Do you have several team members who are working on several projects? Do you often feel as if tracking the small details of projects is overwhelming? Do you find yourself sending emails or making phone calls to your team to get updates on any open projects? I would like to recommend a solution that can help “tie up” all these loose ends. Zoho Projects is an online project management software that allows you to collaborate with your team. Zoho projects will allow you to track the status of every project your team is working on, all with a few clicks. You can eliminate un-necessary phone calls and emails and get up to date status reports with Zoho Projects.

I use Zoho daily, and have my internal staff making updates, as well as “virtual staff” that are offsite like writers, programers, and various other people.

Here are a few ways that Zoho Projects can keep you on track:

Task Management

By using task lists and milestones you can organize projects, set dependency, and assign priority and ownership to every task!

Time Tracking Software

Using this feature will allow you and your team to record time spent working on projects. You can also send invoices and reports to clients using the data tracked here.

Project Calendar & Meetings

Keep track of deadlines using this cool calendar feature. Schedule meetings with your team and clients as well.

Online Project Chat

Using a built-in chat feature will allow project members to have quick discussions concerning assigned projects. Note – You’ll have to upgrade in order to utilize this and other premium features.

Document Management

Create and store files directly from your browser without installing any software. Create tags and labels for easy searching using the built in document management feature of zoho. It helps keep the clutter of many versions of the same file down.

In addition to all of these features, Zoho has a mobile app. Login in from any smartphone by visiting: m.zoho.com – Another note – You’ll have to have an account (free or premium) to log in through the mobile site.

Full Disclosure – That’s not an affiliate link, just some helpfull resources that keep us on track at the office. Check it out and I’d like to hear some comments on how it works for you guys.


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