How to Optimize Your Landing Page and Why Landing Pages Need Optimization

How to Optimize Your Landing Page and Why Landing Pages Need Optimization | Premazon Inc

What is a Landing Page?

When you work in the digital marketing world, you are sure to hear the word “landing page” often, due to how necessary they are in the success of business advertising. You might be wondering what makes a landing page different from any other page on a website?

A landing page is the page of your site that visitors land on after looking up a particular keyword or phrase. It plays a key role in determining whether people will buy from your website or not. In this sense, a landing page could be any page, even your home page, blog post, lead capture pages, product or services pages, etc. When you talk about landing pages specifically for online marketing or advertising purposes, this typically means a page that was designed to receive and convert a potential client or sale, not always your home page.

After you have successfully solved the first internet marketing dilemma by getting traffic to your site the aim is to convert them into users or buyers. When visitors come to your site they quickly make a decision whether they like your landing page and are interested in purchasing your services. If they either don’t look at the landing pages or are unable to find what they were looking for they will leave and most probably will never return. This refers to the “bounce rate” or percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave rather than continuing to view other pages within the same site. Landing page optimization can change these variables, resulting in more traffic and a higher likelihood of conversion.

Getting your site ranked for a competitive keyword is difficult enough so it is critical to make sure that your site and landing pages do not meet the same fate and lose out on potential sales! Also, we all want to be successful, and our digital marketing company cares about the fate of your business. This is why we strive to offer the best services to you. If you have questions, call us to chat about the specific needs of your business and digital marketing needs.

When to Use a Landing Page

Your business will use a landing page for multiple reasons including to try and sell products or services, and to drive traffic to your site or a specific page on your site. No matter what you are using your landing pages for, there are several ways your ideal buyers can and will land on them:

  • Search engine results
  • Social media ads
  • A Google ad (PPC)
  • CTAs on your main site or blog
  • A link in an email
  • An offer for a product or specific services

How to Optimize Your Landing Page for the Best Conversion

Creating a landing page with relevant content can be the leading factor to your success in getting both business and potential sales of whatever your product or services are. Our online marketing and SEO company will design each Google ad, PPC ad and landing page of your website with the aim of increasing sales for your company. In order to have the best landing page optimization we use a number of strategies to increase the conversion rates of your website which include the following:

A/B Testing

It’s important to test your landing page content to ensure that it is working properly and meeting all the requirements to convert well. A/B testing is the most common way of testing landing pages that allows you to test two different versions of a landing page or form. This method works by testing two different versions of a landing page and also these tests are created to check the response of visitors once they have landed on your site. We can either test both the pages at the same time or alternatively. The page that gets a more positive response will be kept.

Why Do You Need to Test Your Landing Pages?

Testing the optimization of your landing page can determine any issues that are occurring that could potentially affect your conversion rate.The reason why you do this is to let Google and other search engines know exactly what your page is about. You would hate to go through the trouble of creating a custom landing page with great content and come to find out it is not only ineffective, but you are losing out on potential customers because the information that you are providing is not what they want. Having an SEO or marketing management company such as our Premazon SEO Company to test your page will be the best option for determining the success and conversion rate of your landing page.

Potential Problems with Your Landing Page

The reason why landing page optimization is so important is to ensure that all aspects of the page are offering the greatest success for conversions and sales for the business. There are some scenarios that can occur if your landing page content is not optimized the correct way. We’ve noted some scenarios that can happen if the page is not created correctly.

Scenario 1

Your landing page is performing very well in the beginning, so you decide to just let it go and you don’t make any adjustments. Leads start to go cold and you are wondering what is going wrong? Optimizing your page could be the right answer.

Scenario 2

You created a decent landing page and you think it’s what people want, you see lots of traffic coming in, but there are no leads being generated. You are wondering why the conversion is not happening and what you need to do to fix it. A good option may be to test your page to determine what needs to be optimized or fixed.

Rule Based Optimization

We utilize a number of tools to get information about the visitor such as their geographic location, search criteria, and other indicators based on which the copy of the page is modified to appeal to the visitor. Our marketing and seo agency uses this rule based optimization technique to determine what information will appeal to the users, based upon the specific indicators that we find. By using this information, you will hopefully be providing the information that people want and came to find. This will help you have a better conversion rate for your business.

Bounce Rates/Time spent/Exit Page Analysis

Our Premazon SEO Company studies the bounce rates (people that leave without performing a desired action), the time they spent on particular pages, and the page that they were last at before they decided to leave the web page. Once we have this information we will go ahead and edit the pages that are not doing so well and duplicate the strategy from the pages that are generating revenue. Such information is highly important in fine tuning the web page to increase site conversion rates and boost sales.

Optimizing The Headline of Your Landing Page

The headline of your landing page is the first thing that visitors are going to see when they visit your page. This means that this aspect of your page holds a very high value and ultimately needs to be the best part of your page. Optimizing your headline content can result in your visitors continuing to look down your page, if the headline is appealing enough. You are probably wondering the best strategy for optimizing your headline? Creating an enticing, relevant and well-thought out headline can make all the difference for your page.

A Step Towards Relevant Content for the Body of Your Landing Page

The body of your landing page is essentially the “meat and potatoes” of your page. You want to make the body as short and simple as possible, but include the necessary and relevant information to capture your business. The optimization of this page is essential in creating successful and effective landing pages. When people land on your page, they are looking for an answer or solution to whatever their problem is. It’s not important to write a novel or drawn out story behind your business, this can result in people leaving your page.

Call to Action Items, One Step to Engage Your Audience

An integral part of a well-crafted website strategy is to be able to guide people from getting on our landing page to performing an action that will either initiate contact with the company, obtain their information, or generate a sale etc. Our Premazon SEO and marketing team members are experts in putting together strategies that will encourage users to perform a desired action. Choosing the right SEO marketing team can make all the difference in your managed advertising campaign efforts.

Using a Form, Another Step to Getting Conversions

Creating a form on your landing page will allow people visiting the site to enter required information in specific fields that can be helpful for your business to convert into a sale. Having a good form on landing pages is more than choosing the right color or background for the page. The form holds necessary information and including the best questions could make all the difference. How the form looks is important too. If it is not easy to read or understand, this can affect who fills out the form at all, especially if the call to action is not clear.

Sales Funnel

A sales “funnel” refers to the journey that your potential user takes in order to purchase your product or service. There are several steps that need to be taken during the sales funnel, usually known as the ‘top’, ‘middle’ and ‘bottom’ of the funnel.

Information on Buyer

Who your audience is and also where the buyer is in the funnel will determine the best information to include on your landing pages and forms. Users at the top of the funnel will require less information fields on a form than users who are at the bottom of the funnel.

Forms on Mobile Devices

This day in age, most users will be looking at your landing page on a mobile device, so it’s pertinent to make sure that it looks good and functions well. Make sure both your form and landing page are mobile-responsive.

How to Get Information based on Value

It’s always important to determine who your audience is and what they are looking for. If you are selling an ebook to a user at the top of the funnel they will only require minimal information such as name and email address. If you are offering a consultation or appointment for a client, then you will need additional information.

X-Factor Testing

In addition to these techniques our SEO Company for small businesses has developed a number of proprietary techniques to check the optimization of your page to drive up website revenues for business across the country. How you optimize and test your landing page can make a world of difference in how well your Google, PPC or social ads and website performs.

Landing Page Optimization Benefits

Optimization of your landing pages have many benefits that will affect the success of your business. For example, the immediate benefits of the optimization of your landing pages include:

  • Increase in conversions
  • Improving organic search rankings
  • Better ROI of PPC or digital marketing campaigns, for example from Google or social media ads
  • Informed and enhanced analytics
  • Targeted specific audience, local market and keywords
  • Increased brand reputation and visibility

What if I Don’t Optimize My Landing Pages?

If optimization of your landing pages does not happen, it is not necessarily the end of the world, but there is a higher likelihood of an increased conversion rate if you can optimize. An example would be, to make even slight changes to your landing pages can make enough of an impact to have the best campaign possible. Also, making adjustments to the style of the page along with a different color can help as well.

Creating a Value Proposition

A value proposition for your landing page is the promise to your potential customer that shows you will deliver a specific value or benefit. For example, this could be “solving a problem” or “creating a solution” to something they want and are looking for. Many times this is an offer or promotion of what types of products or services they provide. A successful value proposition is used in your headline, subheadline or even the first few points in the content of your page.

The three most common types of value proposition include:

  1. Shares how your product or service will solve the customer’s problem in a way that’s relevant to them. What does it offer to them?
  2. What are the specific benefits and the things that make you the best one in the business (by a quantifiable amount – An example is “You’ll lose XX lbs by the New Year or it’s FREE).
  3. Giving your customers reasons to buy from you, instead of another competitor (shows the true value of your product, what it has offer them and why it is different from everyone else)


Landing pages can be extremely successful if they are monitored by a marketing agency or SEO management company such as ours. If you optimize the content of your landing pages, you are far more likely to have an increase in conversion from your user. Take the next step by choosing our team at Premazon Inc. to help with the optimization of your landing page, and see instant results and higher conversion rates! Call us at (877) 273-4224 to chat with one of our web hosting, marketing or social media experts.


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