out there and follow some interesting people. I can be your first test – follow me AnnPremazon.

3. Twitter Search. Located at http://search.twitter.com. Use Twitter Search to find subjects that interest you and subjects that relate to your business, this is where you can see people and what they are tweeting about.

Follow those people who interest you for three reasons.
a) Many times when you follow someone, they will follow you back – this is good in the Twitter world!
b) Follow people who tweet about subjects that interest you and it will inspire you to tweet on the same topic which in turn sends that info to your followers
c) RT or Re Tweet is also good in Twitter, it says to your followers that you think the information is worth repeating to others this is one of the ultimate compliments on Twitter. (More about this later)

4. Hash Tags. Hash Tags are search identifiers on Twitter that basically flag the contents of a tweet. So let’s say I started a discussion on my course Business Web Basics on Twitter. I tweet something like: “Looking for people who have saved ridiculous amounts of money and time by using my course #businesswebbasics.” The Hash Tag is #businesswebbasics and anyone who puts that hash tag in their tweets will allow those tweets to show up in the Twitter Search for #businesswebbasics. This helps me to track conversations I may start, or it helps my followers/clients to track the conversation as well.

5. Re Tweet or RT and the @ sign. Re Tweets are a great tool for gaining followers. It will help you spread info and supply your follows with information you think is great at the same time. To Re Tweet, you just copy a tweet you like or think is useful and tweet it yourself. Just add an “RT” and an “@username” to the beginning. For example: if my friend JP posted a great tweet I liked about business internet information that said “Great Business Information” and I liked it I would tweet “RT @JP Great Business Information”. The result is I helped JP spread his information and at the same time I share a good tip with my followers.

6. Interact. Now you’ll notice that everything involves sharing with people and following people. That’s because the whole point of social media is to connect and share with people, or to be “Social”. So it’s important that you try and interact with people. Along with tweets and Re Tweets, you can reply to other people directly by clicking reply to their tweet or by writing “@username” at the beginning of your tweet to direct it at them. You can also private message people who follow you if you don’t want it going into the public feeds. From their profile just click on “message” under the actions menu on the right side and type your message. The more you interact with others the better. Warning: it can become addicting so try and set a limit to your twitter time before you start and stick to it every time. I find the best times to Twitter are around 11am and 8pm.

7. Worthwhile Content. Now if you’re new to Twitter, you’ll run across many different types of profiles. Some people will tweet to keep their friends and family informed. “I’m going to the dentist today”, “I just saw that great new movie”, “I love my cat!”

Some business profiles will just post updates about their business. “New version 2.0 of our software available”, “Sale this Saturday”, “Act now and grab this great new product!” Some places will post just news, or just links, or just this or that.

Twitter is only limited by the imagination. In my opinion, if you want to create quality connections and gain loyal followers, tweet useful info. You can tweet about yourself to be accessible and honest and connect with people, but not many people care about your kids pet lizard stinking up the apartment. Tweet about things that you like and relate to your business and keep your followers informed. Tweet something and then leave an open ended question and see if you get any responses. Get on there and get tweeting at Twitter.com.

You can get started today. Follow me at @annpremazon


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