Awesome New Clickbank Affiliate Tool

So, have you heard of CB Surge? It’s an awesome free tool you can use in your affiliate marketing arsenal. It’s actually a simple plugin for Firefox that you use right in your browser.

It’s main purpose is to quickly show you if a product is worth the time to market with your SEO strategies. A lot of SEOs can tell you that when you promote almost any product with the “product name keyword” it will often convert into more sales, as those visitors are already searching for your specific product and likely ready to buy. The key here is really understanding exactly WHAT products are worth your sweat! There are many, many tools out there that offer to tell you what might be worth your time, but many are old, clunky, and complicated software. They just try to do TO much.

CB Surge has one specific function of simply showing you to competitive a product name keyword is or how difficult / easy it will be to rank that name in the big G. It’s actually all laid out simply and you can see it in action in the following video:

CB Surge Video

Heads up, there will be an offer in there, but the video and free plugin alone are worth your time to check it out if you do ANY affiliate marketing through ClickBank.

I’ve been messing with the plugin all day and (far to much time actually, my schedule is completely off). Have you tried it, and how has it worked for you?


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