Sweet 16 Tips for Marketing Your Facebook

FacebookGoing to be out of the office for the day? No worries! In continuing with our Mobile Relationship series, with a smartphone your office is accessible anywhere. By visiting the apps marketplace available on your phone, you can download free apps such as Skype, Zoho Project Suite, Calendars as well as numerous Social Media dashboards. It is like carrying your office with you everywhere you go! With your Smart Phone and apps, the ability to share files, make notes, send a tweet as well as manage your schedule is literally at your fingertips.

I want to provide you with up-to-date “Cheat Sheets” to make your day in as well as out of the office a lot easier. This “Cheat Sheet” is something of a Sweet 16 Cheat Sheet to marketing your Facebook fanpage. Just in case you somehow missed out, Facebook is a social media tool that reaches out to everyone and can help promote your brand. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most of you are familiar with Facebook, what it is, and have some idea how to use it. Well, it’s not going anywhere, in fact they recently took steps to go public and have begun filing their IPO. info

The goal of this cheat sheet is NOT to go in depth with every setting on Facebook, but to provide a birds eye view for the points you should be hitting in order to get the most out of your fan page.

Sweet 16 Tips for Marketing Your Facebook

  • Represent Your BRAND, Not You by creating a Fanpage (fanpages also benefit from not have a cap for the # of fans you have)
  • Share your blog content
  • Always use metadata
  • Create New Page Tabs using iFrames
  • Use Analytics from Facebook (you can also associate your opengraph data with your site use code from Facebook)
  • Engage other Business’
  • Synchronize with your YouTube Page, Twitter, Flickr, Google+
  • Add the SlideShare App.
  • Calls to Action Generate Better Leads (ask followers to take action, by letting them know exactly what to do)
  • Feedback is Key – Polls & Questions are Important
  • Scheduling Ahead of Time is Important
  • Embrace the Impact of EdgeRank
  • Engage Your Page Daily if Possible
  • Take a chance with Facebook’s Ad Platform
  • Monitor your Status & Stats
  • Use the Group Chat!

[su_icon_text icon=”icon: download” icon_color=”#fbd910″]Download the PDF Cheat Sheet[/su_icon_text]


A while back, we did an interview with some really smart people who were developing a great twitter tool. It’s been a while and they’ve bee really busy creating a whole new “Social Inbox” which will help you monitor all your social messaging in one place. This includes Facebook. Take a look at the interview for Twitter Application for Business and go check out what they’re doing. It could potentially save you a LOT of time and effort. You’ll notice that we used ooVoo to record the interview which is an alternative we mentioned in our Skype article. Please keep in mind this is an older interview and tech moves fast, so some of the info has changed.

I’d like you guys to sound off in the comments below. Let me know what you’re doing on Facebook, share your fanpages, and if this helps you out.


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