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My Email List Saved My Ass

My Business Web Basics launch was a great success! What an awesome adventure. The launch went really, really well and we have a bunch of great new customers that are now enjoying the course. I want to tell you a little story. Anyone who has launched a product or any type of service online, knows that you plan, test, plan, test, fix, and finally test again. Well, during the launch, everything was going well. My server was fine, my emails were going out as planned, but my shopping cart service had a blip and went down for a while. I

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Social Media – Utilizing YouTube

So I spent some time in DC (Washington DC) a couple of weeks ago with some of the best internet marketers on the planet. Notice I didn’t say America because there were people from England, Australia, and even the Rock of Gibraltar. The point is, I heard so many awesome speakers and so many viewpoints on how to use social media that I decided to step my game up a notch. I think it’s pretty obvious that I use Twitter. It’s right here on my blog, as well as facebook and Linkedin, but I always looked at YouTube as driving

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Ann Premazon Post 1

Welcome I’m getting ready to start posting to this site regularly, but I’ve been a little busy. I took on a project that has turned into one of the largest opportunities for me to succeed in business. If anybody here wants to know what I do for business, go visit my other sites. They are up in the right hand corner. Today I’m in DC, that’s Washington DC. I’ve learned so many things, but you know being away from home is very hard. It’s very cold here, and I miss walking the dogs by the beach every morning. I changed

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