7 Ways to Not Have Your Money Put in Time Out

So I get asked questions time to time. What Vendors I use and some of the services I use to conduct my various businesses online.

Most Recently, I had someone ask me how I set up a merchant account online.

I want to be crystal clear that a merchant account is not a shopping cart.

I use iPowerPay and I chose them for several reasons.

  1. Easy to set up
  2. They take all credit cards
  3. Their rates beat my local business bank
  4. Included in the price, they set up my account with a gateway (for those of you who do not understand what a gateway is in this context, every merchant account online must have a payment processor called a gateway, and iPowerPay works with Authorize.net).
  5. They understand selling services and products online
  6. They have great customer service
  7. They work seamlessly with any shopping cart solution you choose

In choosing a merchant account online, I find these points to be imperative because if you ever have a product launch you want to be able to pick the phone up, talk to a live person, and tell them what’s about to happen so you can never have money held in an account that you cannot access. I’ve heard of this happening to many large internet marketers, and they now use iPowerPay. I’m lucky that it has never happened to me.

If you’re looking for a merchant account, I suggest you check out iPowerPay


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