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Smartphones and Social Apps

Using a smartphone for social media is just as common if not more so than using it for pure business. You see something funny or interesting and what happens? You pull out your smart phone, take the picture and post it to Facebook, Twitter or another social media platform. This common daily practice allows the average person to express themselves as well as partake in the “online scene”. There are numerous apps that are available to every smart phone user.

One of the reasons I bring this up is the “out of sight, out of mind” theory. You aren’t always working. Even I take a brake now and then (although my friends and family wish that was more often). However just because you’re not planning your next big idea or web strategy, doesn’t mean you should disappear from the eye of your followers or public. I don’t mean to post a picture of your lunch everyday, just keep up with the people who care about what you’re saying.

Here are my picks for which Social Apps to try out:

Facebook App:

The ever changing social media platform that strives on providing unique and personal expression is available on most smartphones in app form, but also has a mobile site version that you can access from a mobile browser. This particular app updates simultaneously as the actual online platform. The instant connection between the Smartphone and Facebook allows the user to constantly update friends, family members, and followers (or “fans” if you’re following our Facebook Tips) of daily activities.


Instagram App:

Why post a normal picture when you can instantly post a unique and “retro” looking one? Instagram is an iPhone app that creates square, vintage, retro pictures through colorful photo filters. It takes personal expression to a whole new level. Create cool and instant content to share with your friends and connections using this app. Are you attending a business conference and decide to snap a picture of the celebrity guest speaker? Use the Instagram app to create a unique photo to share with your network. Stay on the radar of your connections by providing great picture content.


Google+ App:

Google has created an official Google+ app that allows you to use your smartphone to connect instantly with all your circles. Feel like updating your friends? Use the app. Want to create a hangout and talk face to face with video chat? Use the app. Connect with your stream to see exactly what your circles are doing. Stay in touch with Google+ mobile app.


Heads Up

Two things:

  1. I’ll be going more in depth with Google + in the next week or two so stay tuned.
  2. The Google + App was recently updated for iOS with some great changes link

Twitter App:

Would you describe yourself as a Tweet Addict? Do you have the constant need to update the people in your life within 140 or less words? If this describes you, than you likely already have a Twitter app installed. If you don’t, do it. Even if you’re not Tweeting every day, you can keep yourself in the loop by following other in your niche with quick and simple updates. By adding this app, Twitter is at your beck and call to keep your online life active as well as accurate.


I know there are many apps available for all the mobile OSs that can access these networks and I stuck to the “official” apps. I’m just a freak for official releases. However, jump in on the comments below and let me know if there’s an app you prefer and hopefully why you prefer it. Also, in the event that there are any Blackberry or Windows phone users out there, let me know what you guys think as well.

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