Do You Like Bologna?

It’s Friday. Awesome day in southern California. Walked Three miles on the beach with my dogs. I loved it.

Worked with several people to help them with their web strategies. It is amazing to me how simple something can be for one person and how complicated it can be for another. Reminds me of a story.

I don’t know about you, but when I was a little kid. Before I had a voice of my own, and I would go to my friend Gabi’s house. Her mom would always ask me if I wanted anything to eat. I always said “I’ll have what she’s having.” So I ended up with a triple decker bologna sandwich. So when it comes to websites, it seems as though people want to have what they see their friends having. And it seems like there’s allot of bologna out there. So today I got to help people really decipher what THEIR needs are. It’s an awesome moment when you see the light bulb go BING! Above somebody’s head.

Other than that I put up a new album of pictures from Underground 5 today on my facebook and have been twittering away.

Have a great weekend
Talk to you soon


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