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How to Optimize Your Landing Page and Why Landing Pages Need Optimization | Premazon Inc

How to Optimize Your Landing Page and Why Landing Pages Need Optimization

What is a Landing Page? When you work in the digital marketing world, you are sure to hear the word “landing page” often, due to how necessary they are in the success of business advertising. You might be wondering what makes a landing page different from any other page on a website? A landing page is the page of your site that visitors land on after looking up a particular keyword or phrase. It plays a key role in determining whether people will buy from your website or not. In this sense, a landing page could be any page, even

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How to Use Content Marketing and SEO Content for Your Business | Premazon Inc

How to Use Content Marketing and SEO Content for Your Business

What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is content that is used for marketing purposes that has a main focus on creating, distributing and publishing relevant content around your product or brand. It is used in a different way than your typical sales “pitch” or product specific info. This type of content is created in a multitude of ways with the goal of displaying and representing your product or services for your consumers, in the hope that they will purchase it. For example, a doll company may use content marketing through an app, game, video, quizzes or an event to churn

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Are You Making Small but Deadly Mistakes with Your LinkedIn Account?

Are you one of the 80 million (and rising) who use LinkedIn as your social networking platform? Does it seem like your attempt at LinkedIn is failing due to lack of connections? If you answered “yes” to one or both of these questions, keep reading! The potential of learning as well as displaying your business expertise is very high on LinkedIn. It is like a huge daily conference where you have the opportunity to network. Like other social media networks, the key to successfully connecting with others is by avoiding small mistakes. Today, we have included small but deadly mistakes

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Adding the Skype Button to Your Site

Do you have a website or blog where you offer and sell products or a service? If you do, keep reading. If you don’t… keep reading anyway, this might come in handy. Imagine how connected your visitors would feel if they had the opportunity to speak to you directly in an instant. Instead of leaving a written comment, they could press the button and speak with you. You can answer their questions right away, hold chat parties and ultimately sell more of your product! Skype is already known as the best service that offers internet based calls and chat or

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Making Google + Work for You

Google has opened up a “Secret Social Layer” that has turned the entire Google search engine into one big social network. It is called Google + or Google Plus… I’m still not sure about the logical way to type it out. Many critics have said Google has copied Facebook but in reality, this is not the case. The best way to describe how Google+ is different from Facebook relates to two words: SEARCH ENGINE. Google+ brings the world of social media and search engines together. (Think of them as new best friends). Have you been noticing the new social search

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Sweet 16 Tips for Marketing Your Facebook

Going to be out of the office for the day? No worries! In continuing with our Mobile Relationship series, with a smartphone your office is accessible anywhere. By visiting the apps marketplace available on your phone, you can download free apps such as Skype, Zoho Project Suite, Calendars as well as numerous Social Media dashboards. It is like carrying your office with you everywhere you go! With your Smart Phone and apps, the ability to share files, make notes, send a tweet as well as manage your schedule is literally at your fingertips. I want to provide you with up-to-date

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Skype has created a world of instant communication whether you are on the road or working from a remote office. From being able to send typed messages back and forth using IM or having a face to face conference call, Skype has near unlimited capabilities. In their eight years of being, Skype continues to add more features as well as improve communication quality. Skype continues to reach out to different types of people by making their product work for the consumer. One of it’s most popular uses is the video chat option, which allows a face-to-face conversation. In business, this

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Do you have several team members who are working on several projects? Do you often feel as if tracking the small details of projects is overwhelming? Do you find yourself sending emails or making phone calls to your team to get updates on any open projects? I would like to recommend a solution that can help “tie up” all these loose ends. Zoho Projects is an online project management software that allows you to collaborate with your team. Zoho projects will allow you to track the status of every project your team is working on, all with a few clicks.

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