skypeSkype has created a world of instant communication whether you are on the road or working from a remote office. From being able to send typed messages back and forth using IM or having a face to face conference call, Skype has near unlimited capabilities. In their eight years of being, Skype continues to add more features as well as improve communication quality. Skype continues to reach out to different types of people by making their product work for the consumer.

One of it’s most popular uses is the video chat option, which allows a face-to-face conversation. In business, this is an important feature especially when making big decisions. Being able to sit and see the face of the person you’re dealing with sometimes makes all the difference. The importance of this feature is how it connects people all over the world. A person does not have to leave their office or even their state to connect with another client. In order to make the best of Skype’s video chat, here are 10 tips to making a better connection.

  1. Using headsets improve audio conversation
  2. Customize your profile with pictures and status updates to make it easier for clients to find you.
  3. By updating your contact list, you won’t have to search through your email for contact information
  4. Let your clients know when you are available or not by updating your mood status
  5. Allows for questions to be answered faster than email by using it’s IM function
  6. FREE Skype to Skype Video Chats (Save on the phone bill)
  7. Instant Connection to all clients
  8. Online Number Option gives clients instant access by phone when they are on the road
  9. Skype has voicemail and forwarding capability when you have to be away from the computer.
  10. Text without the typos with Skype

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Skype’s not all business. My Technical Manager has used it to keep in touch with family across the country and uses the video chat to “virtually attend” family events and see new babies and other important additions to the family (cat’s and dogs).
Do you have Other Options?

oovooAbsolutly – ooVoo and Google + Hangouts are other tools that will allow you to video chat with one or multiple people. I’ve used ooVoo many times and really like it, however many of the people I work with are already on Skype, so I keep coming back to it. It’s also has many tightly integrated tools for phones and websites already commonly used. Such as, when you have Skype installed and logged in, you can plug it in to Firefox and numbers will automatically be highlighted and you can dial right through Skype by clicking on them.

google plusI’ll be going more in depth with Google + in another post so stay tuned, but you can set up video hang outs with one or a group of people. I’ve actually done this as well and used my phone to video chat with a group of friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

I’d like to hear what you’re Skype use has been like and if you have tried any of these alternatives. Let me know in the comments below.


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