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What Adults Say About Social Media Platforms on a Mobile Device in the United States and Developing Countries

Countries all over the world report using social media apps on a smartphone for both personal and business purposes. What you say and your messaging really matters to those that follow you. Adults in many countries use the internet on their mobile devices, specifically on Facebook, and say they use it frequently for business. It’s truly an opportunity for education, to showcase your brand or product.

Of course, people use it for personal reasons too. You see something funny or interesting and what happens? You put it on social media! Posting to your Facebook account, is a unique way to report your “findings” on the internet, with instant gratification. Users have the ability to use the messaging function on your mobile phone, which allows you to connect with people online, even in other countries!

Across countries the most common used:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Google My Business (GMB)

Fun fact: Mobile phone ownership varies by age, gender and education.

This common daily practice allows the average person to express themselves as well as partake in the “internet scene”, from countries all over. You are able to connect and be social in a virtual way with other adults using an Android, Iphone or other mobile phone device. There are numerous apps that are available to every smartphone user, as long as the internet is being used. Users, including adults aren’t always working, especially on a mobile device but taking a break from the internet and Facebook social scene is totally okay. However just because you are not ready to say and report your next big idea or internet strategy, doesn’t mean you should disappear from the eye of your followers on the internet. I don’t mean to say to add a picture or video of your lunch everyday, I say this to keep up with users who care about what you say.

But what do adults, users and teens in other countries report and say about social media use on a mobile phone or smartphone? An insider that surveyed many countries found that large majorities in developing countries users either own or share a mobile phone, or smartphones and in each of these countries it is much more common to own one’s own phone than to share it with someone else. In seven additional countries, more than half of adults say they use their smartphones all the time, and are typically common among adults with more education. It is also common for them to use the internet function and social platforms on their smartphones. Business owners report using a social platform can be extremely helpful for marketing strategies if used in the appropriate way, as potential customers will be able to view your ads, including those in other countries. It is also possible to have clients use the messaging function and contact your business that way. Adults report that this is a convenient way to get a hold of a business and make using social apps like Facebook more valuable.

Common Apps to Use on Your Mobile Phone:

In all countries surveyed, the most common social media platforms that adults and users report using on their smartphones or a mobile device include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp. Mobile phones or smartphones, across countries, can support multiple social networks if you have the internet on your smartphone including Android and Iphone so that you can access the same features that you could on your computer. You are able to make posts, use messaging, report and use advertising tools, and see trends for the current time across all the channels. It can also be very useful when it is used for marketing, education and mobile ad purposes.


Facebook | Premazon Inc

Facebook is the ever changing social platform that strives on providing unique and personal expression and is available on smartphones in an application form, but also has a mobile site version that you can access from a mobile browser, across countries. This particular application updates simultaneously as the actual online platform. The instant connection between the Smartphone and Facebook allows the user to constantly update friends, family members, and followers.


Instagram | Premazon Inc

Why use normal photos or a video when you can instantly post a unique and “retro” looking one? Instagram is an iPhone and Android device application that creates square, unique photos through colorful photo filters. You also have the ability to share a video through your free internet media channel. It takes personal expression and education to a whole new level. Create cool and instant content to share with your friends and connections using this app. Are you attending a business or education conference and decide to snap a picture or video of the celebrity guest speaker? Use the Instagram application to create a unique photo to share with your network and provide education to adults and users who follow you! Stay on the radar of your connections by providing great picture or video content.


WhatsApp | Premazon Inc

Another app that is used for messaging purposes is WhatsApp for IOS phone users. The sole purpose of this app is to allow you to use it for messaging friends or family, typically if you are not located in the same countries. Among the most used messaging apps for adults are Facebook and WhatsApp. Single media platform users usually don’t use any of the other messaging apps that are available.


Linkedin | Premazon Inc

LinkedIn is a social platform that is great for marketing yourself to other adults who are in your industry. You are able to share content about your background so that users are able to get to know you on a professional level. This is a great place to share your education and job history all on a free, mobile, social platform through your Android or Iphone mobile phone. These platforms are also great for networking with other adults in your industry, so that you can share ideas and connections. This application has messaging capabilities as well as searching for others in your “network


Twitter | Premazon Inc

Would you describe yourself as a Tweet Addict? Do you have the constant need to update the adults in your life within 280 characters or less? If this describes you, then you likely already have a Twitter app installed. If you don’t, do it. Even if you’re not Tweeting every day, you can keep yourself in the loop by following others in your niche with quick and simple updates. By adding this app, Twitter is at your beck and call to keep your online life active as well as accurate with constant messaging and tweets.

What percentage of Adults and Users Use Who Have a Smartphone Use a Social Networking Site on Their Phone?

To say that social media is a Global wide phenomenon used in many countries would be an understatement. Social media internet platforms such as Facebook, are used frequently by not only young adults, but with older adults as well and are used to report immediate information that can share education, stats or promotions for businesses on the internet. A number of worldwide social network internet users, including young adults and older adults is expected to grow from 2.65 billion in 2018 to around 3.02 billion in 2021, around a third of the entire global population of countries.

How to Share Social Posts with Internet on Smartphones

Most people say, who are familiar with platforms such as Facebook that it is relatively easy for you to share your social media posts to your platforms and use messaging as long as your mobile phone device has internet capabilities. The first step is to download the free social apps to your smartphone or mobile phone. In most countries, your mobile smartphone device should have the option to get the apps through the devices app store, depending on the brands of phone. From there, you will login to your social media platforms and it will give you access to your account. It will look similar to how the social site looks on your desktop computer, but there could be some changes made. You have the option to post, use messaging, use advertising tools, and you have access to the report and trends features for each one of your social media platforms.

I know there are many common apps available for a mobile phone (IOS) including Android and Iphone that can access these networks and I stuck to the “official” apps. I’m just a freak for official releases. However, jump in on the comments below and let me know if there’s an app you prefer and hopefully why you prefer it. Also, in the event that there are any Blackberry or Windows phone users out there, let me know what you guys think as well. If you are having issues with your mobile phone device or social site platforms, you may need to clear or cache your cookies settings. New users can contact our Premazon marketing team for more help, education and information on setting up your social media free platforms and channels on your mobile device.


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