My Email List Saved My Ass

My Business Web Basics launch was a great success! What an awesome adventure. The launch went really, really well and we have a bunch of great new customers that are now enjoying the course.

I want to tell you a little story. Anyone who has launched a product or any type of service online, knows that you plan, test, plan, test, fix, and finally test again. Well, during the launch, everything was going well. My server was fine, my emails were going out as planned, but my shopping cart service had a blip and went down for a while. I use a very reputable and popular service, and never once thought that a problem could arise from there. So much so, that during my launch I was not testing the shopping cart. It was one of my customers who actually got in touch with me to let me know there was an error. I lost sales because of the error, but once I new about it, I was able to call and have it fixed in seconds. All thanks to my list! It’s important to take care of your customers, because if you do, they will take care of you.

Thanks for all the support. The course will go live again. Sign up to the early notification list to be the first to know when I decide to re-launch. When you sign up I’ll send you a free copy of the Business Web Basics Checklist that my new customers are using right now to improve their web strategy and get a better ROI (Return On Investment).

May abundant times be headed your way!


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